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Infoboxes are a way for readers to get a basic idea of what the topic of an article is about. However, there are various types of infoboxes, each set with their own rules and regulations. Follow this guide to help ensure that you're fully aware of how an infobox should be approached when editing.

Character infoboxes

Infoboxes for character articles, such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel or Simba. They provide general information about a character's development (such as their animators, voice actors, and inspirations) as well as fictional, in-universe information (such as their personality, likes, and dislikes). Here are some general rules about character infoboxes.


As per the wiki's regulations, non-administrative users are not allowed to change character infobox images. Doing so will result in immediate revision. If you have a suggestion for a new profile image for a particular character, follow the submission instructions listed below.

  1. Add your image to the gallery here.
  2. Caption your image with your username and the reason behind the proposed change.

At the end of each month, submissions will be evaluated by the administration. A poll will be created where users will have the option to either approve or disapprove of your image. After a week's time, results of this poll will act as the final decision. To access the poll, click here. Note: Users are only allowed to submit one image per character per month.

If an administrator is unable to run the poll or review the submissions, a content moderator can ask an administrator for permission to set up the poll and/or implement the final decision.


Before they can be considered, your submitted image must meet these requirements. These requirements are subject to change.

  1. Users can submit either a screenshot or render. In the case of when a render is unavailable, a screenshot is used by default.
    1. If in the case of a screencap, the screencap must come from the character's studio of origin. That means any image of Anna must come from Walt Disney Animation Studios, and any image of Buzz Lightyear must come from Pixar Animation Studios. Screencaps from spinoff projects produced by subsidiaries such as DisneyToon or Disney Television Animation will not be accepted.
    2. If a render is available, the render will be the preferred image of display inside the infobox. It has the same requirements as a screencap as listed above, but if you want to know if it is acceptable, you can run it by the administrators or content mods before submitting it.
      1. In the case of multiple renders, the voting system will still be used for them.
  2. Try your best to find the highest quality version of the image. For screencaps of characters from feature films, animationscreencaps.com has a wide array of HD Disney screencaps (both animated and live-action). It is the best place to start your search.
  3. If a character undergoes a physical transformation during their film (i.e. Ariel, Beast, Kuzco), stick with their most recognizable form when searching for an image.
  4. No promotional artwork, cropped wallpaper, or cropped posters are allowed.
  5. Try to avoid images that have a logo or watermark attached to it.

Canon information only

For all character infoboxes, Contents within the "Character Information" section should only include materials related to the original character. Crossover and alternate counterparts are not permitted. Example; Baloo appears as a jungle animal in The Jungle Book and appears as a pilot in TaleSpin. Since The Jungle Book was his debut appearance, all materials such as occupations, friends, enemies, likes and dislikes must only be related to projects centering The Jungle Book's continuity, such as the film itself, The Jungle Book 2 and Jungle Cubs, for example.

Popular titles that are not considered canon include the Kingdom Hearts series, House of Mouse, Descendants, Once Upon a Time, and all live-action remakes such as Maleficent (2014) and Cinderella (2015), to name a few. If you are unsure if a title is considered canon or otherwise, message an admin and they'll be able to confirm which is which.

Duos, trios, etc.

Sometimes, rather than focusing on one character, an article will center around multiple characters who are most often depicted as a collective rather than individually. Some examples include Jaq and Gus and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Character infoboxes for sets of characters function a little differently.

  1. Actors, physical appearances, individual alias and personalities (including likes and dislikes) for these characters are to be listed in the article's background section, rather than the infobox. For actors that have played the role in adaptations such as those of Broadway or a remake, the actors are to be listed in the respective sections dealing with those topics.
  2. Quotes are not permitted in the infobox.
  3. In the rare case that one character appears without their other half (or halves) be sure to signify this (ex. adding "Gus only" next to the title in question).

Group infoboxes

A group infobox is used when dealing with a set of characters.

Species infoboxes

The species infobox deals with an entire race of creatures that share the same general appearance, history, and culture whether they're affiliated with each other or not. An example of this is the Merpeople article, which highlights merfolk from all corners of Disney media rather than one franchise. Another example is the Cy-Bugs, who lack cohesion, but all generate from the same source. The article must be in this broad scope to warrant a species infobox.

Minor notes

  1. When an infobox section has an excessive number of entireties listed (such as film appearances) be sure to instill the Scroll template for that section.
  2. When listing a deceased character in an infobox (in allies, relatives, etc.) be sure to add the cross symbol † next to their name to indicate their status.
  3. If a character does not live in their place of birth, distinguish their two homes with;
  • (birthplace) = for their place of origin
  • (current residence) = for where they currently reside