"Do What You Gotta Do" is a song sung by Mal and Hades in Descendants 3. It expresses the two having it out at each other, as Mal tells her estranged father how angry she is at him for not being part of her life while Hades tells her that she has been better off without him.


Hades: Listen, little girl, you're talking to a god
And I don't wanna hear the drama
Kindness ain't my brand
Mal: Oh, I guess, that's why you ran
Hades: Try being married to your momma!

Mal: You stink at being a dad
Hades: Poor Mali, are you sad?
Mal: Not as sad as you without your powers.
I didn't come to fight, for once, do something right
Hades: I steal souls, were you expecting flowers?

Mal: I only need you 'cause I came here for something
Hades: I've given you everything, by giving you (me) nothing

Hades: I did what I had to do (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
Mal: No, you only did what's best for you
Hades: Well, you could learn a thing or two (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
When push comes to shove, you do what you gotta do, yeah

Mal: You were never there, Guess you don't have a phone. You never called to say "I miss you"

Hades: Hahaha, are you kidding? Is this a joke? You need to let it go, You're stronger with those daddy issues

Mal: Oh! Thank you!

Hades: Show me some respect, It ain't easy to neglect. My attention would've made you softer

Mal: Oohoo! Should I be proud? Don't turn this thing around

Hades: I guess you are your father's daughter, hahaha

Mal: Don't think I need you, I just came here for something

Hades: I've given you everything, by giving you (me) nothing

Mal: I did what I had to do (Ooh-ooh-ooh) I made it on my own, no thanks to you

Hades: Well, you could learn a thing or two (Ooh-ooh-ooh) When push comes to shove, You do what you gotta do. How 'bout I go with you and we'll spend some time?

Mal: How 'bout you stay here, 'cause you're out of your mind!

Hades: Let's make new memories, you can show me the town

Mal: No, you can keep your memories now

Hades: Get over it

Mal: I am over it!

Both: I'm over you being over it!

Hades: Let's dance

[Instrumental Break]

Both: I did what I had to do (Ooh-ooh-ooh) No, you only did what's best for you. Well, you could learn a thing or two (Ooh-ooh-ooh) When push comes to shove, you do. When push comes to shove, you do. When push comes to shove, you do what you gotta do



  • Celia is seen doing the "Ooh-ooh-ooh" in the background a few times, in the film and music video.

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