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Disney Sorcerer's Arena is a crossover mobile role-playing game that launched globally on March 24, 2020. The game features Disney and Pixar characters and combines RPG with card-based combat and fighting gameplay. This is the second Disney fighting game on mobile, next after Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

The final update which introduced Nala and Timon was on May 1, 2024. On the same day, it was announced that EA decided to sunset Disney Sorcerer's Arena, shutting it down on July 31, 2024, including the servers, making it inaccessible for players after that day. As of May 1, micro-transactions (in-app purchases) have been disabled as part of the game shutting down. SUNSETDSA


Disney Sorcerer's Arena combines real-time action and RPG strategy, summoning Disney and Pixar characters directly from their collectible cards into battle on an unending quest to be legendary!

Playable Characters[]

Franchise Characters
101 Dalmatians DSA token cruella de vil
A Bug's Life DSA token hopper
A Goofy Movie DSA token max goofDSA token powerline
Aladdin DSA token aladdinDSA token genieDSA token genie jafarDSA token jafarDSA token jasmine
Alice in Wonderland DSA token aliceDSA token caterpillarDSA token cheshire catDSA token mad hatterDSA token march hareDSA token queen of heartsDSA token white rabbit
Atlantis: The Lost Empire DSA token kidaDSA token milo
Beauty and the Beast DSA token beastDSA token belleDSA token cogsworthDSA token gastonDSA token lumiereDSA token mauriceDSA token mrs potts
Big Hero 6 DSA token baymaxDSA token fredDSA token go go tomagoDSA token hiro hamadaDSA token honey lemonDSA token wasabiDSA token yokai
The Black Cauldron DSA token horned king
Brave DSA token meridaDSA token mordu
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers DSA token chipDSA token daleDSA token gadgetDSA token monterey jack
Coco DSA token miguel
Darkwing Duck DSA token darkwing duck
DuckTales DSA token gizmoduckDSA token scrooge
The Emperor's New Groove DSA token kronkDSA token kuzcoDSA token pachaDSA token yzma
Encanto DSA token brunoDSA token pepa
Fantasia DSA token apprentice mickey
Frozen DSA token annaDSA token elsaDSA token kristoffDSA token olafDSA token elsa platinumDSA token sven
Gargoyles DSA token demonaDSA token goliathDSA token xanatos
Hercules DSA token hadesDSA token herculesDSA token hermesDSA token megaraDSA token pain panicDSA token pegasusDSA token philDSA token zeus
The Hunchback of Notre Dame DSA token frolloDSA token esmeraldaDSA token quasimodo
The Incredibles DSA token dashDSA token edna modeDSA token elastigirlDSA token frozoneDSA token jack jackDSA token mr incredibleDSA token syndromeDSA token violet
Inside Out DSA token angerDSA token jangles
The Jungle Book DSA token balooDSA token sherekhan
Jungle Cruise DSA token frankDSA token lily houghton
Lightyear DSA token captain lightyearDSA token sox
Lilo and Stitch DSA token cobra bubblesDSA token captain gantuDSA token stitch
The Lion King DSA token nalaDSA token pumbaaDSA token rafikiDSA token scarDSA token simbaDSA token timon
The Little Mermaid DSA token arielDSA token king tritonDSA token ariel platinumDSA token prince ericDSA token ursula
Mickey Mouse & Friends DSA token big bad wolfDSA token daisy duckDSA token donald duckDSA token goofyDSA token mickey mouseDSA token minnie mouseDSA token peteDSA token platinum donaldDSA token mickey platinumDSA token platinum minnieDSA token plutoDSA token mickey steamboat
