"Disneyland 10th Anniversary", is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It aired on January 31965.


The show begins with Walt introducing the viewers viewers to Disneyland's worldwide ambassador Julie Reihm, who has been named "Miss Disneyland Tencennial". Walt guides Julie through his Imagineering department, where the artists give sneak peeks at upcoming attractions like It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

Walt then calls upon Tinker Bell to magically transport them to Disneyland. In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mickey Mouse and dozens of other Disney characters have gathered for a big celebration. The newest member of the family, Mary Poppins, flies down and puts on a show with her chimney sweep friends. Afterward, she flies away, but not before conjuring up a giant birthday cake with dancing cacndles who sing the "Anniversary Song". We then see a parade take place down on Main Street, where a band and dancers from various high schools march before a cavalcade of characters cavort down the street. 

Next, Walt describes a brief history of the construction of the park, folloed by a look at the many attractions the have opened in the years since its opening.  This includes by a tour of some of the attractions at the time, including, but not limited to, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Jungle Cruise, the Flying Saucers, the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland.

We then go behinds the scenes of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room before we sit down and watch the show. The climax of the episode is a look at nightime in Disneyland, and we view the annual Dixieland at Disneyland event with a Dixieland band on the Mark Twain Riverboat as well as some other boats and a water show on the Rivers of America.


This episode was released on the Walt Disney Treasures: Disneyland, USA DVD set in 2001 and the Walt Disney Treasures: Your Host, Walt Disney DVD set in 2006. However, the Tiki Room show segment is significantly reduced in length, presumably to save on royalty costs.


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