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Similar to the Disney Princesses, the Disney Villains have their own franchise. The franchise consists of Disney's most well-known and beloved villains and span from various forms of media and merchandise, typically aimed at an older audience.


Over its more than 90 year history, Disney has brought to life more than 127 different villains from films, sequels, television, video games, books and even the Disney theme parks. Although many different evil characters and enemies have been created, not all of them are official members of the Disney Villains franchise.

Conversely, some of the "villains" that are marketed are antagonists but not necessarily villains since they are not evil characters, sometimes not fully agreeing with other antagonists, but they still cause trouble to the protagonists; Sour Bill being one such example ("villain" and "antagonist" are not the same thing).

Primary members

Primary Villains[1]
Villain Year
The Evil Queen[2][3] 1937
Chernabog[2][3] 1940
Queen of Hearts[2] 1951
Captain Hook[2][3] 1953
Maleficent[2][3] 1959
Cruella De Vil[2][3] 1961
Ursula[2][3] 1989
Jafar[2][3] 1992
Scar[2][3][4] 1994
Hades[2][3] 1997
Dr. Facilier[5] 2009

Recurring members

Villain Year
Pete[2][6] 1925
Big Bad Wolf[2][6] 1933
The Lonesome Ghosts[7] 1937
Mortimer Mouse[8] 1936
Beagle Boys[9] 1951
Magic Mirror[10][11] 1937
Honest John[6] 1940
Gideon[6] 1940
Stromboli[2][6] 1940
Monstro[6] 1940
Ringmaster[12] 1941
Pink Elephants[13] 1941
Ronno[14] 1942
The Headless Horseman[15] 1949
Lady Tremaine[2] 1950
Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine[2][7] 1950
Lucifer[3][4] 1950
Cheshire Cat[16][4][11][17] 1951
Card Soldiers[10][7] 1951
Mr. Smee[17] 1953
Si and Am[2][3][4] 1955
Aunt Sarah[2] 1955
Martian Robot[7] 1957
Diablo[3][18] 1959
Jasper and Horace[7] 1961
Madam Mim[3][2] 1963
Shere Khan[3][2][4] 1967
Kaa[2][7] 1967
Edgar Balthazar[2][19] 1970
Prince John[2][6] 1973
Sir Hiss[2][6] 1973
Sheriff of Nottingham[11] 1973
Madame Medusa[2][20] 1977
Brutus and Nero[10] 1977
Heffalumps and Woozles[13] 1977
Amos Slade[2] 1981
Horned King[6][2] 1985
Professor Ratigan[2][6] 1986
Felicia[4] 1986
Sykes[2][10] 1988
Flotsam and Jetsam 1989
Percival C. McLeach[2][6] 1990
Gaston[2][3] 1991
Iago[3] 1992
Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed[11][7] 1994
Governor Ratcliffe[2][21] 1995
Claude Frollo[2][11] 1996
Pain and Panic[18][11][7] 1997
Fates[22] 1997
Shan Yu[3][2] 1998
Clayton[3] 1999
Sabor[23] 1999
Yzma[10][17] 2000
Kronk[22] 2000
Lyle Tiberius Rourke[24][10] 2001
Captain Gantu[25] 2002
Dr. Jumba Jookiba[24] 2002
John Silver[24] 2002
Scroop[24] 2002
Alameda Slim[26] 2004
Bowler Hat Guy[27][10] 2007
Doris[10][17] 2007
Dr. Facilier's Shadow[10] 2009
Lawrence[28] 2009
Mother Gothel[10][29] 2010
Stabbington Brothers[10] 2010
King Candy[10][30][17] 2012
Sour Bill[31] 2012
Prince Hans[10][17][32] 2013
Duke of Weselton[10][32] 2013
Yokai[10][17] 2014
Bellwether[10][33] 2016
Tamatoa[10][34][35] 2016
Sid Phillips[2] 1995
Scud[10] 1995
Hopper[2] 1998
Molt[24] 1998
Stinky Pete[24][9] 1999
Emperor Zurg[17] 1999
Randall Boggs[24][17] 2001
Henry J. Waternoose III[24] 2001
Bruce[24][9] 2003
Syndrome[17] 2004
Chick Hicks[10] 2006
Chef Skinner[10] 2009
AUTO[10] 2009
Charles F. Muntz[10] 2009
Lotso[10][17] 2010
Miles Axlerod[10] 2011
Professor Z[10] 2011
Mor'du[10] 2012
Thunderclap[10] 2015
Ernesto de la Cruz[10] 2017
Evelyn Deavor[10] 2018
Dragon the Cat[10] 2019
Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear[27] 1946
Oogie Boogie[36] 1993
Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson[37] 1993
Dr. Hämsterviel[27][17] 2003
Queen Narissa[38] 2007
Wicked Witch of the West[39] 2013
Ripslinger[40] 2013
Hitchhiking Ghosts[7] 1969