Moana DSA token mauiDSA token moana
Monsters, Inc. DSA token mikeDSA token randallDSA token sulley
Mulan DSA token mulanDSA token shan yu
The Nightmare Before Christmas DSA token jack skellingtonDSA token oogie boogieDSA token sally
Onward DSA token barleyDSA token ianDSA token manticore
Peter Pan DSA token captain hookDSA token peter panDSA token smeeDSA token tinker bellDSA token wendy
Pirates of the Caribbean DSA token captain barbossaDSA token cursed jack sparrowDSA token davy jonesDSA token elizabeth swannDSA token jack sparrowDSA token will turner
Pocahontas DSA token pocahontas
The Princess and the Frog DSA token dr facilierDSA token tiana
Ratatouille DSA token linguini
Raya and the Last Dragon DSA token namaariDSA token raya
Robin Hood DSA token robin hoodDSA token sheriff of nottingham
Sleeping Beauty DSA token maleficent
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DSA token bashfulDSA token docDSA token dopeyDSA token evil queenDSA token grumpyDSA token happyDSA token huntsmanDSA token sleepyDSA token sneezyDSA token snow white
The Sword in the Stone DSA token madam mimDSA token merlin
Tangled DSA token flynn riderDSA token maximusDSA token mother gothelDSA token rapunzel
Toy Story DSA token big babyDSA token bo peepDSA token buzz lightyearDSA token chunkDSA token jessieDSA token lotsoDSA token woodyDSA token zurg
Tron DSA token quorra
WALL•E DSA token eveDSA token wall e
Winnie the Pooh DSA token eeyoreDSA token poohDSA token tigger
Wreck-It Ralph DSA token fix it felixDSA token king candyDSA token sgt calhounDSA token shankDSA token vanellopeDSA token wreck it ralph
Zootopia DSA token judy hopps

List of Talismans[]

Talismans are collectables earned through completing certain tasks or randomly from opening packs. These Talismans can be displayed in player profiles.

Franchise Talismans
101 Dalmatians DSA talisman cruellaDSA talisman horaceDSA talisman jasperDSA talisman luckyDSA talisman patchDSA talisman perditaDSA talisman pongoDSA talisman seeing spots trophy
A Goofy Movie DSA talisman power line trophy
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad DSA talisman cyril proudbottomDSA talisman flaming pumpkinDSA talisman mr toad
Adventures of the Gummi Bears DSA talisman cubbi gummiDSA talisman grammi gummiDSA talisman gruffi gummiDSA talisman sunni gummiDSA talisman tummi gummiDSA talisman zummi gummi
Aladdin DSA talisman baby rajahDSA talisman cave of wondersDSA talisman cave of wonders trophyDSA talisman elephant abuDSA talisman genie jafarDSA talisman genie lampDSA talisman iagoDSA talisman jafar's cobra staffDSA talisman jafar's lampDSA talisman realm of infinate desires trophy
Alice in Wonderland DSA talisman aliceDSA talisman cheshire catDSA talisman cookiesDSA talisman dormouseDSA talisman mad hatterDSA talisman march hareDSA talisman pansiesDSA talisman peculiar party trophyDSA talisman queens clash trophyDSA talisman walrusDSA talisman white rabbit
The Aristocats DSA talisman berliozDSA talisman duchessDSA talisman marieDSA talisman scat catDSA talisman thomas o malleyDSA talisman toulouse
Bambi DSA talisman bambiDSA talisman flowerDSA talisman thumper
Beauty and the Beast DSA talisman beastDSA talisman beauty and the beast trophyDSA talisman chipDSA talisman cogsworthDSA talisman gastonDSA talisman lumiereDSA talisman sultanDSA talisman winter belle
