Disney Scary Storybook Collection is a hardcover book reprinting various storybooks based on the Disney Halloween-related productions.


Boo! Here comes 15 gently spooky stories starring your favorite Disney characters. From the creation of a giant Pooh-monster in FrankenPooh to a retelling of The Nightmare Before Christmas-these tales are all guaranteed to give you the goosebumps! Also included are seven brand-new stories. Follow Mike and Sulley-the lovable scarers from Monsters Inc.-as they try to find a slumber party located in a very spooky house. Join Buzz and Jessie, from Toy Story 2, on their mission to rescue Woody from a dark and scary backyard. This collection is perfect to read aloud-whether you're around the campfire or at bedtime. Fifteen illustrated stories featuring well-loved Disney characters come together in this gently scary collection. The big square book stars luminaries from old and new favorites, such as The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters Inc., Peter Pan, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. Stories are adapted (and spookified) from Disney films for easy reading--short and sweet. Readers will be captivated as Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore go to Piglet’s house for a "Hallowasn’t" Aladdin and Jasmine meet a dungeon ghost, Buzz Lightyear is captured by a big hoot owl, and Donald Duck meets the witch next door.

This Halloween treasury joins many others in the Disney Storybook Collections, including Disney’s Christmas Storybook, Disney’s Princess Collection, Disney’s Americana Storybook Collection, etc. Slick, smooth pages with a shiny metallic edging make this handsome hardcover a true Halloween treat for Disney fans. (Ages 5 to 10)

2008 Included Stories


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