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Disney DVD is the brand name under which Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases its Disney-branded motion pictures on DVD.

In 1997, the home entertainment branches of many entertainment companies began releasing DVD movie titles, as the DVD format was rapidly increasing, as this futuristic innovation began to impress families who had used the VHS format, the number of households equipped with a DVD player began to grow slowly, before blowing up in early 2000. Disney took notice of the growing popularity of this format, and released a set of DVD titles, billed under the banner, "Limited Issue", which consisted of eight classic Disney animated feature films. However, unlike the future releases the company would soon produce, this line of DVD titles sold poorly, possibly due to their $39.99 price tag, as well as the number of DVD players in American households. Later on, the DVD format began to pick up steam, as Disney's VHS releases began to be phased out, until Bambi II, Disney's last retail VHS release was released in 2006, although the company continued to release movies on VHS as Disney Movie Club exclusives until the sought-after VHS of the 2006 hit, Cars was released in 2007.


October 2001–August 2007

Used the Trailer transition, Intro logo transition titles DVDs

Language Original Display English Translation
Original Pure Digital Magic Pure Digital Magic
French La Magie Du Numérique À L'État Pur The Magic Of Digital In Its Pure State
Latin American Spanish/Brazilian Portuguese Pura Magia Digital Pure Digital Magic
Castilian Spanish/Lusitanian Portuguese Magia Digital Pura Pure Digital Magic
Italian Pura Magia Digitale Pure Digital Magic
German Zauber in einer Neuen Dimension Magic in a New Dimension
Icelandic Sannkallaðir Töfraheimar True Magic Worlds
Russian Настоящее Цифровое Волшебство Pure Digital Magic
Czech Digitálně Čisté Kouzlo Digitally Pure Magic
Hungarian 100% Digitális Varászlat 100% Digital Magic
Croatian Svijet Digitalne Carolije World Of Digital Magic
Slovenian Svet Digitalne Carovnije World of Digital Magic
Bulgarian Чиста Дигитална Магия Pure Digital Magic
Greek Ψηφιακή Μαγεία Digital Magic
Arabic منتعهس متلغق تكنؤكؤ حيا الفيحنتال ببلحر اتبحنؤاؤحبا ارةهنة ذةضى الاستمتاع ىِالتكنؤلؤحبا الرقمية اتبتةتعع تبتعر تكنؤكؤ حيا الفيحنتال We are proud to Have the Best experience in the World and we are proud to Enjoy The Digital Magic
Hebrew קסם דיגיטלי מדהים! Amazing Digital Magic!
Korean 환상적인 디지털 세계 Fantastic digital world
Thai อัศจรรย์ ดิจิตอล เต็มรูบแบบ Full digital miracle
Chinese 数位魅力百分百! Digital charm 100%!
Polish Czysta Cyfrowa Magia Pure Digital Magic

August 2004–August 2014

Used the trailers, but on DVD Cover and Intro transition languages have Subtitles with English title instead of transition titles.

Language Original Display English Translation
Original Movies, Magic & More Movies, Magic & More


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