Disney Silly Songs is a 1991 Walt Disney Records album featuring 20 funny songs.

Track listing

  1. Boom Boom, Ain't It Great To Be Crazy?
  2. What's Your Name?
  3. I'm My Own Grandpaw
  4. Mairzy Doats
  5. Michael Finnegan
  6. A Penny
  7. Way Down Here Beneath the Ocean
  8. Pizza Pie Song
  9. A Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track
  10. It Ain't Gonna Rain No More
  11. Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay!
  12. When I See an Elephant Fly
  13. Skip Along Tippy Toes
  14. Little Bunny Foo Foo
  15. Three Little Fishies
  16. In My Pocket
  17. Bill Grogan's Goat
  18. Baby Bumblebee
  19. There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea
  20. Be Kind To Your Web-footed Friends
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