Disney's Divas of Darkness

Disney's Divas of Darkness.jpg

Disney's Divas of Darkness (also shortened to Disney Divas, DDD, or Disney's Bad Girls) is a sub-franchise consisting of the most recognizable female Disney Villains (or Disney villainesses). It can be seen as a counterpart to the Disney Princess franchise because it too targets a female audience but consists of evil characters instead.


Disney's Sinister Cats

Disneyland t-shirt featuring members of the group

Disney's Sinister Cats is a lesser known sub-franchise consisting of felines. It should be noted that several of its members were not the main antagonists of their respective films. This franchise is also known as Disney Cats, but it should be noted that the franchise does not include feline protagonists like Oliver or Thomas O'Malley under this banner. Felines with more evident anthropomorphic features like Gideon or Prince John are also not included.


The Thirteen Reflections of Evil

A poster of The Thirteen Reflections of Evil.

The Thirteen Reflections of Evil was a Disney Villain group made for the Epcot pin trading event in the September of 2013. In the story, the Evil Queen found an incantation which if performed with a magic mirror on Friday the Thirteenth, would summon 13 of the most powerful and evil villains from across time and space. The villains then broke the mirror and hid the thirteen shards so no one could use it against them.


  1. Chernabog
  2. Maleficent
  3. The Evil Queen
  4. Jafar
  5. Ursula
  6. Cruella De Vil
  7. Dr. Facilier
  8. Hades
  9. Scar
  10. Captain Hook
  11. Queen of Hearts
  12. Gaston
  13. Oogie Boogie


In most crossover appearances featuring the villains, a specific villain would act as the ringleader, or the central figure of the project to whom the others are (more or less) subservient.

Other media

Television specials

In the Disney's Scary Tales (1981) episode special as part of The Wonderful World of Disney, Hans Conried (voice of the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) hosts the special with Disney Villains in eight segments including Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Edgar Balthazar the Bulter from The Aristocats, Willie the Giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk, Kaa and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book, the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cruella De Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Madame Medusa from The Rescuers, and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

Mickey's House of Villains

The Disney Villains guest star in this House of Mouse with Jafar as the leader. He and the rest of the villains overthrow Mickey Mouse and locks all the heroes in the kitchen and kick Mickey and friends out forcing them to fight to get the club back.

Disney's Villains' Revenge

In this computer game, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, the Queen of Hearts, and the Ringmaster change their respective stories to their own advantage.

Kingdom Hearts

The Disney Villains are antagonists in the game series, with the Disney Villain Council led by Maleficent being a prominent force. All of the members command the Heartless horde as a means of controlling their respective worlds, and in turn help Maleficent in locating the Keyblade. The council consisted of Maleficent, Pete, Jafar, Hades, Captain Hook, Oogie Boogie, and Ursula. Captain Barbossa, Scar and Riku were also members for brief periods of time. Most of the members meet their demise, although Hades, Captain Hook, and Pete are the only ones to survive; while Maleficent is later resurrected, Pete is the only one to rejoin her. In the Kingdom Hearts manga series by Shiro Amano, it is revealed that a spot on the Disney Villain Council was offered to the Cheshire Cat, though he saw their goals as beneath him and refused.

Other villains also appear in the series though not connected to the council, including Clayton, Chernabog, Shan Yu, Master Control Program, Monstro, the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Gantu, Claude Frollo, CLU, Mother Gothel, Hans, Randall Boggs, and Davy Jones. Gaston and King Candy also appear in the mobile games Kingdom Hearts χ and Union χ, respectively.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Disney Villains.