Big Hero 6 DSA talisman aunt cassDSA talisman baymaxDSA talisman baymax chipDSA talisman baymax trophyDSA talisman fredDSA talisman megabot angryDSA talisman megabot happyDSA talisman microbot mania trophyDSA talisman mochiDSA talisman san fransokyo
The Black Cauldron DSA talisman gurgiDSA talisman henwen
Bolt DSA talisman bolt
Brave DSA talisman clan dunbrochDSA talisman will o the wispDSA talisman morduDSA talisman spell cake
Brother Bear DSA talisman kodaDSA talisman tug
Cars DSA talisman dinoco lightning mcqueenDSA talisman doc hudsonDSA talisman floDSA talisman guidoDSA talisman lightning mcqueenDSA talisman mater
Chicken Little DSA talisman chicken littleDSA talisman foxy loxyDSA talisman fish out of water
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers DSA talisman chip chipndaleDSA talisman daleDSA talisman gadgetDSA talisman monterey jackDSA talisman rescue rangers trophy
Cinderella DSA talisman lucifer
Coco DSA talisman danteDSA talisman dante 2DSA talisman ernesto de la cruzDSA talisman miguel skullDSA talisman pepita
Darkwing Duck DSA talisman gosalynDSA talisman morgana macawberDSA talisman negaduck
Disney Fairies DSA talisman pirate zarina
Disney Parks and Resorts DSA talisman carousel of progressDSA talisman disney castleDSA talisman dole whip DSA talisman mickey earsDSA talisman minnie earsDSA talisman partners statueDSA talisman pumpkin mickeyDSA talisman small worldDSA talisman spaceship earthDSA talisman yeti
Disney Sorcerer's Arena DSA talisman 1 year anniversaryDSA talisman 2 yearsDSA talisman 3 yearsDSA talisman 4 yearsDSA talisman ascension trophyDSA talisman conquest spectacularDSA talisman day oneDSA talisman dsa mickey hatDSA talisman grand champion PvP trophyDSA talisman inferno trophyDSA talisman seekerDSA talisman sorcerers tournament trophyDSA talisman summoner celebration
DuckTales DSA talisman gizmoduck logoDSA talisman gizmos tech training trophyDSA talisman launchpadDSA talisman magica
Dumbo DSA talisman dumboDSA talisman mr storkDSA talisman timothy q mouse
Elemental DSA talisman ember lumenDSA talisman wade ripple
The Emperor's New Groove DSA talisman llama kuzcoDSA talisman kuzco and pachaDSA talisman llama drama trophyDSA talisman cat yzmaDSA talisman yzma labcoat
Encanto DSA talisman antonioDSA talisman brunoDSA talisman luisaDSA talisman mirabel
Fantasia DSA talisman broomDSA talisman mickey hatDSA talisman spring spriteDSA talisman yen sid
Finding Nemo DSA talisman crushDSA talisman jennyDSA talisman marlinDSA talisman nemo
The Fox and the Hound DSA talisman todDSA talisman vixeyDSA talisman copper
Frankenweenie DSA talisman sparky
Frozen DSA talisman annaDSA talisman buldaDSA talisman elsaDSA talisman into the unknown trophyDSA talisman marshmallowDSA talisman platinum elsa trophy
Gargoyles DSA talisman elisa mazaDSA talisman gargoyles trophyDSA talisman hudsonDSA talisman pack
Gravity Falls DSA talisman steveDSA talisman waddles
The Great Mouse Detective DSA talisman feliciaDSA talisman olivia flavershamDSA talisman ratiganDSA talisman toby
The Haunted Mansion DSA talisman beheaded knightDSA talisman executionerDSA talisman ezraDSA talisman gusDSA talisman hatbox ghostDSA talisman madame leotaDSA talisman phineas
Hercules DSA talisman hadesDSA talisman herculesDSA talisman ice titanDSA talisman lava titanDSA talisman megaraDSA talisman pain panicDSA talisman philDSA talisman rock titanDSA talisman siege on olympus trophyDSA talisman tornado titanDSA talisman zero to hero trophyDSA talisman zeus
Hocus Pocus DSA talisman mary sandersonDSA talisman sarah sandersonDSA talisman winifred sanderson
