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The Disney Wiki is a wiki that began on May 8, 2005 with a goal to create a database of all things Disney: characters, theme parks, attractions, people, companies, websites (official and fan-created), and more.

It was inspired by Wikipedia and various pre-existing Wikimedia sites, but can expand on Disney information in greater detail and with more freedom than Wikipedia.

As a fan-created encyclopedia, the Disney Wiki is not intended to be an official primary source, nor is it a replacement for any other source. Rather, it serves as a fan effort to summarize all aspects of the Disney universe or anything Disney-owned in the best way possible, while pointing the reader to the respective official sources.

The Disney Wiki is in no way affiliated with any part of the Walt Disney Company and is intended to be a source of information and community for Disney fans.

The Disney Wiki honored its 10th Anniversary on May 8, 2015.

What the Disney Wiki covers

  • The Disney Wiki covers information, as well as acquired information on Disney and Disney-owned characters, films, TV shows, songs, places, video games, objects, etc. This also includes portions of properties such as Pixar, MarvelThe Muppets, and Star Wars.


The Disney Wiki was founded on May 8, 2005 by Evanwohrman as one of the first wikis created in Wikia's less-than one year history and the most popular currently in use.

On May 8, 2015, the Disney Wiki celebrated its 10th anniversary.


On special occasions, the Disney Wiki will change its theme for one week to commemorate an upcoming release of a Disney film, show, event, etc. (For example, when Inside Out was about to be released theatrically in theaters, the theme was changed to match the colors of the film, and only include characters related to the film itself). Additionally, if a holiday was approaching, the theme would change to reflect that also.


The Disney Wiki has used many logos throughout its history.

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