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Disney Emoji Blitz is a Match 3 game based on emojis of various Disney characters. It was released on July 14, 2016.


Match. Collect. Emote! Play and collect hundreds of Disney and Pixar emojis like never before in an exciting, calming matching game!

Play fast-paced rounds of match-3 to earn prizes, complete missions, and discover new emojis. Collect Disney and Pixar emoji characters and items from The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cinderella, Zootopia, The Muppets, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Dory, and many more!

  • MATCH emojis to score big points and unlock new characters
  • COLLECT 400+ Disney and Pixar emoji characters and items
  • BLAST the board with expressive emoji superpowers and combos
  • PLAY missions to boost your score and earn prizes
  • CHALLENGE your friends' high scores
  • SHARE your collected emojis through the Emoji Blitz keyboard


  • Collect Emojis
  • Increase Mission Level
    • The current maximum Mission Level is Level 960.
  • Compete against friends for high score and food fights.
  • Complete Item Collections
  • Complete Daily Challenges
    • Each day there are three challenges: Easy, Medium, and Hard, that upon completion gives the prize of a Bronze Chest, Silver Chest, and Gold Chest respectively.
    • The Daily Challenges are usually "Clear __ Emojis", "Use __ SunshinePU", "Use __ Lightning Cloud", "Use __ Rainbow Star", or combinations of these.


Main article: Disney Emoji Blitz event list

Current/Most Recent Event

Event Name Date(s) Event Description Characters Introduced
Worthy Wonders July 1 to July 31, 2024 Check out the Worthy Wonders Token Quest (July 1-31) happening in Disney Emoji Blitz! Tanzanite Cave of Wonders
Electrical Parade Photo Hunt Event #2 July 11 to July 15, 2024 Check out the Electrical Light Parade Photo Hunt Event (July 11-15) happening in Disney Emoji Blitz! Electrical Parade Genie


Disney Emoji Blitz has a variety of characters and plans to add new ones each month.


Mickey Mouse & Friends

  • Mickey Mouse - Creates Lightning Clouds with Mickey magic!
  • Donald Duck - Donald's temper tantrum scatters emojis!
  • Pluto - Licks the board and clears a column of emojis!
  • Minnie Mouse - Blows kisses to the board. Heart-eye emojis give extra coins!
  • Daisy Duck - Tap pink flower petals to clear corners of the board!
  • Goofy - Gawrsh! Goofy hits the board and shuffles it!
  • 8-Bit Mickey - Help 8-Bit Mickey jump and collect apples to clear more emojis!
  • Steamboat Willie Mickey - Tap the board to use the steamboat and clear a column of emojis.
  • Retro Minnie - Play Minnie's ukulele to clear emojis on the board.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Helicopter ears! Clears emojis and brings power ups together for combos!
  • Spring Flute Mickey - Swipe flutes left by Spring Flute Mickey to fire a magical beam! Hit other flutes to increase the power!
  • Holiday Mickey - Drops random items onto the board!
  • Holiday Minnie - Minnie decorates a tree with powerups.
  • Holiday Pluto - Chases Chip 'n' Dale, dropping holiday lights that burst into Lightning Clouds!
  • Christmas Clarabelle Cow - A little trouble befalls Clarabelle Cow and Goofy as they decorate their Christmas tree...
  • Santa Goofy - Santa Goofy clumsily leaves presents under the tree as Christmas comes stumbling early!
  • Rose Gold Minnie - Tap to create flowers which clear nearby emojis.
  • Rainbow Mickey - Rainbow Mickey parties into Blitz Mode and creates powerups!
  • Rainbow Minnie - Rainbow Minnie and Rainbow Mickey create bombbles at a disco dance party! Swipe to clear or transform!
  • Vampire Mickey - Trick or treat! Scares emojis in bat form or leaves treats on the board.
  • Witch Minnie - Boo! Witch Minnie brews potions to conjure all kinds of magic!
  • Pumpkin Mickey - Pumpkin Mickey gives emojis a fright with spooky powerups on Halloween night!
  • Pumpkin Minnie - Pumpkin Minnie scares crows away from Gardener Mickey's pumpkin patch so more can grow!
  • Mermaid Minnie - Tap a Mermaid Minnie emoji to attract powerups and emojis with her siren song!
  • Deep Sea Mickey - Explore the mysterious depths of the sea, seeking the source of an ancient melody...
  • Crab Donald - A pinchy friend makes Donald a bit crabby.
  • Seashell Daisy - Seashell Daisy decorates Crab Donald's sand castle for the ultimate conch-covered collab!
  • Sea Creature Goofy - Deep Sea Mickey decides to be brave. What mystery lies in the ocean cave?
  • Fairy Minnie - Minnieus Maximus! Fairy Minnie casts a spell to magnify a powerup on the board!
  • Birthday Baby Pluto - Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Pluto... hope you like icing too!
  • Peppermint Minnie - Peppermint Minnie and Gingerbread Mickey sled through the board, leaving sweet treats!
  • Gingerbread Mickey - Drag candies to decorate the gingerbread house for a holiday surprise!
  • Gardener Mickey - Gardener Mickey's showers sprout seedlings into flower power!
  • Flower Minnie - Spring is in the air! Tap the falling flower buds to bloom them into Flower Minnie emojis!
  • Rainy Day Donald - Donald guides his ducklings around a puddle, but they can't make it across so easily!
  • Watermelon Minnie - Surf's Up! Watermelon Minnie clears a gnarly trick and seeds the board with an item!
  • Ice Cream Mickey - Ice Cream Mickey's frosty powerups cool off emojis on a hot summer day!
  • Soft Serve Donald - Donald has a transformative experience when he attempts to make himself a soft serve...
  • Astronaut Mickey - Tap the asteroids to blast them with lasers before they collide with Astronaut Mickey's spaceship!
  • Alien Pluto - Alien Pluto plays with Chip and Dale, but he forgets the "gravity" of his moonwalking experience!
  • Astronaut Donald - Astronaut Donald tries landing on a moon but gets spun off course by the rascals Chip and Dale!
  • Pine Cone Pluto - Pluto chases a ball but runs straight into a tree! Swipe the pinecones that fall for a clear effect!
  • Pancake Goofy - Chef Mickey whips up a batch of delicious pancakes, but one is looking a little... Goofy.
  • Blueberry Muffin Donald - When blueberry muffin batter falls on Donald his hot temper quickly gets things cooking!
  • Fashion Minnie - Fashion Minnie struts down the runway! Tap the screen to take a fab photo right as she strikes a pose!
  • Topiary Daisy - A whimsical gust of wind blows away leaves from shrubbery to transform them into Topiary Daisy!
  • Dapper Mickey - It's a Dapper Night! Mickey and Minnie go on a dapper stroll and light up the Main Street buildings!
  • Dapper Minnie - It's a Dapper Day! Minnie and Mickey share a shake on their Main Street date and begin Dapper Mode!
  • Pirate Peg-Leg Pete - Look out below! Pirate Peg-Leg Pete tosses barrels overboard to clear the emojis.
  • Winter Pete - Winter Pete and Spring Flute Mickey face off! Will the board be covered in icy winter or flowery spring?
  • Garnet Minnie - Miner Mickey makes a startling discovery: Garnet Minnie and a treasure trove of powerups!
  • Pearl Daisy - Pearl Daisy and Garnet Minnie forget their bag after a shopping spree! Break it open to earn prizes!
  • Platinum Mickey - Platinum Mickey begins Celebratez Mode! Swipe the fireworkz he throws on the board to set them off!
  • Platinum Donald - Say cheese! Platinum Donald gathers his closest family members for a surprisingly delightful photo!
  • Platinum Minnie - Platinum Minnie celebrates Disney's 100th anniversary with fireworks and all her platinum friends!

The Little Mermaid (1989)

  • Ariel - Makes a wave of bubbles to clear away emojis!
  • Flounder - Turns the tide by adding more Flounder emojis
  • Sebastian - For a short time each match is worth x3 points!
  • Prince Eric - Eric tries to Kiss the Girl! Emojis above turn heart-eyed for bonus score.
  • Scuttle - Scuttle tosses aside pesky crafted powerups until he finally finds something special -- a dinglehopper!
  • Wedding Ariel - Triton, Max, and Scuttle celebrate Ariel's wedding with heart-eyed Blitz emojis and a Rainbow Star!
  • Kiss the Girl Ariel - Ariel's little friends create a romantic scene for her and Eric! Will he finally Kiss the Girl?
  • Vanessa - Vanessa's true reflection is so frightening, she shocks the emojis and leaves behind lightning!
  • King Triton - King Triton's trident zaps and clears columns of emojis!
  • Ursula - Clears rows of emojis with slithering tentacles.
  • Flotsam - Flotsam and Jetsam slither across the board, dragging emojis into the dark depths of the sea.
  • Amethyst Ursula - Amethyst Ursula reveals an object in her crystal ball then sends Flotsam and Jetsam to retrieve it!
  • Ruby Ariel - Ruby Ariel shatters her necklace to restore her voice and summon a wave that washes over the board!

Monsters, Inc.

  • Sulley - Sulley roars to scare random emojis off the board!
  • Mike - Rolls and bounces, clearing emojis as he goes.
  • Randall - Sneaks a bunch of Randall emojis onto the board.
  • Celia - Googley Bear! Adjacent Celia and Mike emojis get heart-eyed and give extra time.
  • Roz - Tap to report a sock and summon the CDA agents. Prepare for decontamination!
  • Boo - Boo and the monsters generate energy to bring Lightning Clouds!
  • Waternoose - "For the good of the company." Waternoose banishes emojis to the human world using his many doors!

The Lion King

  • Simba - Animals run left and right to clear a row of emojis!
  • Timon - Tap the flowers! Each tap clears surrounding emojis!
  • Pumbaa - Grubs drop down and scare away emojis!
  • Rafiki - Meditates to lift all Rafiki emojis toward the top of the board.
  • Nala - Pinned ya! Nala tumbles with Simba, clearing emojis and placing a powerup.
  • Zazu - Tap a bone pile to help Zazu find Simba and Nala!
  • Spirit Mufasa - Spirit Mufasa inspires Simba to roar like a king!
  • Baby Simba - Rafiki presents Baby Simba from Pride Rock! Sunshines and heart-eyes grace the animal kingdom.
  • Adult Simba - Hakuna Matata! Simba, Timon, and Pumba have no worries as they spend their days in the jungle!
  • Mufasa - "If you ever come near my son again..." Mufasa fearlessly saves Simba and Nala from the hyenas!
  • Scar - A stampede clears random emojis across the bottom of the board.
  • Shenzi - Be Prepared! The hyenas scare away emojis to make room for new blood.
  • Carnelian Scar - Carnelian Scar shows that he will be prepared to rule with an iron paw with a fiery display of rising rocks!
  • Platinum Simba - Simba can't wait to be king! Activate his ability when charged or wait for his OVERCHARGE ability!


  • Bambi - Butterflies land on random emojis to clear them away.
  • Thumper - Miss Bunny makes Thumper twitterpated, thumping and clearing emojis!
  • Pretty Flower - Is it spring yet? Flower is woken up from his flowerbed nap by Bambi and Thumper.
  • April Shower Bambi - Bambi enjoys the April showers, prancing around as dew drops splash the board!
  • Floral Miss Bunny - Tap fast to bounce blissful baby bunnies onto the board!

The Aristocats

  • Marie - A circle of hearts appears. Heart-eye emojis are worth x3 points!

Winnie the Pooh

  • Winnie the Pooh - Pooh knocks the sides of the board and clears random emojis
  • Piglet - Piglet flies across in a wind storm, picking up emojis!
  • Eeyore - Eeyore's tail swings across the board and clears emojis.
  • Tigger - Tigger bounces up the board and clears emojis on his way up.
  • Rabbit - Pick a carrot to get a Sunshine and clear emojis.
  • Roo - Roo learns Tigger's spectacular Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper Alley-Ooper Bounce!
  • Honey Bee Pooh - Tap to place a honey pot. Bees swarm in for the honey and scare away emojis!
  • Flower Piglet - Tap a flower pot to bloom Flower Piglet and see what blossoms!
  • Bunny Tigger - Bounces across the board, leaving eggs! Make matches next to eggs and see what hatches!
  • Baby Chick Eeyore - Eeyore sleeps through a spring shower until surprise guests join him for shelter!
  • Honey Cake Pooh - Drag the right ingredients into the mixing bowl to help Piglet and Tigger create a Honey Cake Pooh!
  • Santa Pooh - "On lawnchair! On badminton! Up, up, and away!" Santa Pooh delivers gifts with Reindeer Piglet!
  • Lumpy Heffalump - Lumpy uses his mighty trunk to suck up carrots from Rabbit's garden and playfully fires them at Roo!


