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This page is for nominating users to become bureaucrats of the site.


While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, bureaucrats have all the rights of administrators and belowm, and have a an additional function:

A bureaucrat can make other users into bureaucrats or administrators on their own wiki.

Bureaucrats conduct

Bureaucrats have been entrusted with the means to maintain the overall quality of the site. With this in mind, a bureaucrat is expected to:

  • be friendly, welcoming, and helpful to others
  • be a capable and constructive contributor to the wiki
  • be open and welcoming in their communication and respond to messages on their wall in a reasonably timely manner
  • address disruption on the wiki by other users, including breaches of civility

A bureaucrat must not:

  • act like they own the site. Disney Wiki belongs to the community, and administrators are the protectors of the community.
  • abuse their administrator privileges to censor or otherwise unfairly inhibit reasonable discussion.
  • misapply or selectively apply the code of conduct in their moderating role.

While bureaucrats are not above regular users in terms of importance, they should be aware that their status makes role models out of them, and they should carry themselves accordingly.

Removal of rights

If it is believed that privileges are being abused by a bureaucrat, the following process should be applied.

  1. Communicate with them. Try to talk it out and come to an agreement.
  2. If attempts at communication fail, bring this to the attention of another administrator and/or bureaucrat to mediate. In absence thereof, reach out to the assigned Wiki Representative or Fandom Staff.
  3. Removal of rights will be considered by an active bureaucrat. If a decision to remove admin rights is taken, detailed reasoning with reference to local policies or Fandom's Terms of Use must be provided in order to satisfy a standard of accountability. One or more of the following must be shown:
    • Sustained, deliberate misuse of the privileges given
    • Sustained failure to follow the code of conduct in their entirety
    • Sustained failure to follow the conduct guidelines outlined further above

Bureaucrats should remain active to assist the wiki. In cases of prolonged inactivity, removal of user rights may be considered by an active bureaucrat based on the needs of the community.


  • A user must have at least 20,000 edits for the nomination to be agreed upon by admins, and the user must be an admin prior to nomination.
  • A user must have a Discord account and join the Disney Wiki Discord server, other forms of communication can be discussed
  • The user who'd like to nominate another must themselves have 1,500 edits to be eligible to vote.
  • If, after no less than seven days from the nomination, the voting is unanimous and the nominee has accepted, then a bureaucrat will grant the user privileges. If no consensus has been reached within fourteen days, the nomination is rejected.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a user may be nominated.
  • If a nomination has gone through and be successful, a one-month period must go by before anyone can be nominated.

Voting etiquette

In order to vote on nominations for bureaucrat, you must be a registered user with more than 5 un-reverted edits. There are three sections for each nomination: Support, Oppose, and Comments.

  • Use a # sign instead of a * sign to mark the votes so it is easy to see the number of votes.
  • Nominees should not vote for themselves, but instead mark the initial section of the nomination as Accepted along with their signature. The nominee may make additional comments in the Comments section.
  • You may provide a rationale (reason) when supporting a nomination.
  • You must provide a rationale when objecting to a nomination. Any objection that clearly has no connection to this project or one that does not list a rationale can be considered invalid.
  • If you wish to discuss the nomination without voting, use the comments section.
  • If you wish to remove your vote, please strikethrough it by surrounding it with <s></s>. This is so we can accurately track the voting, especially once it's archived.

Open Nominations

Closed Nominations

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