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Hi Wikians! This is the page for Image Organization, or how to categorize images. This focuses on the cluttering of the images on the Disney Wiki with the goal in categorizing all present photos within articles and galleries, as well as potential photo uploads. Because the wiki image selection is vast and large, this requires active user participation in adding images in every available page to a certain image category while simultaneously renaming ones that need a proper name. 

Main Image Categories

  • Production images - Production photos of live action films and TV shows
  • Concept art images - Artwork or sheets of characters/settings that show the early states of their design
  • Storyboard images - An early graphic representation of how a movie/short/show will unfold, shot by shot.
  • Print images - Images that come from books, comics, anything not originating from the web
  • Images from video games - These images come exclusively from the video game genre, which accounts for all photos that are related to it from the modern Kingdom Hearts to the old 8-bit days. This includes sprites, icons, gameplay shots, cutscenes weapons, and other elements
  • Images from movies - Screenshots from films
  • Images from television - Screenshots from television shows and shorts.
  • Images from stage productions - Screenshots of live performances from musicals, broadway, or theatrical shows.
  • Promotional images - Images of posters and models that are distributed for publication or advertisements or publication.
  • Images of people - Images of real-life people, NOT their Disney or animated counterparts. This counts images from behind-the-scenes and production.
  • Park images - Because a large portion of Disney stems from the parks, images taken from any park or relate to the park go here. This includes pictures that originated here such as Journey into Imagination
  • Logos
  • Covers - Images used on books, VHS, DVDs, etc.
  • Images by production - Similar to Galleries by production, this category tackles images that come from or are related to which film or production they are about. This includes subcategories of various other productions' images.
  • Artwork images - Different from concept art, this category is for art released by an artist or company.
  • Merchandise images - Basically images for all merchandise.
  • Event images - These are images that were taken at conventions, fairs, or places both Disney and non-Disney (i.e. Opening of the Hollywood walk of fame) go here.


SW Kiss

An image like this is a screenshot that came from a film. Thus, it goes under "Images from movies." However, because it's from a specific production, it also goes under "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" images.

Note: Some image categories can be used more than once for a specific set of images (i.e. Covers and Print images for comics)