  • Jiminy Cricket - Wish upon a star - a Rainbow Star!
  • Pinocchio - Pinocchio's nose grows and grows, clearing emojis as it goes!
  • Figaro - Figaro pounces at Cleo, startling nearby emojis off the board!
  • Blue Fairy - Tap to place a Rainbow Star and bring Pinocchio emojis to life!
  • Sketch Blue Fairy - "Awake!" Sketch Blue Fairy uses her magic to transform sketch versions of powerups into real ones!
  • Platinum Jiminy Cricket - Platinum Jiminy Cricket makes a transformative entrance as he floats down the board to begin Blitz Mode!


  • Dumbo - Dumbo flies up the board, clearing emojis!
  • Timothy Mouse - Tap an emoji to give them the Magic Feather and fly away!
  • Mrs. Jumbo - Mrs. Jumbo awaits an adorable bundle that gently floats down the board to be with her!

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

  • Perdita - Feeds the puppies and clears emojis with nutritious Kanine Krunchies!
  • Patch - Tap Patch in a quick game of hide-and-seek! Help show him he stands out from the crowd!
  • Winter Cruella - I live for furs! Winter Cruella finds more and more puppy paw prints on the board!
  • Cruella de Vil - Cruella crashes her car on the board to clear emojis!

Peter Pan

  • Tinker Bell - Pixie dust creates random powerups on the board!
  • Peter Pan - Off to Never Land! Emojis float up and fly off the board!
  • Wendy - The Darlings fly with Peter Pan and Tink to Never Land! Follow the second star to the right!
  • Nana - Tinker Bell's pixie dust enchants Nana emojis to float up on the board!
  • Smee - The poor Cap'n has a splitting headache! Tap fast to pour hot water into Hook's foot bath.
  • John Darling - Follow the leader! John marches emojis across the board and "shares" his hat with onlookers.
  • Slightly - Tinker Bell rudely awakens Slightly and the Lost Boys, and the emojis join the scuffle!
  • Captain Pan - Captain Pan and Wendy fly through the air aboard Hook's ship with the help of Tinker Bell's pixie dust!
  • Holiday Tinker Bell - Holiday Tinker Bell's pixie dust activates Giftz Mode! Clear or match next to presents to open them!
  • Captain Hook - Cannonballs hit the board and clear clusters of emojis!
  • Topaz Tinker Bell - Topaz Tinker Bell admires her flawless reflection. Swipe the mirrors left on the board for a transform!


  • The Genie - Grants your wish and adds lots of Genie emojis!
  • Aladdin - Make a wish! Rub the magic lamp to get prizes!
  • Jasmine - Flies across on the Magic Carpet and clears emojis.
  • Abu - Tap an Abu emoji to clear an adjacent emoji and replace it with a powerup!
  • Iago - Feed crackers to Iago to clear emojis. Have a cracker, Pretty Polly!
  • Rajah - Tap to roar and clear nearby emojis!
  • Disguised Jasmine - Jasmine and Aladdin vault across the rooftops of Agrabah, clearing emojis!
  • Vacation Genie - I'm OUTTA here! Genie gives the gang a group hug before blasting off into Blitz Mode!
  • Snake Jafar - Gets his wish to become a Genie! Phenomenal cosmic powers... itty bitty living space.
  • Prince Ali - The fabulous Prince Ali parades across the board while sharing his grand wealth!
  • Elephant Abu - Elephant Abu and Prince Ali make a grand entrance! The Sultan is gleeful while Jafar... is not.
  • Baby Rajah - "Down, boy!" Rajah falls victim to Jafar's evil magic, and gets transformed into Baby Rajah!
  • Genie Jafar - "The universe is mine to command!" Genie Jafar uses his absolute power to rearrange the board!
  • Celebration Jasmine - "I choose you, Aladdin." Jasmine and Aladdin enjoy a wonderful celebration surrounded by fireworks!
  • Magic Carpet - Tap left or right to rescue Aladdin and Abu from the Cave of Wonders!
  • Cave of Wonders - "Who disturbs my slumber?!" Enter the Cave of Wonders and create matches during Wonderz Mode!
  • Sultan - Everything will be fine... Clear the Sultan emojis hypnotized by Jafar to collect coins and nearby items!
  • Red Carpet Genie - Red Carpet Genie chooses a lucky emoji to interview at an award show! Which board emoji will it be?
  • Jafar - For a short time, magic clouds clear extra emojis for you.
  • Aquamarine Jasmine - Aquamarine Jasmine's love for Rajah overflows in a fountain of abundant riches!
  • Tanzanite Cave of Wonders - "Only one may enter here!" Tanzanite Cave of Wonders allows only one board emoji to earn his treasures!
  • Platinum Genie - "Oy! 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!" Platinum Genie is finally released from the lamp!

Alice in Wonderland

  • Alice - Tap the board to make a giant Alice appear!
  • Cheshire Cat - Hit the target for a bigger smile that clears the board!
  • White Rabbit - For a short time, each match adds +1 second to the clock!
  • The Mad Hatter - Shuffles emojis to their new places at the Mad Tea Party!
  • The Caterpillar - Puffs of smoke transform Caterpillar emojis into other emojis.
  • Little Oysters - Little Oysters follow the Walrus as he plays a merry tune, while the other emojis are a little more immune!
  • Rose - Rose conducts a flowery choir that sings to all the emojis!
  • March Hare - "A very merry unbirthday to you!" Swipe the teacups left on the board to clear surrounding emojis!
  • Mr. Walrus - "The time has come!" Mr. Walrus rushes off in a hurry after leaving nothing for the Carpenter to eat!
  • Tweedle Dee - "How do you do and shake hands." Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum bounce up and down all around!
  • House Alice - Emojis travel down House Alice's chimney, only to be sneezed out again!
  • Doorknob - Tap doorknobs to help Alice through smaller and smaller doors. Find Doorknob for powerups!
  • King of Hearts - Catch him! The King of Hearts swings his mallet at the Dormouse but hits someone else instead...
  • The Queen of Hearts - Paint the roses red to clear more emojis with help from the playing card guards!

Toy Story

  • Woody - Tap the board to round up emojis with Woody's lasso!
  • Buzz Lightyear - A laser zaps a diagonal line of emojis!
  • Alien - The Claw grabs a bunch of emojis. Ooooh!
  • Bullseye - Tap to jump and save Woody from the snake! Ride like the wind, Bullseye!
  • Jessie - Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Jessie's ultimate yodel clears emojis and calls Rex for help!
  • Bo Peep - Got it handled! Bo vaults across the board, hooking in emojis and items!
  • Forky - TRASH! Tap to place a trash can, delighting Forky and dumping emojis.
  • Rex - ROAR! Rex does his best to scare emojis off the board...
  • Duke Caboom - Oh, yeah! Canada's greatest stuntman races across the board for the big jump!
  • Hamm - Hamm collects coins, and then spills them all over the emojis!
  • Bunny - "Plush Rush." An enormous Bunny and Ducky use their laser eyes and fire breath to clear the board!
  • Mrs. Nesbit - Snap out of it, Buzz! Woody slaps Mrs. Nesbit and clears nearby emojis!
  • Zurg - "Destroy Buzz Lightyear!" Zurg blasts Buzz with his ion blaster, creating powerups on the board.
  • Lotso - You've got a playdate with destiny! Lotso hugs the emojis before showing his true colors!
  • Stinky Pete - "First class all the way!" Stinky Pete tricks emojis into getting in the suitcase with him!
  • Fluorite Buzz - Fluorite Buzz makes his grand entrance after crash landing his cardboard "spaceship" onto the board!
  • Platinum Woody - Platinum Woody's magical lasso clears emojis! Match the remaining lassoed emojis for extra powerups!

The Muppets

  • Kermit the Frog - Tap the music notes! Each tap clears surrounding emojis!
  • Fozzie Bear - Flying tomatoes clear Fozzie emojis and his bad jokes!
  • Swedish Chef - Børk! Børk! Børk! Slingshot a chicken across the board to clear emojis.
  • Miss Piggy - HI-YA! Miss Piggy flaunts her amazing talents of singing, romance, and karate!
  • Gonzo - Tap to launch The Great Gonzo from the confetti cannon and blast emojis!
  • Animal - Animal wildly bashes his drums! Activate OVERCHARGE for an even more explosive performance!


  • Cinderella - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Turns Cinderella emojis into Sunshine!
  • Prince Charming - Prince Charming seeks his princess, clearing a slipper of emojis!
  • Gus - Lucifer scares Gus and scatters his corn pile, dropping an item and scaring off emojis!
  • Jaq - Jaq emojis transform into horses and pull emojis, powerups, and items down the board!
  • Anastasia - Sing, Sweet Nightingale! Anastasia and Drizella treat the emojis to their dulcet tones...
  • Drizella - Tap a bead on Cinderella's necklace to break it! Scattered beads clear emojis.
  • Wedding Cinderella - Cinderella and Prince Charming have a timeless moment with Jaq and Gus, and live happily ever after!
  • Pink Dress Cinderella - Move parts of Cinderella's beautiful pink dress to the correct locations to make her dreams come true!
  • The Fairy Godmother - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Upgrades powerups on the board!
  • Holiday Cinderella - Holiday Cinderella and her Prince try to share a loving moment, but Jaq and Gus have other ideas!
  • Lucifer - Gus hides from Lucifer under the teacups! Tap a teacup to reveal what's inside.
  • Lady Tremaine - Hit Cinderella's glass slipper with a powerup to continue the reign of Lady Tremaine!
  • Iolite Fairy Godmother - Iolite Fairy Godmother casts magic on an emoji! Clear them by the stroke of 12 before they transform!


  • Elsa - Tap the board to clear a row with an icy freeze!
  • Anna - Sunflowers grow from the bottom and clear emojis
  • Olaf - It's summer! Olaf makes Sunshine power ups above his head!
  • Sven - Tap the board to drop 2 carrots. Sven runs across to eat them!
  • Kristoff - Kristoff plays his lute for Sven and clears emojis around the edges.
  • Grand Pabbie - Grand Pabbie charms your memory to forget an emoji on the board.
  • Marshmallow - Marshmallow uses ice spikes to clear columns of emojis on the board!
  • Elsa the Snow Queen - Elsa rides the Nokk across the board, creating ice diamonds that clear and transform emojis!
  • Queen Anna - Queen Anna unveils a special statue which captivates the emojis with heart-eyes!
  • Young Anna - "Do you want to build a snowman?" Bring Olaf to life by dragging the snowballs to the correct position!
  • The Fire Spirit - The Fire Spirit's claim to flame gets the emojis fired up.
  • Sketch Elsa - Sketch Elsa creates magical sketch snowflakes that gently float down to transform board emojis!
  • Prince Hans - Hans locks emojis behind closed doors before revealing himself as the hero of Arendelle!
  • Diamond Elsa - Diamond Elsa creates a swirling blizzard! Swipe her crystalline snowflakes for an icy transformation!
  • Citrine Anna - The unbreakable Citrine Anna protects her sister from harm, saving the day.
  • Opal Olaf - Opal Olaf bursts out of a snowy pile to bring sunshine to Diamond Elsa and Citrine Anna!


  • WALL-E - Zooms across the board, clearing emojis in his path.
  • EVE - Flies across the board, clearing a spiral of emojis.
  • Holiday WALL-E - Holiday WALL-E and EVE share a precious moment with presents, decorations, and holiday cheer!

