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Do dzwonka (For the bell in English) is a Polish television sitcom, originally aired by the Disney Channel Poland since November 7, 2010. It is a Polish adaptation of the Disney Channel Italy series Quelli dell'intervallo.

Two years later, on October 27, 2012, a spinoff entitled Do dzwonka Cafe premiered.

Cast and characters

  • Agnieszka Doczyńska as Dominika "Domi" — main character — she likes Mati and clothes
  • Iga Krefft as Agnieaszka "Aga" — main character
  • Magdalena Osińska as Natalia "Natka" — main character — she likes Seba; she is a vegetarian
  • Wojciech Rotowski as Mateusz "Mati" — main character — he loves to play his guitar
  • Marcin Turski as Sebastian "Seba" — main character — he likes Natka
  • Piotr Janusz as Konrad — main character — he likes Domi
  • Jakub Nowak as Tadeusz "Tadzio" — main character — he's a nerd
  • Jowita Ryczkowska as Aldona — main character — she loves PE, has a crush on Tadzio
  • Justyna Bojczuk as Beatka - main character in second season
  • Julia Chatys as Martyna — secondary character — she is Konrad's sister
  • Karol Galos as Arek — secondary character
  • Aleksander Witkowski as Maciek "Kudłaty" — secondary character