  • Almost all Disney Villains wear mostly red, black, and purple. By contrast, white, blue, and gold are the traditional "good" colors.
  • Most villains appear to have either green, yellow or black (no iris) eyes.
    • Green eyes were considered to be a sign of either magic, evil and/or witchcraft during the Middle Ages, yellow eyes are often common in animals but not humans, and villains' eyes are generally smaller than those of heroic characters and tend to not reflect any light at all, giving them a rather soulless look.
    • Occasionally, there are villains with blue eyes (Gaston), brown eyes (Stromboli, Jafar, King Candy), gray eyes (Ursula, Mother Gothel), or violet/purple eyes (Vanessa, Doctor Facilier).
  • Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Hans from Frozen are currently the youngest Disney Villains to date, with Hans being 23 and Gaston being around his mid-20s.
  • Scar from The Lion King and Hades from Hercules are currently the only Disney Villains to be biologically related to the main protagonist of the movie. (Scar is Simba's uncle and Hades is Hercules' uncle.)
    • Prince John from Robin Hood is also the uncle of the film's deuteragonist, Maid Marian.
    • Ursula from The Little Mermaid was originally intended to be Ariel's aunt.
    • In the novel Tarzan of the Apes, Clayton was Tarzan's biological cousin.
  • Edgar Balthazar from The Aristocats seems to have more morality than most Disney Villains. When he was getting rid of Duchess and her kittens, he could've just killed them, but he chose to abandon them in the woods.
  • Prince John from Robin Hood and Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas are the only Disney Villains to be based on actual people.
  • Hades is presumably the oldest of the Disney Villains, being an immortal god. Mother Gothel from Tangled, while she's not immortal, is presumably the oldest human Disney Villain.
  • Gaston, Jafar and Judge Claude Frollo are currently the only three male Disney Villains to have an obsession with the female lead of their respective films (Belle for Gaston, Jasmine for Jafar, and Esmeralda for Frollo).
    • In deleted versions of The Lion King, Scar was to fall into lust with Nala at one point.
  • Maleficent and Cruella De Vil are currently the only Disney Villains to serve as the protagonist of their own theatrical feature films.
  • Captain Hook from Peter Pan is the only villain to be a part of the Disney Adventurers line-up.
  • Dr. Facilier is the first black Disney Villain.
  • Amos Slade, John Silver and Yokai are so far the only Disney Villains who redeem and learn the errors of their ways.
    • However, Shere Khan was originally intended to reform in the cancelled third Jungle Book movie, whereas King Candy was at one point considered to reform as well when he and Turbo were conceived as different characters.
  • Hans is the first Disney Villain to be a love interest to a Disney protagonist. However, it might not count, since Hans never really loved Princess Anna in the first place, and Anna's interest in Hans was more like a naive infatuation than actual love.
  • Prince John, Ursula, Jafar, Scar, Sid Phillips, Hades, Hopper, Clayton, Mor'du, Hans, and Evelyn Deavor are the only Disney Villains to have known siblings (King Richard, Morgana, Nasira, Mufasa, Hannah Phillips, Zeus & Poseidon, Molt, Lady Waltham, The Three Brothers, the twelve princes of the Southern Isles, and Winston Deavor respectively).
    • Although Aunt Sarah and Randall Boggs have no known sibling, it is known that they must have at least one sibling.
  • Of the eleven primary members of the franchise, only five are known to have died during their film: the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Ursula, Scar, and Dr. Facilier. Jafar is killed in the sequel to Aladdin. Chernabog, the Queen of Hearts, Hook, Cruella, and Hades all survive their films.
  • Jafar, Governor Ratcliffe, Captain Hook, Lady Tremaine, Cruella, Shere Khan, Gantu and Yzma are the only villains who return as the main antagonist in a sequel of their films.
  • Music plays a significant part in the role of a Disney Villain. Villains engaging in song and dance traces all the way back to 1940's Pinocchio, with Honest John's "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee", though the staple was truly popularized as a centerpiece of a Disney animated musical with Ursula's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" in 1989. However, whether they perform a song or not, villains are commonly represented by a leitmotif featured in the scores of their respective film. These villains include:
  • Scar, Clayton, Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Dr. Facilier, Yokai, and Ernesto de la Cruz are the only villains to have permanently killed off a major character in their respective films.
    • An argument could be made for the Headless Horseman, who possibly killed Ichabod Crane when the former spirited the latter away. However, Ichabod's final fate was left ambiguous.


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