Lilo & Stitch

  • Lilo - Sunlight clears emojis and creates a Sunshine on the board!
  • Stitch - Clears emojis with a circular slurp!
  • Jumba - Jumba and Stitch hot-potato the blaster. Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!
  • Scrump - Scrump's face scares away Mertle, but Lilo hugs Scrump anyway to create a Rainbow Star!
  • Angel - Angel's song turns the emojis evil, but Stitch convinces her to sing it backwards for a Blitz-bonus!
  • Nani Pelekai - Nani comforts Lilo by singing "Aloha 'Oe" in a hammock under the stars. Emojis clear and grant time!
  • Cobra Bubbles - "I am the one they call when things go wrong." Cobra Bubbles finds a surprise in Nani's home...
  • Shaved Ice Stitch - Stitch dives into a growing pile of shaved ice! But can he eat all of it?
  • Rainbow Stitch - Rainbow Stitch gets a colorful makeover as he feasts upon a delectable candy trail across the board!
  • Sapphire Stitch - Sapphire Stitch plays a ukulele for Lilo and lights up the board like a disco ball!
  • Platinum Stitch - Platinum Stitch surfs the stars, causing Cometz to fall down onto the board for a special Cometz Mode!


  • Nick Wilde - Nick uses his night vision to find and make the best matches!
  • Judy Hopps - Quick blinks across the board!
  • Clawhauser - Tap to find a donut and attract Clawhauser emojis!
  • Finnick - Turns an elephant popsicle into cold, hard, lemming cash.
  • Flash - Flash... slows down... the timer... and makes matches... into Lightning Clouds...
  • Gazelle - "Try everything" and tap a Gazelle emoji on the board to watch a transformational performance!

Finding Nemo/Finding Dory

  • Nemo - Nemo and friends swim through and add Nemo emojis.
  • Dory - Dory speaks whale and has a friend come to help!
  • Crush - Crush and Squirt emojis ride the EAC as passing emojis merge into the current.
  • Bruce - Nice shark Bruce makes fish friends until he becomes a mindless eating machine!
  • Hank - Tap the Hank emojis to release an ink squirt!
  • Destiny - Tap to escape the Marine Life Institute and reach Dory! It's your destiny, Destiny!
  • Bailey - Tap to find Dory, Nemo and Marlin with the world's most powerful pair of glasses!
  • Pearl - Aw, you guys made me ink! Tad and Sheldon scare Pearl into transforming other emojis.
  • Baby Dory - Place purple shells to help baby Dory emoji find her way home.
  • Darla - "I'm a piranha!" Darla's large image looks in the background as Nemo and Gill dash to a hiding spot!
  • Platinum Nemo - Nemo must pass through the ring of fire to activate Bubblez Mode! Bubbles pop and transform emojis!

Beauty and the Beast

  • The Beast - Magic transforms the Beast back into the Prince!
  • Belle - Enchanted rose petals clear the surrounding emojis!
  • Lumière - Be our guest! Emojis dance and clear away with dinner!
  • Cogsworth - Wind the clock in a circle to earn extra time.
  • Mrs. Potts - Tea time! Heart-eye emojis are worth extra x3 points.
  • Chip - Chip uses Maurice's invention to clear rows of emojis.
  • LeFou - LeFou provokes Gaston's ire after bumping into him and scattering his treasures all over the board!
  • Winter Belle - A playful snowball fight with Beast clears and heart eyes emojis!
  • Fancy Beast - Lumiere and Cogsworth give Beast a makeover for the big event. His embarrassment is contagious!
  • Bookworm Belle - I'll borrow... this one! Belle rides the bookstore's ladder, seeking new tales and adventures!
  • Magical Enchantress - "Beauty is found within." The Enchantress is spurred by the Prince, so she reveals her true power!
  • Enchantress - Unleashes a terrible curse on the emojis. Hit them with powerups to free them!
  • Gaston - Flexes his muscles to impress and punch emojis. Heart-eyes score x3 points!
  • Zircon Belle - Zircon Belle and Beast dance elegantly across the board and positively grow with love!


  • Moana - Draw a line on the board to clear emojis with water!
  • Maui - Transforms into a hawk, bug or shark!
  • Pua - Drops in and makes a mud splat!
  • Hei Hei - Tap to place seeds for Hei Hei. He tries his best to eat them...
  • Baby Moana - The ocean warmly welcomes Baby Moana with a gift, and washes her and the emojis to shore!
  • Te Kā - Te Kā unleashes flaming fury, raining down fireballs that continue to clear emojis where they land!
  • Voyager Moana - "We were voyagers!" Moana sails the seas, leaving behind shells that create whirlpools when swiped!
  • Gramma Tala - Glides through the board in manta ray form to clear and shuffle emojis!
  • Te Fiti - Te Fiti's loving vegetation grows powerups and gives emojis heart-eyes for a Blitz bonus!
  • Tamatoa - Tap Tamatoa's shell for shiny coins and powerups!
  • Kakamora Chief - They're... kinda cute! Moana and Hei Hei evade the Kakamora as they recover the Heart of Te Fiti!


  • Mulan - Skilled swordplay clears an arc of emojis!
  • Mushu - Mushu scorches the board! Tap fast to bring the heat!
  • Cri-Kee - Yep, this cricket's a lucky one! Clear lucky Cri-Kee emojis for a special effect.
  • Li Shang - Tap flying pots to break them and clear emojis, impressing Li Shang with your training!
  • Ping - I'll Make a Man Out of You! Ping climbs higher and higher to reach the top of the pole.
  • Reflection Mulan - Mulan is surrounded by her own reflection, but struggles to see who she is inside.
  • The Emperor - The Emperor rewards Mulan with Shan Yu's sword, causing a celebration!
  • Shan Yu - Shan Yu and his falcon Hayabusa conquer the battlefield, sparing no emojis!
  • Ruby Mushu - "Did I hear someone ask for a miracle?!" Ruby Mushu scares emojis with his powerful dragon form!
  • Melanite Mulan - Melanite Mulan does a victory leap down a zipline of paper lanterns as fireworks explode behind her!


  • Rapunzel - Best day ever! Hair drops down and clears emojis.
  • Pascal - Tap another emoji to transform them into Pascal emojis.
  • Flynn Rider - Flynn Rider emojis are smacked by the frying pan, clearing them.
  • Maximus - Chases the thief, clearing a checkerboard pattern of emojis.
  • Tiara Rapunzel - Flynn steals Rapunzel's tiara, so she steals a kiss from Flynn!
  • Wedding Maximus - Maximus is in full swing as he chases Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding ring!
  • Baby Rapunzel - Tap on Baby Rapunzel's spinning mobile to choose which toys she plays with!
  • Mother Gothel - Mother Gothel climbs up the tower using Rapunzel's hair. Mother Knows Best!


  • Lightning McQueen - Tap to race across the board! Clear emojis and create Lightning Clouds.
  • Cruz Ramirez - Outraces Miss Fritter and clears emojis in her path!
  • Jackson Storm - Race around the training simulator and clear paths of emojis.
  • Mater - Mater shows Lightning McQueen the art of late night tractor tippin'!

Inside Out

  • Joy - Tap an emoji to create a Sunshine and spread Joy nearby!
  • Sadness - Rainclouds roll on the board and clear emojis near the bottom.
  • Anger - Tap the red memory spheres to get fired up!
  • Disgust - Bleccch! Broccoli falls on the board and clears adjacent emojis.
  • Fear - Assume crash positions! Scared emojis clear off the board!
  • Bing Bong - Shake to empty Bing Bong's imaginary satchel on the board.
  • Anxiety - Anxiety frantically tries to navigate around the board but is unsure if she fits in!
  • Embarrassment - Make a match next to any Embarrassment emoji that is hiding in his hoodie and he will run away for a clear!
  • Rainbow Unicorn - Tap to dance emojis off the board and leave a Rainbow Star!
  • Sapphire Joy - Activate Joy's ability quickly for happy memory orbs, or use OVERCHARGE for stronger combo orbs!

Sleeping Beauty

  • Princess Aurora - The Good Fairies' magic helps clear the board, transform emojis, or give a score boost.
  • Prince Phillip - Slashes the board and tosses the Sword of Truth to clear emojis!
  • Flora - Upgrades powerups to impress, fit to grace a fair princess!
  • Fauna - Swipe left or right to keep the cake upright. Life isn't so easy without magic!
  • Merryweather - Mop and broom, clean up the room! Merryweather's magic clears emojis.
  • The Raven - "My pet, you are my last hope..." Maleficent sends the Raven to hunt down her prey -- a random board emoji!
  • Dragon Maleficent - Dragon Maleficent's fiery breath pushes Prince Phillip to his limit as he defends with his shield!
  • Briar Rose - Briar Rose dances with her woodland friend and a familiar face she's seen once upon a dream!
  • Winter Aurora - Aurora and Prince Phillip dance beneath the northern lights, enchanting a row for bonus score!
  • Maleficent - Dark magic clears both sides with thorny brambles!
  • Peridot Maleficent - "Now shall you deal with me!" Peridot Maleficent's crystal fire transforms and continues to clear emojis!


  • Pocahontas - The Color of the Wind blows through and replaces emojis with another.
  • Flit - Flit stubbornly chases away John Smith, crashing into emojis in the process!
  • Meeko - Swipe cherries to clear emojis and feed Meeko!
  • Percy - Percy and Meeko chase each other into a log and scare emojis off the board!
  • Colors of the Wind Pocahontas - Pocahontas leaps into a colorful stream of swirling winds, and brings emojis along for the ride!
  • Grandmother Willow - Good morning, child! Grandmother Willow bestows gifts of wisdom upon Pocahontas.
  • Governor Ratcliffe - Mine, Mine, Mine! Governor Ratcliffe's men mine the board, unearthing a range of riches!

The Jungle Book

  • Baloo - Enjoy some of 'The Bare Necessities' - Lightning Clouds, Sunshine, and Rainbow Stars!
  • Kaa - Tap the board! Kaa's hypnotic gaze clears emojis of your choossssssing.
  • King Louie - King Louie's monkey minions snatch emojis from the board!
  • Mowgli - Mowgli and Baloo enjoy a dance when Baloo decides to drop a bunch of bananas on Mowgli!
  • Bagheera - It was a sound like Bagheera never heard before, so he leaps through the trees to solve the mystery!
  • Shere Khan - Shere Khan swipes his ferocious claws at Mowgli, but Baloo holds him back!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Jack Skellington - Tap a Jack to scare away nearby emojis!
  • Sally - Sew up the board and transform emojis into Sally.
  • Zero - Zero lights the way to deliver terrifying presents from Halloween Town!
  • Dr. Finkelstein - Tap emojis to zap them to life with Dr. Finkelstein's tesla coil, clearing them from the board!
  • The Mayor - The Mayor addresses the denizens of Halloween Town! Heart-eyes score x3 points!
  • Santa Jack - Tap chimneys to drop nightmarish presents. You're welcome, one and all!
  • Christmas Sally - Sally has a terrible vision that frightens the emojis!
  • Man-Eating Wreath - Santa Jack's festive Christmas wreath comes alive for the holidays, and look out -- it's hungry!
  • Oogie Boogie - Rolls the dice to drop golden bugs that clear emojis and burst into coins!
  • Lock - Tap an emoji or powerup to transform them with Lock's mask! Larger powerups mean more transforms!
  • Shock - Shock demonstrates her plan to "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" by leaving a surprise for terrified emojis!
  • Barrel - "We caught him! We caught him!" Lock, Shock, and Barrel kidnap a beloved holiday figure!


  • Miguel - Strum the guitar to transform emojis into Miguel.
  • Héctor - Héctor celebrates with marigolds and clears the edges of the board.
  • Dante - Dante chases bones and licks the board to clear emojis.
  • Imelda - Imelda's marigold blessing transports emojis.
  • Alebrije Dante - Dante emojis transform into Alebrije Dante and flutter up the board!
  • Disguised Miguel - Disguised Miguel, Hector, and Dante perform "Un Poco Loco" for a rowdy skeleton crowd!
  • Pepita - Imelda's alebrije tracks Miguel's steps through the Land of the Dead!
  • Mama Coco - Miguel plays a family song for Mama Coco to bring her love and sunshine.
  • Ernesto - Ernesto plays music for the emojis before the bell tolls! Heart-eyes earn extra coins!
  • Platinum Miguel - Miguel shows off his proud corazón as he plays his guitar for all his family in a wonderful celebration!

Big Hero 6

  • Hiro - Hiro, Baymax, and his friends use their abilities to clear areas of the board.
  • Baymax - Baymax inflates, causing his armor to pop off and clear emojis!
  • Honey Lemon - "Whoo! Now that's a chemical reaction!" Honey Lemon tosses colorful chem-balls onto the board!
  • Platinum Baymax - Baymax flies in with Hiro and shows off his rocket fist! Swipe the rocket fist to demonstrate its power!

Wreck-It Ralph/Ralph Breaks the Internet

  • Vanellope - Tap to glitch and clear rows of emojis!
  • Ralph - Tap to smash windows and clear emojis. I'm gonna wreck it!
  • Yesss - Clear emojis fast to earn hearts! If you like it, better put a heart on it!
  • Fix-It Felix Jr. - Tap to repair windows and place powerups. You can fix it!
  • Calhoun - Tap and hold to splatter Cy-Bugs and clear Emoijs! You ready, rookie?
  • Pixel Ralph - Pixel Ralph activates 8-Bitz Mode and wrecks the board to clear emojis!
  • King Candy - King Candy goes Turbo, leaving glitchy powerups in his wake!

The Princess and the Frog

  • Tiana - Transforms nearby emojis into Tiana emojis.
  • Louis - Tap the trumpet valves to play jazz for the bayou!
  • Ray - Tap Ray to turn him into a Rainbow Star, just like ma belle Evangeline!
  • Charlotte La Bouff - "I never get anything I wish for!" Just when Charlotte loses all hope, the Prince finally arrives!
  • Almost There Tiana - Almost There! Tiana dreams of running her restaurant and activates Glitz Mode to gather coins!
  • Prince Naveen - Prince Naveen, Tiana, and Louis play jazz music and dance in Tiana's restaurant!
  • Dr. Facilier - Dr. Facilier transforms emojis with help from his friends on the other side!
  • Platinum Tiana - "You just kissed yourself a princess!" Tiana and Naveen's magical kiss creates a beautiful lightshow.

Lady and the Tramp

  • Lady - Spin spaghetti to bring Lady and Tramp together for a heart-eye score bonus!
  • Tramp - Escapes the dog catcher to clear emojis on the path.


  • Hercules - Smashes the sides of the board to clear emojis!
  • Meg - The Muses sing and clear other emojis on the top of the board.
  • Pegasus - Flies through the board, clearing emojis in the middle.
  • Phil - Rule number 95, kid: Concentrate! Phil puts himself at risk to train Hercules.
  • Baby Pegasus - Drag clouds to the center of the board to help Zeus bring Baby Pegasus to life!
  • Baby Hercules - "Aww he won't hurt himself." A curious Baby Hercules grabs hold of one of Zeus' lightning bolts!
  • Zeus - I need more thunderbolts! Match fast to zap the board!
  • Hades - Columns of fire clear emojis on the board.


  • Merida - Tap the target to clear more emojis with Merida's bow and arrows.
  • Young Merida - Tap on a path to guide Young Merida to her lost arrow!
  • Queen Elinor - Queen Elinor and Merida's fight divides them but they mend their rift with love and understanding.


  • Remy - Cooking ingredients pop on the board and clear emojis!
  • Alfredo Linguini - "This is... this is the recipe!" Linguini is guided all around the kitchen by a determined Remy!
  • Auguste Gusteau - "Anyone can cook!" Gusteau selects one lucky emoji and teaches them to cook for themselves!
  • Anton Ego - "Pray you don't disappoint me." Will Anton Ego give a scathing review or will he enjoy the meal?

The Emperor's New Groove

  • Kuzco - Transforms nearby emojis into different random emojis!
  • Kronk - Talks with squirrels to clear the board and get a random powerup!
  • Pacha - Don't worry your highness, I got you! Pacha rescues Kuzco from the jaguars.
  • Yzma Kitty - Meow! Yzma Kitty chases the magic potion and shuffles emojis along the way!
  • Yzma - Tap a lever to create a potion or drop Yzma, transforming or clearing emojis!

A Bug's Life

  • Flik - Flies the fake bird to frighten emojis off the board.
  • Princess Atta - Tap the board and send the ant colony to carry emojis off the board.
  • Heimlich - Feed Heimlich and drop him on the board to clear emojis!

The Incredibles

  • Mr. Incredible - Rescues emojis from pending peril by clearing them with super strength!
  • Mrs. Incredible - Tap the board to stretch punch emojis!
  • Jack-Jack - A random power happens every time! Try to keep up with the baby!
  • Violet - Tap and hold to grow Violet's force field and clear emojis within!
  • Dash - Zooms across the board to clear emojis!
  • Frozone - Frozone freezes the timer. Match emojis to freeze them for a cool score bonus!
  • Edna - Edna tests each of the Parr's super suits. No capes!
  • Syndrome - Drag emojis anywhere you choose using Syndrome's zero-point energy! Who's super NOW?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Snow White - Snow White's animal friends bring Sunshine to the board!
  • Dopey - Dopey clumsily joins the other dwarfs. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off the log they go!
  • Grumpy - The dwarfs wash Grumpy before supper, clearing emojis with soap suds!
  • Sleepy - Sleepy and the dwarfs surrender to sweet, sweet slumber, and the emojis follow suit!
  • Doc - Heigh-Ho! Doc leads the dwarfs to mine for items and powerups!
  • Bashful - "Oh, gosh..." Bashful and other board emojis turn a bashful red color after giving Snow White a gift!
  • Sneezy - Sneezy's catastrophic sneeze blows Doc, Sleepy, and board emojis away!
  • The Prince - The Prince kisses Snow White awake. Their love clears nearby emojis!
  • The Witch - The Witch places magical potions on the board! Swipe them to begin the transformation!
  • Magic Mirror - Magic Mirror reflects the fairest powerups, items, and emojis of them all!
  • Winter Snow White - Winter Snow White and the dwarfs enjoy the snowy weather with a sleigh ride together!
  • The Evil Queen - The Evil Queen's poison apples put emojis to sleep and clear them.
  • Obsidian Snow White - Obsidian Snow White leads Doc and Grumpy on a jolly stroll, tossing shimmering gifts onto the board!
  • Purple Diamond Dopey - Purple Diamond Dopey has a little too much fun in a mine cart and rolls all around the board!
  • Platinum Snow White - Platinum Snow White sings a lovely song to a well that sends birds soaring and sparkles cascading!

The Rescuers

  • Bernard - Tap the sword to rescue Bernard and gain coins from the Devil's Eye diamond!
  • Bianca - Tap to flap Orville and clear emojis. Ready for takeoff!
  • Madame Medusa - There goes my diamond! Penny and the Rescuers escape from the clutches of Madame Medusa.

Robin Hood

  • Robin Hood - Tap the board to split an arrow, clear emojis and take coins from the rich!
  • Maid Marian - Throws her wedding bouquet. Cleared bouquets bloom into powerups!
  • Lady Kluck - Lady Kluck tackles and jukes Prince John's guards to clear emojis!
  • Little John - Little John escapes Prince John's guards and leaves "borrowed" coins behind!
  • Sir Hiss - Sir Hiss emojis float up to get a "clear" view of the board below!
  • Prince John - Double the taxes! Triple the taxes! Match as fast as possible to earn additional coins.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Esmeralda - Esmeralda disappears as the soldiers charge in, clearing emojis with her escape!
  • Quasimodo - Quasimodo rings Big Marie! Her dulcet tones charm emojis below.
  • Hugo - Hugo, Victor and Laverne wake up from statue form. Tap one to clear emojis!
  • Frollo - "Take them away!" The vengeful Frollo sends his guards after the emojis!


  • Russell - Tap to feed Kevin chocolate and clear emojis. Here Snipey Snipey!
  • Carl - Tap left or right to bring Carl and Ellie's house to Paradise Falls!
  • Headphones Dug - Booming fireworks terrify Dug! Carl's headphones comfort Dug emojis, giving them heart-eyes!
  • Dug - Pop the balloons to earn coins!
  • Kevin - Kevin and her babies cough up tennis balls. Clear covered emojis for bonus clears!
  • Alpha - Attack! Beta, Gamma and Omega barrage the board and then they... SQUIRREL!

The Sword in the Stone

  • Arthur - Wart fulfills his destiny by pulling the sword from the stone!
  • Archimedes - No, no, no! A leaky roof splashes Archimedes and clears emojis below.
  • Sugar Bowl - When! WHEN! Sugar Bowl piles sugar into Merlin's teacup, transforming emojis on the board!
  • Young Mim - Young Mim charms the emojis to become heart-eyed, but they shouldn't get too comfortable...
  • Merlin - Alakazam! Merlin's magic transforms emojis into fish, squirrels, and birds!
  • Madam Mim - Mim shapeshifts into crafty creatures to clear or transform emojis!


  • Ian - Ian wields his wizard staff to perform the Growth Spell! Magnora Gantuan!
  • Barley - Barley embarks on a quest for Blitz Mode with his noble steed Guinevere!
  • The Manticore - Reveals her inner warrior by swinging the Curse Crusher and breathing fire!

A Goofy Movie

  • Max - Max dances like Powerline to "Stand Out" to Roxanne! Heart-eyed emojis score x3 points!
  • Roxanne - Roxanne gives Max a kiss for good luck after hearing about his Dad's plans to be onstage with Powerline!
  • PJ - You're just jealous, man, 'cause you ain't got the moves!" PJ unknowingly clears the board with his dance!
  • Vacation Goofy - Goofy teaches Max the Perfect Cast to fish for powerups! Just watch out for Bigfoot...
  • Powerline - Powerline electrifies the crowd with Goofy and Max, exciting Lightning Clouds on the board!


  • Joe - Tap the piano keys to play a tune and clear emojis!
  • 22 - Meh. Joe tries to inspire 22 with various interests, but she isn't impressed.

Raya and the Last Dragon

  • Raya - Raya channels her childhood combat training to flex her sword for the emojis!
  • Tuk Tuk - Raya and Tuk Tuk travel in search of Sisu... as long as there are no tasty bugs along the way!
  • Namaari - Namaari and Raya clash over a dragon gem shard. Their scuffle clears surrounding emojis!
  • Human Sisu - I just shape changed! Into people! Sisu transforms after receiving a dragon gem shard from Raya!
  • Sisu - Sisu runs on raindrops to fly through the board, charming the emojis with Sisu spirit!

The Three Caballeros

  • José - Have you been to Baia? José rides across the magical train across the board!
  • Panchito - Panchito and Donald's serape ride lights up the emojis with fireworks!
  • Caballero Donald - ¡Caramba! We're Three Caballeros with powerups beneath our sombreros!


  • Luca - Luca transforms between sea monster and human as he swims and spins in and out of the sea!
  • Alberto - Silenzio, Bruno! Alberto and Luca plunge past the emojis on their makeshift Vespa!


  • Mirabel - Mirabel comforts Antonio with a gift, bringing heart-eyes to the surrounding emojis!
  • Antonio - Antonio wields his animal power to ride a jaguar across the board, transforming emojis!
  • Alma Madrigal - "I was given a miracle." Alma lights up the doors of her family as she passes by with her magical candle.
  • Camilo - Camilo masquerades as a Madrigal and gives a different effect depending on who he becomes!
  • Dolores - (SQUEAK) "I know..." A surprised Dolores overhears 2 emojis talking about one of the board emojis!
  • Luisa - Balance Luisa's surface pressure by tapping left or right to catch two falling donkeys in each arm!
  • Bruno - We don't talk about Bruno... but tap on one of the objects in his vision to shed light on Mirabel's future!
  • Isabela - "Did someone say flowers?" Isabela gracefully spreads flowers over the board but, what else can she do?
  • Platinum Mirabel - "Hola, Casita!" Mirabel restores Casita's magical powers and starts a new age for the Madrigal family!

Ron's Gone Wrong

  • Ron - Hi [INSERT REGISTERED NAME]! Ron tries to roll around but bumps into the board instead!
  • Barney - Woohoo! Ron pulls Barney across the board to clear emojis!

The Proud Family

  • Penny Proud - Penny gets an unexpected photo shoot when BeBe and CeCe get their hands on her cell phone!
  • Suga Mama - Suga Mama saves Puff from Oscar, smacking powerups out of him with her cane!

Turning Red

  • Meilin Lee - "This isn't happening!" Meilin spots her mom spying on her in class! How will she react?
  • Abby Park - "You're so fluffy!" Swipe the red pandas left on the board to attract and clear nearby Abby emojis!
  • Red Panda Mei - Red Panda Mei leaps from house-to-house, surprising emojis along the way!
  • Red Panda Ming Lee - "Mei-Mei! Where are you?" Red Panda Ming Lee goes on a rampage and crashes the 4Town concert!


  • Captain Lightyear - Captain Lightyear launches his ship into Orblitz Mode! Clear Lightyear emojis to add extra game time!
  • Sox - I am Sox, your personal companion robot! Sox uses an unexpected feature to help Buzz escape!

The Fox and the Hound

  • Tod - "We'll always be friends forever!" Tod and Copper play hide and seek which hearteyes nearby emojis!
  • Copper - "My name's Copper. I'm a hound dog!" Copper's nose finds all sorts of things, even a playful Tod!

Ice Age

  • Manny - Manny, Sid, and Diego balance precariously on a zooming ice sled as they try to catch up to the Baby!
  • Diego - Diego fights off Soto in an effort to protect his emoji friends on the board!
  • Sid - "Retrieve the melon!" Sid heroically barrels through a flock of dodos to save the last melon!
  • Scrat - A determined Scrat tries and tries again to retrieve his precious acorn from the frosty block of ice!


  • Anastasia Romanov - It's like a memory from a dream. The spirits of Anastasia's royal past dance across the ballroom!
  • Rasputin - Dasvidaniya! In the dark of the night, Rasputin unleashes a horde of demons to exact his revenge!

Pixie Hollow

  • Silvermist - Silvermist transforms emojis by gracefully placing sparkling dewdrops along a spider's web!
  • Iridessa - Iridessa collects the shining light and, with the help of her firefly friends, spreads it across the board!
  • Rosetta - "I don't really do mud." Rosetta kisses flowers awake while avoiding her archenemy - mud!
  • Fawn - Fawn loves teaching and helping all animals including the misunderstood NeverBeast, Gruff!


  • Ember - Ember illuminates a colorful display for Wade! Swipe the crystals left on the board for different effects!
  • Wade - Wade makes a splash as he glides across the board, creating a beautiful rainbow for Ember!

Kim Possible

  • Kim Possible - "So, what's the sitch?" Kim bravely duels her nemesis across the board! Will Shego gain the upper hand?

Oliver & Company

  • Oliver - Oliver is in good company with Jenny as she plays the piano and delights all with hearteyes!


  • Asha - "I wish..." The power of Asha's true wish calls down Star from the sky.
  • Valentino - "Your wings can't fly but your voices CAN!" Valentino conducts a magical chicken musical!


  • Scrooge McDuck - Dives into the Money Bin! Clears emojis and gets a bunch of extra coins!
  • Webby - Join Webby's Quacky Patch Doll and friends for a tea party!
  • Launchpad McQuack - Takes a crash course on flying and clears emojis in the flight path!
  • Gizmoduck - Blathering blatherskite! Gizmoduck attempts to foil the Beagle Boys' plans.
  • Huey - Huey clears emojis while running with Dewey and Louie! Collect all three to unlock OVERCHARGE!
  • Dewey - Dewey transforms emojis while kicking a ball with Huey and Louie! Collect all three to unlock OVERCHARGE!
  • Louie - Louie hearteyes emojis while skateboarding with Huey and Dewey! Collect all three to unlock OVERCHARGE!
  • Magica de Spell - Magica summons enchanted powerups that clear emojis for extra coins!

Darkwing Duck

  • Darkwing Duck - Darkwing Duck emojis appear on the board in puffs of smoke!

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

  • Chip - Chip's magnifying glass uncovers new items and powerups on the board!
  • Dale - The Ranger Plane flies through, clearing emojis near the bottom.
  • Gadget - Golly! Gadget builds ingenious vehicles and rides them across the board.
  • Monterey Jack - Draw a line to lure in Monterey Jack with the ultimate snack… cheeeeese!
  • Devil Dale - Devil Dale offers a devious deal: A little of your time to spin his Evil Prize Wheel!
  • Angel Chip - Angel Chip blesses emojis for more time, or Devil Dale clears all blessed emojis!


  • Goliath - Goliath, Lexington and Brooklyn save the emojis from Goliath's "angel of the night" -- Demona!
  • Bronx - Bronx chases his mortal enemy... pigeons! Luckily, he's clumsy and clears the emojis instead.
  • Demona - Demona's sinister spell turns the emojis to stone! Tap stone emojis to shatter them.

Haunted Mansion

  • Hatbox Ghost - Ghostly heads float up and appear on the board.
  • Hitchhiker Ghost Phineas - A Doom Buggy riding through the Haunted Mansion gets an unexpected guest...
  • Madame Leota - Madame Leota levitates emojis off the board.
  • The Bride - Till death do us part. Use the axe to clear emojis!
  • Constance - "In sickness and in... wealth." Constance has a shiny surprise for that one special emoji...

Matterhorn Bobsleds

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

  • Mr. Toad - Mr. Toad races his motorcar faster and faster, clearing more emojis each time!

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Captain Jack Sparrow - Collect Captain Jack's dropped treasure as he escapes his foes!
  • Barbossa - Barbossa's pirate curse scares away nearby emojis.
  • Davy Jones - Summon the Kraken to clear emojis!
  • Elizabeth Swann - Elizabeth and Will fight off the hordes of bloodthirsty pirates during their holy matrimony!
  • Prison Dog - Prison Dog holds the key to freedom! Will Jack Sparrow or the band of pirates win the pup's affection?
  • Tia Dalma - Calypso summons a mighty maelstrom, clearing emojis and rearranging powerups!

Star Wars

  • Rey - May the Force be with you. Swipe to clear emojis with Rey's lightsaber.
  • Finn - Blast the stormtroopers! Each tap clears surrounding emojis.
  • BB-8 - BB-8 rolls off the board, clearing the emojis in the droid's path.
  • Poe Dameron - Poe and BB-8 lead the Resistance X-wing fleet to blast Starkiller Base into powerups!
  • Luke Skywalker - Tap to deflect incoming blaster shots before they strike. Use the Force, Luke!
  • Princess Leia - Tap to strike the TIE fighters with the Rebel X-wing fleet!
  • Chewbacca - Chewie's warmth makes the Porgs flutter with glee.
  • Han Solo - This is no cave! Han pilots the Millennium Falcon to escape the space slug!
  • R2-D2 - R2 hacks into the Disney Emoji Blitz game code to unlock new possibilities!
  • C-3PO - We're doomed! C-3PO and R2-D2 dodge blaster fire from the Stormtroopers.
  • Boba Fett - Tap to put a bounty on an emoji! Boba Fett takes care of the job, clearing emojis from the board.
  • The Mandalorian - Fires Whistling Birds at surrounding Stormtroopers to rescue The Child!
  • Hondo - Hondo trades goods with the Millennium Falcon crew for powerups!
  • Cara Dune - Cara and Mando team up against the AT-ST to defend the Sorgan village! Come to Mama.
  • Fennec Shand - "I don't miss." Fennec fights off a wave of Stormtroopers using her rifle and combat tactics!
  • Lando Calrissian - Luke Skywalker and a disguised Lando fight Jabba the Hutt's lackey over the Sarlacc Pit!
  • K-2SO - K-2SO defends Jyn and Cassian from stormtroopers! Swipe the dropped grenades to detonate them!
  • Jyn Erso - "Rebellions are built on hope!" Jyn makes a daring move to save a child caught in the crossfire on Jedha!
  • Cassian Andor - Light It Up. Cassian orders the Rebel Alliance to begin their assault on Scarif!
  • Wicket - Wicket and his Ewok friends hold off the Empire's AT-ST advance with their clever traps!
  • Bo-Katan - "I am Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze." Bo-Katan and her allies fearlessly rescue the Mandalorian from pirates!
  • Salacious Crumb - "Artoo, help!" Salacious Crumb viciously attacks C-3PO before R2-D2 arrives to give him a little shock!
  • Jar Jar Binks - Jar Jar attempts to escape a Separatist tank, but has a little more success than he planned...
  • Sabine Wren - Drag your finger along the arrows to help Sabine "improve" an Imperial poster with her graffiti art!
  • C1-10P - Chopper hacks a control panel, starting "GLITCH MODE" and opening surprise trap doors under emojis!
  • Hera Syndulla - Hera skillfully maneuvers The Ghost around an asteroid field to escape a group of TIE fighters!
  • Anakin Skywalker - Tap left or right to avoid obstacles, clearing emojis with Ani's thrusters! Now this is pod racing!
  • Jedi Anakin - Tap a lightsaber to guide Anakin to the light side or the dark side of the Force!
  • Queen Amidala - Queen Amidala addresses the Senate of emojis, inspiring them with hope!
  • Meadow Padmé - "Sounds an awful lot like a dictatorship to me." Anakin's mysterious smile confounds Meadow Padmé!
  • Boushh Disguise Leia - "I have to get you out of here!" A disguised Leia daringly rescues Han Solo from his carbonite prison!
  • Endor Rebel Leia - Leia is desperately pursued by a Scout Trooper while riding a speeder bike through the forests of Endor!
  • Grogu - Uses the Force to save emojis from the Mudhorn, then takes a little snooze to recover.
  • Ahsoka Tano - "I am no Jedi!" Clear powered-up Ahsoka emojis to activate her lightsaber skills!
  • Yoda - "Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda teaches Luke an important lesson as they free the X-Wing!
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Undercover Obi-Wan evades the Third Sister but stops to save innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire!
  • Jedi Master Luke - "Your thoughts betray you, Father." Jedi Master Luke battles Darth Vader for the fate of the galaxy!
  • Rancor - "Oh no, the Rancor!" Two unlucky emojis fall through Jabba's trap door into the Rancor's pit!
  • Mace Windu - "This party's over." Mace Windu does battle against galaxy renowned bounty hunter Jango Fett!
  • Admiral Ackbar - "It's a trap!" Admiral Ackbar realizes that his rebel fleet has been captured into a trap by the Galactic Empire!
  • Kylo Ren - Embrace the dark side. Frenzied lightsaber slashes clear the board.
  • Darth Vader - Vader throws emojis with the Force and reveals a Rainbow Star!
  • Jabba the Hutt - Jabba and his goons have come to collect, clearing emojis from the board!
  • First Order Stormtrooper - The Stormtroopers are outsmarted by Resistance spy Vi Moradi!
  • Moff Gideon - Moff Gideon slices through the board with the Darksaber to escape his fate!
  • Death Trooper - Moff Gideon's death troopers barrage the cantina and the emojis escape!
  • Darth Maul - Darth Maul wields his saberstaff to scare powerups out of the emojis!
  • General Grievous - "You must realize, you are doomed." General Grievous and his droid army launch an all-out attack!
  • Emperor Palpatine - "Unlimited power!" Emperor Palpatine uses lightning to electrify the board and clear emojis!
  • Grand Moff Tarkin - You may fire when ready! Tarkin and Vader hold Leia captive as they look out towards Alderaan.
  • Grand Inquisitor - "Where is he?" The Grand Inquisitor hurls his double-bladed lightsaber at emojis to clear the board.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper - Quickly tap the Rebel target to fire a barrage of blaster shot! Who said stormtroopers had bad aim?
  • Cad Bane - "You should have never given up your armor." The sinister Cad Bane faces off against Cobb Vanth!
  • Emerald Yoda - "Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm?" Emerald Yoda uses the Force to save a group of emojis!
  • Platinum Grogu - "You may choose only one." Grogu must decide between the way of the Jedi or his found family.


  • Mal - Mal becomes a dragon and breathes fire to clear the corners.

Hocus Pocus

  • Winifred Sanderson - Resurrects your most recently used powerups from the grave!
  • Mary Sanderson - Mary sniffs out emojis and steals their souls for extra time.
  • Sarah Sanderson - Come Little Children! Sarah lures in emojis with her siren song.
  • Binx - Trim thee of thine baby fat. Give him fur black as black! The Sanderson sisters cast a spell on Binx emojis!
  • Billy Butcherson - Tap a tombstone to raise Billy from the grave, scaring off emojis and spawning an item!
  • Young Winifred - Young Winifred and her sisters reveal their striking powers with a magic spell that shocks the emojis!
  • The Book - Drag ingredients into the cauldron to cast a spell to become as powerful as the Sanderson Sisters!

Mary Poppins

  • Bert - The magic of the Penguin dance transforms emojis into Penguins and Berts!
  • Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins - Mary Poppins and Bert enjoy a jolly holiday stroll where grey skies turn to bright sunshine!
  • Mary Poppins - Mary flies across the board with her umbrella, carrying away other emojis!


  • Giselle - Giselle sings of True Love's Kiss with the help of her woodland creature friends!
  • Wedding Giselle - Queen Narissa pushes Giselle down a well to a place where there are no happily ever afters!

Jungle Cruise

  • Frank - It's a-boat time this ship load of tourists took the sea-nic Jungle Cruise! Water they waiting for?
  • Dr. Lily Houghton - Lily discovers the magical Healing Flower! But she's not the only one....

Indiana Jones

  • Indiana Jones - Indy narrowly evades dangerous traps to retrieve the golden idol and escape with his life!
  • Marion Ravenwood - My Medallion! Marion rescues the headpiece of the Staff of Ra from the Remains of The Raven!
  • Helena - Helena and 1969 Indiana Jones race through the streets in a daring Tuk Tuk chase! Will they escape their pursuers?
  • 1969 Indiana Jones - 1969 Indiana Jones frantically gallops on a horse through a crowded New York City parade!


  • Kit - Kit practices her swordsmanship, finishing with a leaping strike that shuffles the board!
  • Willow - "Into the unknown, that's where we must go." Willow brings light to stand against the coming darkness!


  • Rose - Rose reluctantly accepts the heart of the ocean from Cal, but later sends it back where it belongs.
  • Jack - "All right, open your eyes." Jack makes Rose's heart soar by showing her that she can fly!

The Santa Clause

  • Scott Calvin -"Does this look like a little weight to you?!" Watch as Scott Calvin transforms into Santa Claus!
  • Bernard the Elf - "Be very careful. This is very old, just like me." Bernard hands Charlie a very special snow globe.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Sora - Tap Sora, Donald, or Goofy to activate their attack! My friends are my power!
  • Aqua - Tap Aqua's keyblade to cast Bubble Blaster and clear emojis!
  • Captain Goofy - Goofy and Sora's team attack shockwaves emojis off the board!
  • Royal Magician Donald - Donald and Sora team up for a powerful magic attack! At game end, Donald goes all out with a massive finisher!


  • Masquerade Cruella - "Do you have a light?" Masquerade Cruella undergoes a fiery transformation, shocking nearby emojis!

Muppets Haunted Mansion

  • Madame Pigota - Wipe away the dirty smudges on Madame Pigota's crystal ball and she will thank you with powerups!
  • Gauzey the Hatbox Bear - Gauzey's ghastly jokes are no way to get a-head in life, but they will give you powerups! "Shocka-wocka!"


  • Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey - Trace the magic path to make fireworks appear!
  • Yen Sid - Yen Sid creates a tidal wave and washes away the entire board!
  • Spring Sprite - Spring Sprite spreads over the board, spreading spring magic! Swipe the trees she leaves to clear emojis!
  • Chernabog - Atop Bald Mountain, the malevolent Chernabog summons ghoulish ghosts from the underworld!
  • Platinum Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey - Platinum Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey's plans get all washed up after guiding some magical brooms onto the board!

The Little Mermaid (2023)

  • King Triton - King Triton's energy blast leaves tridents across the board. Swipe the tridents to wield his power!
  • Ariel - Ariel's song becomes a part of your board! Swipe the musical notes to transform emojis!

World of Color

  • World of Color Mickey - Mickey brings the Wonderful World of Color to life with a spectacular rainbow water show!

Journey Into Imagination

  • Figment - Figment's imagination runs wild and uses a random emoji's power!
  • Sketch Figment - Use your spark of imagination to bring Sketch Figment to life by drawing on the paper!

Mickey's Christmas Carol

  • Bob Cratchit Mickey - Miserly Mr. Scrooge gives Bob a series of gifts.
  • Ghost of Jacob Marley - Gawrsh, kinda slippery! Marley haunts Ebenezer Scrooooge and scares the coins out of him!
  • Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck - Bah, humbug! The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future visit the old miser Scrooge!
  • Tiny Tim - Tap a Tiny Tim emoji to receive a special gift from an unexpected friend.
  • Emily Cratchett Minnie - Emily Cratchit Minnie spends a heartwarming time decorating the Christmas tree with her family!
  • Ghost of Christmas Future Pete - Ghost of Christmas Future Pete gives you a glimpse of your future before returning back to reality!


  • Bolt - Easy won't be part of the equation. Bolt uses his super powers to save Penny from Dr. Calico's goons!

The Lion King on Broadway

  • Broadway Mufasa - "Everything the light touches..." Broadway Mufasa looks out over the emoji crowd as the stage lights shine!

Pixar Shorts

  • Bao - See the cute little Bao eat some of his favorite foods and watch as he grows!

Alien Remix

  • Monsters Inc. Alien - Monsters Inc. Alien uses the powerups of four emojis from the scary world of Monsters Inc.!
  • Incredibles Alien - The Incredibles Alien uses the powerups of four emojis from the Incredibles family!

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

  • Zummi Gummi - Zummi Gummi uses a powerful spell from the Great Book of Gummi and casts it over the board!

Main Street Electrical Parade

The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • Bob Cratchit Kermit - Tis' the season to be jolly for Bob Cratchit Kermit as he joins the penguins' Christmas skating party!
  • Miss Piggy Emily Cratchit - Miss Piggy Emily Cratchit welcomes an emoji to share her delicious Christmas dinner!

The Golden Girls

  • Rose Nylund - Rose tries a number of different dishes to get the girls to stop bickering but only cheesecake will do!
  • Blanche Devereaux - Blanche and Rose brighten everyone's day while performing a tap dance routine for the ages!
  • Dorothy Zbornak - "Miami is nice..." Dorothy joins Rose while she plays the piano in a loving tribute to their home.
  • Sophia Petrillo - "Picture it!" Sophia reminisces about Sicily with the girls before being interrupted by Dorothy.


  • Maleficent - "Oh look, the little beast is about to fall off the cliff." Maleficent saves a young Aurora from falling!

The Great Mouse Detective

  • Professor Ratigan - "I am not a rat!" Ratigan calls upon his pet cat, Felicia, to clear the board of an unsavory mouse.

Treasure Planet

  • John Silver - John Silver uses his cyborg eye to find a thieving Jim and recover the treasure he's owed, by 'tunder!

The Black Cauldron

  • The Horned King - The Horned King wields the Black Cauldron! Clear emojis to power the cauldron for an un-deadly effect!


Characters can be purchased from Silver Boxes (15,000 coins), Gold Boxes (30,000 coins), Series Boxes (30,000 coins) or Diamond Boxes (200 Gems). Some characters are exclusive to certain events. Silver Box characters can be upgraded to Power Level 3, Gold Box characters to Level 5, Villain Box characters to Level 5, and Story and Rainbow Box characters to either Level 1, Level 3 or Level 5.

Gold Box Gold Box
John Darling
John Darling
Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter
The Caterpillar2
Little Oysters
Little Oysters
March Hare
March Hare1
Mr. Walrus1
Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dee1
Bo Peep
Bo Peep
Duke Caboom
Duke Caboom1
Swedish Chef
Swedish Chef1
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy1
Prince Charming
Prince Charming
Grand Pabbie
Grand Pabbie
Nani Pelekai
Nani Pelekai1
Cobra Bubbles
Cobra Bubbles1
Captain Gantu
Captain Gantu1
Baby Dory
Baby Dory2
Chip Potts
LeFou1, 3
Hei Hei
Hei Hei
Li Shang
Li Shang
Flynn Rider
Flynn Rider
Bing Bong
Bing Bong2
The Raven
The Raven1, 3
King Louie
King Louie
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington
Dr. Finkelstein
The Mayor
The Mayor
Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Charlotte La Bouff
Charlotte La Bouff1
Alfredo Linguini
Alfredo Linguini1
Princess Atta
Mr. Incredible
Mrs. Incredible
Snow White
Snow White5
Sneezy 1
The Prince
The Prince
Robin Hood
Robin Hood1
Maid Marian
Maid Marian
Lady Kluck
Lady Kluck
Little John
Little John
Sir Hiss
Sir Hiss
Sugar Bowl
Sugar Bowl
The Manticore
The Manticore1
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk
Alma Madrigal
Alma Madrigal1
Penny Proud
Penny Proud
Meilin Lee
Meilin Lee
Abby Park
Abby Park
Captain Lightyear
Captain Lightyear
Anastasia Romanov
Anastasia Romanov
Kim Possible
Kim Possible1
Mrs. Jumbo1
Huey1, 6
Dewey1, 6
Louie1, 6
Monterey Jack
Monterey Jack
Hitchhiker Ghost Phineas
Hitchhiker Ghost Phineas1
Madame Leota
The Bride
The Bride
Mr. Toad1
Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth Swann
Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron1
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker1
Leia Organa
Princess Leia1
Han Solo
Han Solo1
Boba Fett
Boba Fett1
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian1
Cara Dune
Cara Dune1
Fennec Shand
Fennec Shand1
Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian1
Jyn Erso
Jyn Erso1
Cassian Andor
Cassian Andor1
Salacious Crumb
Salacious Crumb1
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks1
Sabine Wren
Sabine Wren1
Hera Syndulla
Hera Syndulla1
Winifred Sanderson
Winifred Sanderson1
Mary Sanderson
Mary Sanderson
Sarah Sanderson
Sarah Sanderson
Billy Butcherson
Billy Butcherson1
Dr. Lily Houghton1
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones1
Marion Ravenwood
Marion Ravenwood1
Rose DeWitt Bukater
Jack Dawson
Scott Calvin
Scott Calvin1
Bernard the Elf
Bernard the Elf1
Captain Goofy
Captain Goofy1
Royal Magician Donald
Royal Magician Donald1

Rainbow Box Rainbow Box
Holiday Mickey
Holiday Mickey
Holiday Minnie
Holiday Minnie
Holiday Pluto
Holiday Pluto
Christmas Clarabelle Cow
Christmas Clarabelle Cow
Santa Goofy
Santa Goofy
Rose Gold Minnie
Rose Gold Minnie
Rainbow Mickey
Rainbow Mickey5
Rainbow Minnie
Rainbow Minnie3
Vampire Mickey
Vampire Mickey
Witch Minnie
Witch Minnie
Pumpkin Mickey
Pumpkin Mickey
Pumpkin Minnie
Pumpkin Minnie
Mermaid Minnie
Mermaid Minnie
Deep Sea Mickey
Deep Sea Mickey
Crab Donald
Crab Donald
Seashell Daisy
Seashell Daisy
Sea Creature Goofy
Sea Creature Goofy
Fairy Minnie
Fairy Minnie4
Birthday Baby Pluto
Birthday Baby Pluto
Peppermint Minnie
Peppermint Minnie
Gingerbread Mickey
Gingerbread Mickey
Gardener Mickey
Gardener Mickey
Flower Minnie
Flower Minnie
Rainy Day Donald
Rainy Day Donald
Watermelon Minnie
Watermelon Minnie
Ice Cream Mickey
Ice Cream Mickey
Soft Serve Donald
Soft Serve Donald
Astronaut Mickey
Astronaut Mickey
Alien Pluto
Alien Pluto
Astronaut Donald
Astronaut Donald
Pine Cone Pluto
Pine Cone Pluto
Pancake Goofy
Pancake Goofy
Blueberry Muffin Donald
Blueberry Muffin Donald
Fashion Minnie
Fashion Minnie
Topiary Daisy
Topiary Daisy
Dapper Mickey
Dapper Mickey
Dapper Minnie
Dapper Minnie
World of Color Mickey
World of Color Mickey3
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey5
Yen Sid
Yen Sid4
Spring Sprite
Spring Sprite
The Fairy Godmother
The Fairy Godmother4
Holiday Cinderella
Holiday Cinderella
King Triton
King Triton5
Live Action King Triton
King Triton
Live Action Ariel
Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror
Winter Snow White
Winter Snow White
Blue Fairy
Blue Fairy4
Sketch Blue Fairy
Sketch Blue Fairy
Edna Mode
Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet
Red Carpet Genie
Red Carpet Genie
Cave of Wonders
Cave of Wonders5
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn
Gramma Tala
Gramma Tala2
Te Fiti
Te Fiti
Sketch Figment
Sketch Figment
Rainbow Figment
Rainbow Figment5
Mama Coco
Mama Coco
The Fire Spirit
The Fire Spirit
Sketch Elsa
Sketch Elsa
Bob Cratchit Mickey
Bob Cratchit Mickey
Ghost of Jacob Marley
Ghost of Jacob Marley
Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck
Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck
Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim
Emily Cratchit Minnie
Emily Cratchit Minnie
Ghost of Christmas Future Pete
Ghost of Christmas Future Pete
Honey Bee Pooh
Honey Bee Pooh
Flower Piglet
Flower Piglet
Bunny Tigger
Bunny Tigger
Baby Chick Eeyore
Baby Chick Eeyore
Honey Cake Pooh
Honey Cake Pooh
Santa Pooh
Santa Pooh
Lumpy Heffalump
Lumpy Heffalump
King of Hearts
King of Hearts
Shaved Ice Stitch
Shaved Ice Stitch
Rainbow Stitch
Rainbow Stitch
Grandmother Willow
Grandmother Willow
Christmas Sally
Christmas Sally
Man-Eating Wreath
Man-Eating Wreath
Holiday Tinker Bell
Holiday Tinker Bell
Winter Aurora
Winter Aurora
Live Action Maleficent
The Emperor
The Emperor
Suga Mama
Suga Mama
Pixel Ralph
Pixel Ralph
April Shower Bambi
April Shower Bambi
Floral Ms
Floral Miss Bunny
Broadway Mufasa
Broadway Mufasa
Auguste Gusteau
Auguste Gusteau
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon
Zummi Gummi
Zummi Gummi
Holiday WALL-E
Holiday WALL-E
Monsters Inc
Monsters Inc. Alien
Incredibles Alien
Incredibles Alien5
Devil Dale
Devil Dale
Angel Chip
Angel Chip
Electrical Parade Elliott
Electrical Parade Elliott
Electrical Parade Minnie
Electrical Parade Minnie
Electrical Parade Tinker Bell
Electrical Parade Tinker Bell
Electrical Parade Cheshire Cat
Electrical Parade Cheshire Cat
Electrical Parade Blue Fairy
Electrical Parade Blue Fairy
Electrical Parade Genie
Electrical Parade Genie
Electrical Parade Nemo
Electrical Parade Nemo
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi Master Luke
Jedi Master Luke
Mace Windu
Mace Windu
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar
Tia Dalma
Tia Dalma
Bob Cratchit Kermit
Bob Cratchit Kermit
Miss Piggy Emily Cratchit
Miss Piggy Emily Cratchit
The Book
The Book
Rose Nylund
Rose Nylund
Blanche Devereaux
Blanche Devereaux
Dorothy Zbornak
Dorothy Zbornak
Sophia Petrillo
Sophia Petrillo2

1 This character is a diamond exclusive character.
2 This character is a collection character.
3 This character is an upcoming/unreleased character.
4 This character can only be unlocked by completing a certain Mission Level.
5 This character has an Emoji Upgrade effect.
6 Collecting a duplicate of this character activates an Overcharge ability for them.

Group Collections

The following table contains each current emoji collection.

Collection Emojis in collection Prize
Mickey & Friends Mickey MouseMinnie MouseGoofyPlutoDonaldDaisy 8-Bit Mickey
Haunted Mansion Hatbox GhostThe BrideLeota Diamond Chest
Beauty and the Beast BeastBelleLumiereCogsworthMrs Chip Potts
The Little Mermaid ArielFlounderSebastian Diamond Chest
Frozen ElsaAnnaOlafSvenKristoff Marshmallow
Alice in Wonderland AliceWhite RabbitCheshire CatMad Hatter Caterpillar
Aladdin AladdinJasmineGenieAbu Rajah
Sleeping Beauty AuroraPrince Phillip Diamond Chest
Winnie the Pooh PoohPigletEeyoreTigger Rabbit
Inside Out JoySadnessDisgustAngerFear Bing Bong
Finding Nemo NemoDoryCrushBruceHank Baby Dory
The Lion King SimbaTimonPumbaaRafiki Spirit Mufasa
Princesses ArielJasmineBellePocahontasMulan Diamond Chest
Monsters, Inc. SullyMikeRandallCeliaRoz Boo
The Incredibles MrMrsVioletDashJack-Jack Frozone
Cute and Fluffy BambiMarieDumboWebbyDalePua Diamond Chest
Princes Prince EricPrince PhillipThe PrinceAladdinThe Beast Diamond Chest
Princesses II Snow WhiteRapunzelTianaCinderellaPrincess Aurora Diamond Chest
Moana MoanaMauiPuaHei Hei Gramma Tala
The Emperor's New Groove KuzcoPachaKronkYzma Yzma Kitty
Fairies Tinker BellMerryweatherFloraFaunaFairy GodmotherBlue Fairy Emoji Charge
Mulan MulanMushuCri-KeePingShan Yu Villain Box
Tangled RapunzelPascalFlynn RiderMaximusTiara RapunzelMother Gothel Rainbow Box
Cinderella CinderellaPrince CharmingGusJaqFairy Godmother Gold Exclusive Box
Cinderella Villains Lady TremaineAnastasiaDrizellaLucifer Villain Box
Peter Pan Peter PanTinker BellWendyNanaSmeeCaptain Hook Rainbow Box
Toy Story 2 WoodyBuzz LightyearJessieBullseyeHammZurg Villain Box
Wreck-It Ralph RalphVanellopeYesssCalhounFix-It Felix, Jr.King Candy Villain Box
Hercules ZeusHadesPhilHerculesMegaraPegasus Rainbow Box
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroThe MayorDrOogie Boogie Villain Box
Sword in the Stone ArthurArchimedesSugar BowlMerlinMadam Mim Villain Box
Snow White Snow WhiteThe PrinceDocMagic MirrorThe Evil Queen Rainbow Box
Star Wars - Age of Resistance ReyFinnPoe DameronBB-8ChewbaccaFirst Order Stormtrooper Kylo Ren
Lilo and Stitch LiloStitchScrumpAngelJumba Gold Exclusive Box
Robin Hood Robin HoodMaid MarianLittle JohnLady KluckSir HissPrince John Villain Box
Story Princesses Winter BelleAlmost There TianaWedding ArielWedding CinderellaDisguised JasminePing Villain Box
Pocahontas Grandmother WillowGovernor RatcliffePercyFlitMeekoPocahontas Villain Box
Vanessa's Wedding VanessaUrsulaKing TritonPrince EricWedding ArielFlotsam Rainbow Box
Up Headphones DugAlphaDugKevinCarlRussell Rainbow Box
Coco Mama CocoMiguelAlebrije DanteHéctorImeldaPepita Villain Box
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back Luke SkywalkerR2-D2Lando CalrissianBoba FettDarth Vader Jabba the Hutt (30%)
Darth Maul (30%)
Moff Gideon (30%)
Emperor Palpatine (10%)
Jungle Book BagheeraMowgliShere KhanBalooKing LouieKaa Clawhauser (20%)
Ray (20%)
Meeko (20%)
Dug (10%)
Rainbow Mickey (10%)
Kevin (10%)
Figment (10%)
Star Wars - Light Side Luke SkywalkerPrincess LeiaR2-D2C-3POObi-Wan KenobiYoda Jyn Erso (40%)
Ahsoka Tano (30%)
Jedi Anakin (30%)
Fantasea Seashell DaisyMermaid MinnieDeep Sea MickeyCrab DonaldSea Creature Goofy Rainy Day Donald
101 Dalmatians Cruella De VilWinter CruellaPerditaPatch Villain Emoji Charge
Star Wars - The Mandalorian The MandalorianGroguMoff GideonCara DuneFennec ShandBoba Fett Jedi Master Luke
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi Jedi Master LukeHan SoloWicketJabba the HuttDarth VaderEmperor Palpatine Villain Emoji Charge
Muppets AnimalKermit the FrogMiss PiggyFozzie BearSwedish ChefGonzo Rainbow Emoji Charge
Platinum Party Platinum MickeyPlatinum MirabelPlatinum WoodyPlatinum SimbaPlatinum GroguPlatinum NemoPlatinum DonaldPlatinum TianaPlatinum BaymaxPlatinum StitchPlatinum MiguelPlatinum Jiminy Cricket Platinum Minnie
Treasures of Disney Ruby ArielZircon BellePlatinum GeniePlatinum Snow WhiteEmerald YodaSapphire StitchTanzanite Cave of WondersTBATBATBATBATBA Prismatic Tinker Bell
Golden Girls Rose NylundBlanche DevereauxDorothy Zbornak Sophia Petrillo
Whistle While You Work DopeyGrumpySleepyDocSneezyBashful Purple Diamond Dopey
Chip & Dale3 Angel ChipDevil DaleChipDaleGadgetMonterey Jack Story Box
Princess & The Frog3 TianaRayLouisPrince NaveenAlmost There TianaDr Villain Box
Prince Ali3 Elephant AbuSultanPrince AliJasmineGenieMagic Carpet Red Carpet Genie
Royal Pride3 Adult SimbaMufasaSpirit MufasaScar Rainbow Box

Mission Tags

Main article: Disney Emoji Blitz mission tags

Future Characters

Future emojis Franchise Expected date Source
Rainbow Minnie
Rainbow Minnie - Rainbow Minnie and Rainbow Mickey create bombbles at a disco dance party! Swipe to clear or transform!
Mickey Mouse & Friends July 18 V63.0 beta
World of Color Mickey
World of Color Mickey - Mickey brings the Wonderful World of Color to life with a spectacular rainbow water show!
World of Color July 18 V63.0 beta
LeFou - LeFou provokes Gaston's ire after bumping into him and scattering his treasures all over the board!
Beauty and the Beast July 25 V63.0 beta
The Raven
The Raven - "My pet, you are my last hope..." Maleficent sends the Raven to hunt down her prey -- a random board emoji!
Sleeping Beauty July 25 V63.0 beta
Prismatic Tinker Bell
Prismatic Tinker Bell - TBA
Peter Pan December 1 Teased on Treasures of Disney trailer[1].
Swampy - Tap the board to clear a column of dirt!
Where's My Water? TBA Added to the game's code on May 10, 2017.

