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Disney Dream Treats was a mobile game developed by Zindagi Games and published by Disney Mobile. The app was a match-3 game similar to other games such as Candy Crush or other similar game titles.

The game has been removed from the App Store either in 2018 or 2019.


Set in the restaurants at the Disney Parks around the world, the player participates in match-3 levels where the player must create a line to match treats to fill the customers' orders. The more the player makes better matches throughout gameplay, the better the player does with the treats being marked by a magical white line which can either clear away treats in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal way. Occasionally, optional boosts/enhancements are available to use throughout gameplay in case the level becomes difficult.

The number of stars earned throughout each level depend on how well the player performed with a number of moves used throughout the game and depending on how long the player took to complete a level with the number of remaining moves left. Within each map is a section of how many stars earned and when all three stars on each map are earned, the player will receive a gift containing coins on it for completing map challenges. The more the player advances, the game gets harder to complete as further levels include various types of elements the player will encounter in further levels such as clearing away obstacles, reaching the target score, etc.

The player could also buy coins for real-world at the Gift Shop. These currencies could be used for buying new outfits to customize their avatar, as well as extra boosters and enhancements to help players complete harder levels, especially when the player is attempting to aim for a high score.



Plaza Inn

French Market Restaurant

Walt Disney World - Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Disneyland Paris - Pizza Planet

Tokyo Disneyland - Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall