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Disney Q Family Mastermind is a show that aired on Disney Channel India. It is the Indian version of BBC Productions' popular game show, Mastermind, hosted by Benjamin Gilani.


There are four rounds for each contestant family. Each contestant family usually has two minutes per round. In the first round the smallest member of each family has to answer general knowledge questions. In the second round each family has to choose a special subject. The contestants can pass if they don't know the answer. If a question is answered incorrectly, the questioner will give the answer. After two minutes a buzzer sounds; if a question is being read (or has just been read), then the contestant is given a short period of time to answer. In the third round each family has to choose a member from their family who will answer the question. In the final round, general knowledge questions are asked again but this time they are more difficult. After each round the scores are announced. After the fourth round the winner (of the episode) is announced.

App and Social media

A tie-in app, ‘Disney Q Challenge on Mobile’, was released in 2013 for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Facebook. Families could also submit questions through Facebook and Twitter.

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