Non-playable characters

  • Jetsam - Seen when using Prince Eric's power and Flotsam's power.
  • Max - Seen when using Wedding Ariel's power.
  • Sea Creatures - Seen when using Flounder's power.
  • CDA - Seen when using Roz's power.
  • Grubs - Seen when using Pumbaa's power.
  • Pride Animals - Seen when using Simba's power and Baby Simba's power.
  • Bambi's mother - Seen when using April Shower Bambi's power.
  • The Great Prince of the Forest - Seen as item in the "Nature" collection.
  • Duchess - Seen when using Marie's power.
  • Cleo - Seen when using Figaro's power.
  • Casey Junior - Seen during the Dumbo Team Event.
  • Monstro - Seen as Item in the "Disneyland Attractions" collection.
  • Penny, Pepper, Freckles, and Lucky - Seen when using Perdita's power and Patch's power.
  • Michael Darling - Seen when using Wendy's power and Nana's power and during the Peter Pan Multi-Map Survival Event.
  • Cubby and The Twins - Seen when using Slightly's power.
  • Never Land Mermaids - Seen during the Peter Pan Multi-Map Survival Event.
  • Golden Scarab Beetle - Seen during the Aladdin Clear the Sand Event and Tag Team Event.
  • Razoul - Seen during the Snake Jafar Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Prince Ali's servants - Seen using Prince Ali's power.
  • Pencil Bird, Horn Duck & Hammer Bird - Seen as Item in the "Wonderland" item collection.
  • The Carpenter - Seen when using Mr. Walrus' power.
  • Pansies - Seen using Rose's power.
  • Dormouse - Seen using the King of Hearts' power and the March Hare's power.
  • Tweedle Dum - Seen when using Tweedle Dee's power.
  • Fireflies - Seen when using Iridessa's power and during the Pixie Hollow Photo Hunt Event.
  • Billy, Goat, and Gruff - Seen as Item in the "Toy Story" item collection.
  • Ducky - Seen during the Toy Story 4 Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Jack-In-The-Box - Seen during the Toy Story Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Sunnyside Pre-Schoolers - Seen during the Toy Story Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Chicken - Seen when using the Swedish Chef's power.
  • Pepe, Janice, Crazy Harry, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, and Miss Poogy - Seen during the Muppets Haunted Mansion event.
  • Birds - Seen when using Pink Dress Cinderella's power.
  • Snowgies - Seen during the Frozen Event.
  • King Agnarr & Queen Iduna - Seen when using Queen Anna's power.
  • Gale - Seen during the Frozen Photo Hunt Event.
  • Hal - Seen as Item in the "Bugs" item collection.
  • Mertle Edmonds - Seen when using Scrump's power.
  • Sparky, Cannonball, and Reuben - Seen when using Angel's power.
  • The Ugly Duckling - Seen during the Lilo and Stitch Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Lemmings - Seen when using Finnick's power.
  • Tiger Dancers - Seen when using Gazelle's power.
  • Squirt - Seen when using Nemo's power and Crush's power.
  • Marlin - Seen when using Nemo's power and Bailey's power.
  • Jellyfish - Seen as item in the Finding Nemo Item Collection.
  • Tad and Sheldon - Seen when using Pearl's power.
  • Otters - Seen as Item in Finding Dory Item Event.
  • Gill - Seen when using Darla & Platinum Nemo's power
  • Ocean - Seen when using Baby Moana's power.
  • Fa Zhou - Seen during Mulan Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Yao, Ling, and Chien Po - Seen during Mulan Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Guido - Seen when using Lightning McQueen's power.
  • Miss Fritter - Seen when using Cruz Ramirez's power.
  • Tractors - Seen when using Mater's power.
  • John Smith - Seen when using Flit's power and during the Governor Ratcliffe Villain Event.
  • Monkey Minions - Seen when using King Louie's power and during the Jungle Book Clear Event.
  • Vampire Teddy, Toy Duck, and Shrunken Head - Seen when using Zero's power.
  • Skeletal Reindeer - Seen during the The Nightmare Before Christmas Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Santa Claus - Seen during the Oogie Boogie Villain Event and when using Barrel's power.
  • Go Go Tomago, Fred, and Wasabi - Seen when using Hiro's power.
  • Cy-Bugs - Seen when using Calhoun's power and during the King Candy Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Eudora - Seen when using Almost There Tiana's power.
  • Muses - Seen when using Meg's power.
  • Pain and Panic - Seen during the Hades Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Will O' the Wisps - Seen using Young Merida's power.
  • Chef Skinner - Seen when using Remy's power.
  • Bucky - Seen when using Kronk's power.
  • Jaguars - Seen when using Pacha's power.
  • Ant Colony - Seen when using Princess Atta's power and during the Clear the Clovers Event.
  • Omnidroid v.10 - Seen during the The Incredibles Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Happy - Seen when using Dopey's power, Grumpy's power, Sleepy's power, and Doc's power.
  • Orville - Seen when using Bianca's power.
  • Prince John's Guards - Seen when using Lady Kluck's power and Little John's power and during the Robin Hood Multi-Map Clear Event and the Prince John Villain Event.
  • Frollo's Soldiers - Seen when using Esmeralda's power and Frollo's power.
  • Victor and Laverne - Seen when using Hugo's power.
  • Guinevere - Seen when using Barley's power.
  • Unicorn - Seen during the Onward Survival Event.
  • Dad - Seen during the Onward Survival Event.
  • Mr. Mittens - Seen as item during the Soul Item Event.
  • Druun - Seen as item during the Raya and the Last Dragon Item Event and during the Raya and the Last Dragon Survival Event.
  • Bigfoot - Seen when using Vacation Goofy's power.
  • Caligola - Seen when using Alberto's power.
  • Yellow Butterflies - Seen when using Mirabel's power and Antonio's power.
  • Parce - Seen when using Antonio's power.
  • Donkeys - Seen when using Luisa's power.
  • Casa Madrigal - Seen during the Encanto events.
  • BeBe & CeCe Proud - Seen when using Penny Proud's power.
  • Puff - Seen when using Suga Mama's power.
  • Oscar Proud - Seen during The Proud Family event.
  • Miriam, and Priya - Seen when using Meilin Lee's power and Red Panda Ming Lee's power and during the Turning Red Survival Event.
  • 4*Town - Seen during the Turning Red Survival Event.
  • Zyclops - Seen as items during the Lightyear Item Event.
  • ZAP Agent - Seen when using Sox's power.
  • Webby's Quacky Patch Doll - Seen when using Webby's power.
  • Beagle Boys - Seen when using Gizmoduck's power.
  • Little Helper - Seen as Item in the "Disney Afternoon" item collection.
  • Zipper - Seen when using Dale's power.
  • Brooklyn and Lexington - Seen when using Goliath's power.
  • Shego - Seen when using Kim Possible's power.
  • Jenny - Seen when using Oliver's power.
  • Gargoyle - Seen during the Haunted Mansion Survival Events.
  • Ghosts - Seen when using Madame Leota's power and during the Haunted Mansion Survival and Clear Events.
  • Bats - Seen when using Madame Leota's power and Vampire Mickey's power.
  • Glockenspiel - Seen as Items in the "Disneyland Attractions" collection.
  • Ezra and Gus - Seen when using Hitchhiker Ghost Phineas' power.
  • Sally Slater, The Alligator, Alexander Nitrokoff, and The Singing Busts - Seen during the Haunted Mansion Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Blackbeard and Captain Salazar - Seen when using Captain Jack Sparrow's power.
  • Kraken - Seen when using Davy Jones' power and during the Pirates of the Caribbean Survival Event.
  • Talking Jolly Roger - Seen during the Pirates of the Caribbean Survival Event.
  • Will Turner - Seen when using Elizabeth Swann's power.
  • Murtogg and Mullroy - Seen during the Pirates of the Carribean Survival Event.
  • Pintel and Ragetti - Seen when using Elizabeth Swann's power and during the Pirates of the Caribbean Survival Event.
  • Maccus - Seen when using Elizabeth Swann's power.
  • Jack the Monkey - Seen during the Pirates of the Caribbean Survival Event.
  • Calypso's Crabs - Seen when using Tia Dalma's power.
  • Jim Hawkins - Seen when using John Silver's power.
  • Owl - Seen when using Briar Rose's power.
  • Chernabog's Minions - Seen when using Chernabog's power.
  • Seedy Prisoners - Seen when using Elizabeth Swann and Prison Dog's power.
  • Remote Droids - Seen when using Luke Skywalker's power (Level 1-2 only).
  • Stormtroopers (Empire) - Seen when using Luke Skywalker's power (Level 3-5 only), C-3PO's power and Darth Vader's power.
  • Porgs - Seen when using Chewbacca's power and as collectible items during the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Item Event.
  • Worrts - Seen as items during the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Item Event.
  • DJ R3X - Seen as item during the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Item Event.
  • Space Slug - Seen when using Han Solo's power.
  • Fleet troopers - Seen when using C-3PO's power.
  • Droidekas - Seen as items during the Star Wars Age of Republic Item Event.
  • Reek, Acklay, and Nexu - Seen as items during the Star Wars Age of Republic Item Event.
  • Kowakian Monkey-Lizard - Seen as items during the Star Wars Age of Republic and Age of Rebellion Item Events.
  • Eopie - Seen as item during the Obi-Wan Item Event.
  • Viper Probe Droid - Seen as item during the Obi-Wan and Age of Rebellion Item Events.
  • Mouse Droid - Seen as item during the Obi-Wan Item Event.
  • Tauntaun - Seen as item during the Age of Rebellion Item Event.
  • Loth-cat - Seen as item in the Ahsoka Item Event.
  • Kanan Jarrus, Garazeb Orrelios, and Ezra Bridger - Seen on "Spectres Group Painting" item in the Ahsoka Item Event.
  • Chachapoyan Fertility Idol - Seen when using Indiana Jones' power and during the Indiana Jones Item Event.
  • Dial of Destiny Horse - Seen when using 1969 Indiana Jones' power.
  • Penguin Waiters - Seen when using Bert's power.
  • Pip - Seen when using Giselle's power.
  • Queen Narissa - Seen when using Wedding Giselle's power.
  • Tourists and Proxima - Seen when using Frank's power.
  • Aguirre and Sancho - Seen when using Dr. Lily Houghton's power and during the Jungle Cruise Survival Event.
  • Shadows - Seen during the Kingdom Hearts 3 Clear Event and during the Maleficent (Kingdom Hearts) Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Kevin's Babies - Seen when using Kevin's power.
  • Centaurettes - Seen as Items in the "Fantasia" item collection.
  • Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus - Seen as Items in the "Disney's Animal Kingdom" item collection.
  • Stegosaurus - Seen as Item in the Fantasia Item Event.
  • Dream Productions Dancers - Seen when using Rainbow Unicorn's power.
  • Dream Director - Seen as item in the "Inside Out" item collection.
  • Willie the Giant - Seen when using Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck's power.
  • Bees - Seen when using Honey Bee Pooh's power and during the Springtime Winnie the Pooh Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Giant Squid - Seen when using Deep Sea Mickey's power and during the Summer Fantasea Clear Event.
  • Penguins - Seen when using Bob Cratchit Kermit's power and during the Muppet Christmas Carol Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Ebenezer Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Past, and the Ghost of Christmas Present - Seen during the Muppet Christmas Carol Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • Penny - Seen when using Bolt's power.
  • Gruff - Seen when using Fawn's power.
  • Mudhorn - Seen when using Grogu's power.
  • Blurrg - Seen as item during the Mandalorian Item Event.
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls - Seen during the Ursula Villain Events (when Ursula uses her power).
  • Wildebeests - Seen when using Scar's power and during the Lion King Survival Event.
  • Banzai and Ed - Seen when using Scar's power, Shenzi's power, and Mufasa's power.
  • Card Soldiers - Seen when using the Queen of Hearts' power and during the Queen of Hearts Villain Event.
  • Hydra - Seen during the Hercules Multi-Map Survival Event
  • Poe De Spell - Seen when using Magica de Spell's power.
  • Oogie Bugs - Seen when using Oogie Boogie's power.
  • Easter Bunny - Seen when using Barrel's power.
  • Shadow Spirits - Seen when using Dr. Facilier's power.
  • Voodoo Masks - Seen during the Dr. Facilier Villain Event.
  • Beta, Gamma, and Omega - Seen when using Alpha's power and during the Up Multi-Map Survival Event and the Pixar Tag Team Event.
  • Hayabusa - Seen when using Shan Yu's power and during the Mulan Multi-Map Clear Event.
  • The Stabbington Brothers - Seen during the Mother Gothel Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Zurgbots - Seen during the Zurg Multi-Map Villain Event and as collectible items.
  • Elisa Maza, Owen Burnett, Fox Xanatos, Brendan Quarters and Margot Yale's look-alike - Seen when using Demona's power.
  • Penny - Seen when using Madame Medusa's power.
  • Brutus and Nero - Seen when using Madame Medusa's power.
  • Kakamora - Seen when using Kakamora Chief's power.
  • Thomas, Ben and Lon - Seen when using Governor Ratcliffe's power.
  • Felicia & Bartholomew - Seen when using Ratigan's power.
  • Cauldron Born - Seen when using The Horned King's power.
  • IG-11 - Seen when using Death Trooper's power and during the Moff Gideon Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Snowtroopers - Seen during the Darth Vader Multi-Map Villain Event.
  • Gamorrean Guards - Seen when using Jabba The Hutt's power and during the Jabba the Hutt Multi-Map villain Event.
  • Sarlacc - Seen during the Jabba the Hutt Multi-Map Villain Event and when using Lando Calrissian's power.
  • Weequay Guard - Seen when using Lando Calrissian's power.
  • Sebulba - Seen during the Darth Maul Multi-Map Villain event.
  • Captain Panaka - Seen during the Darth Maul Multi-Map Villain event.
  • Battle Droids - Seen during the Darth Maul Multi-Map Villain event and when using General Grievous' power.
  • Vi Moradi - Seen when using First Order Stormtrooper's power.
  • Jango Fett - Seen when using Mace Windu's power.
  • Dodos - Seen when using Sid's power.
  • The Baby - Seen when using Manny's power.
  • Soto - Seen when using Diego's power.
  • Bartok - Seen when using Rasputin's power.
  • Third Sister - Seen when using Obi-Wan Kenobi's power.
  • Pendra Siliu - Seen when using Jyn Erso's power.
  • Teebo - Seen when using Wicket's power.
  • Cobb Vanth - Seen when using Cad Bane's power.
  • Cal - Seen when using Rose DeWitt Bukater's power.
  • Fluorite Flotsam & Jetsam - Seen when using Amethyst Ursula's power.
  • Crystal Rajah - Seen when using Aquamarine Jasmine's power.
  • Crystal Doc & Grumpy - Seen when using Obsidian Snow White's power.
  • Young Mary & Sarah - Seen when using Young Winifred's power


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