The Hunchback of Notre Dame DSA talisman clopin puppetDSA talisman hunchback trophyDSA talisman king of fools
The Incredibles DSA talisman dashDSA talisman ednaDSA talisman elastigirlDSA talisman fire jack-jackDSA talisman frozoneDSA talisman frozone 2DSA talisman frozone screenslaverDSA talisman frozon logoDSA talisman jack-jackDSA talisman incredibles logoDSA talisman incredibles logo white borderDSA talisman krushauerDSA talisman lucius bestDSA talisman mirageDSA talisman monster jack-jackDSA talisman no capes trophyDSA talisman rockyFile DSA talisman screenslaverDSA talisman supers collide trophy
Inside Out DSA talisman rainbow unicornDSA talisman disgustDSA talisman joyDSA talisman joy sadness
The Jungle Book DSA talisman bagheeraDSA talisman kaaDSA talisman shere khan talespin
Jungle Cruise DSA talisman captains hatDSA talisman la quila
Lady and the Tramp DSA talisman ladyDSA talisman pegDSA talisman spaghettiDSA talisman tramp
Lightyear DSA talisman alisha hawthroneDSA talisman to infinity trophyDSA talisman izzy hawthorneDSA talisman soxDSA talisman zurg
Lilo and Stitch DSA talisman jumbaDSA talisman liloDSA talisman lilo and stitchDSA talisman naniDSA talisman pleakleyDSA talisman scrumpDSA talisman stitchDSA talisman stitch trophy
The Lion King DSA talisman mufasaDSA talisman pumbaaDSA talisman scarDSA talisman scars lairDSA talisman simba cubDSA talisman simba paintingDSA talisman timonDSA talisman timon and pumbaaDSA talisman zazu
The Little Mermaid DSA talisman flounderDSA talisman maxDSA talisman triton trophyDSA talisman platinum ariel trophy
Luca DSA talisman albertoDSA talisman lucaDSA talisman machiavelli
Luxo, Jr. DSA talisman lampDSA talisman pixar ball
Mary Poppins DSA talisman penguinDSA talisman umbrella
Mickey Mouse & Friends DSA talisman daisyDSA talisman dewey witchDSA talisman donaldDSA talisman goofyDSA talisman hairbow minnieDSA talisman huey devilDSA talisman ghost of jacob marleyDSA talisman jester mickeyDSA talisman louie ghostDSA talisman ludwig von drakeDSA talisman oswaldDSA talisman platinum donald trophyDSA talisman platinum minnieDSA talisman platinum mickey trophyDSA talisman plutoDSA talisman polka dot minnieDSA talisman pumpkinDSA talisman rainbow mickeyDSA talisman sensational six part oneDSA talisman sensational six part twoDSA talisman steamboat willie clarabelle cowDSA talisman steamboat willie mickeyDSA talisman steamboat willie minnieDSA talisman steamboat willie peteDSA talisman winter willieDSA talisman winter mickey mouseDSA talisman winter minnieDSA talisman witch hazel
Moana DSA talisman coconut crackdownDSA talisman heart of te fitiDSA talisman heiheiDSA talisman kakamoraDSA talisman puaDSA talisman tamatoaDSA talisman te fiti
Monsters, Inc. DSA talisman booDSA talisman knock knockDSA talisman monsters incDSA talisman monsters inc trophyDSA talisman roz
Mulan DSA talisman crikeeDSA talisman fa liDSA talisman fa zhouDSA talisman li shangDSA talisman little brotherDSA talisman mulanDSA talisman mushuDSA talisman porridge
The Nightmare Before Christmas DSA talisman barrelDSA talisman behemothDSA talisman clown with the tear away faceDSA talisman finkelsteinDSA talisman harlequin demonDSA talisman lockDSA talisman mayor of halloween townDSA talisman oogie boogieDSA talisman oogie boogie holiday trophyDSA talisman shockDSA talisman zero
Oliver & Company DSA talisman dodgerDSA talisman oliver
Onward DSA talisman colt broncoDSA talisman onward trophy
Paul Bunyan DSA talisman babe the blue ox
