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This page is considered an official policy on the Disney Wiki.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow.

This policy outlines guidelines around spoilers on Disney Wiki.


Articles for projects yet-to-be-released are often the subject of speculation, meaning some editors may add unconfirmed details they assume will coincide with said character or movie. This is not allowed, as speculation and rumors can be taken as truth, when in reality, there is a high chance the information is false. For this reason, the Disney wiki only allows confirmed pieces of information for articles centering topics from both already released titles, and upcoming titles. If you have proof that your accusation is 100% accurate, a user must always add a source citation to link readers and other editors to the confirmation. The wiki must be a reliable source for accurate and truthful information for all users.

If something is targeted as a "rumor", please talk about it on the Forum or write a blog post about it, but DO NOT write an article about it! You will be subject to your account being blocked if you write an article about such topics/content!


Giving away plot details to a yet-to-be-released title is a growing concern within fan communities. As such, the Disney Wiki no longer allows spoiler information to be added to articles until after the title has premiered in the U.S. market.

Examples of non-spoiler information includes: Information given through the official synopsis of a film (usually found on the film's official Disney website, or article here on the wiki); information given through brief descriptions on pre-released toys and plushes on various shopping sites such as the sites for the Disney Store, and information directly given in trailers (no speculation whatsoever).

Examples of spoilers include: Plot details from a book adaptation, leaked information from third-party individuals, or any form of merchandise that directly reveals the entire story of the film before the U.S. premiere date hits.

Once the U.S. premiere date arrives, editors must add a Spoiler Warning to articles before proceeding to edit, if it hadn't been added already. This warning must remain on the article for, at least, a full month or 30 days.

Spoilers will also not be allowed within the comment sections until the premiere date arrives. If users who have already spoiled themselves about a plot wishes to discuss spoilers, the private rooms of the chat are always operating and available for use.