Peter Pan DSA talisman captain hookDSA talisman nanaDSA talisman neverland trophyDSA talisman peter panDSA talisman smee
Pete's Dragon DSA talisman dr terminusDSA talisman elliotDSA talisman pete
Pinocchio DSA talisman figaroDSA talisman honest johnDSA talisman jiminy cricket
Pirates of the Caribbean DSA talisman aaarghDSA talisman barbossaDSA talisman barbossa trophyDSA talisman krakenDSA talisman davy jonesDSA talisman pirates of the caribbean trophyDSA talisman prison dogDSA talisman reddDSA talisman ship in a bottle
Pocahontas DSA talisman flitDSA talisman grandma willowDSA talisman meekoDSA talisman percy
The Princess and the Frog DSA talisman stellaDSA talisman voodoo mask
Ratatouille DSA talisman linguiniDSA talisman anton egoDSA talisman ratatouilleDSA talisman remy
Raya and the Last Dragon DSA talisman buonDSA talisman heart and fang trophyDSA talisman sisu
The Rescuers DSA talisman miss biancaDSA talisman jake
Robin Hood DSA talisman little johnDSA talisman maid marianDSA talisman prince johnDSA talisman robin hoodDSA talisman stork robin hoodDSA talisman skippyDSA talisman sir hiss
Silly Symphonies DSA talisman big bad wolfDSA talisman max hare
Sleeping Beauty DSA talisman auroraDSA talisman birthday cakeDSA talisman maleficentDSA talisman mistress of all evil trophy
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DSA talisman evil queen trophyDSA talisman magic mirrorDSA talisman prince florianDSA talisman snow whiteDSA talisman snow white trophy
Soul DSA talisman joeDSA talisman soul cat
The Sword in the Stone DSA talisman arthurDSA talisman marvelous mim
Tangled DSA talisman king frederickDSA talisman mother gothelDSA talisman mother knows best trophyDSA talisman pascalDSA talisman queen ariannaDSA talisman rapunzel trophy
The Three Caballeros DSA talisman joseDSA talisman panchito
Toy Story DSA talisman billy goat and gruffDSA talisman buzz laserDSA talisman chucklesDSA talisman ducky bunnyDSA talisman emperor zurgDSA talisman evil alienDSA talisman evil doctor porkchopDSA talisman forkyDSA talisman handshakeDSA talisman lotsoDSA talisman rexDSA talisman sheriff badgeDSA talisman sunnyside playtimeDSA talisman tacoDSA talisman toy story showdown trophy
Treasure Planet DSA talisman john silverDSA talisman morph
Tron DSA talisman identity discDSA talisman light cycle
Turning Red DSA talisman ming leeDSA talisman panda mei
Up DSA talisman dugDSA talisman grape sodaDSA talisman up house
WALL•E DSA talisman boot plantDSA talisman captain b mccreaDSA talisman eveDSA talisman the last robot on earth trophyDSA talisman walle
Winnie the Pooh DSA talisman christopher robinDSA talisman eeyoreDSA talisman gopherDSA talisman kangaDSA talisman adventurer kangaDSA talisman lumpyDSA talisman lumpy flowersDSA talisman owlDSA talisman pigletDSA talisman piglet santa hatDSA talisman poohDSA talisman pooh honeyDSA talisman pooh butterflyDSA talisman pooh oven mittDSA talisman pooh santa hatDSA talisman oh bother trophyDSA talisman rabbitDSA talisman rabbit camouflageDSA talisman rooDSA talisman tiggerDSA talisman backson tiggerDSA talisman tigger santa hat
Wreck-It Ralph DSA talisman fun bunDSA talisman vanellopes medalDSA talisman heros duty trophyDSA talisman puddlesDSA talisman ralphDSA talisman ralph and vanellopeDSA talisman sour billDSA talisman turboDSA talisman yesss
Zootopia DSA talisman finnickDSA talisman flashDSA talisman gazelleDSA talisman nick wildeDSA talisman pawpsicle


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