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Do the Sacred Mass is a song from the original London production of the stage adaptation of Sister Act.

Deloris is at a bar and is followed some of the nuns who believe she there to save some souls, which leads her to lead the people into a dance until she is spotted by Curtis' goons.

The number was removed in the Broadway transfer.


Deloris: Now, who's been bad in the eyes of our Lord?
Well, it's time to come clean!

First ya… sprinkle Holy Water –
Then ya… wave the Holy Book –
Then ya… do a special blessing –
And then ya shake around your rosary
‘til everybody bead is shook.
And shout hail Mary!

Bikers: Hail Mary!

Deloris: Shout our Father!

Bikers: Our Father!

Deloris: Better pray it like ya mean it, or don't bother!

Bikers: Whooooo!

Deloris: We ain't got them fancy wafers
Butcha all can lift a glass so raise your cup –

Bikers: Yeah!

Deloris: Drink up!

Bikers: Yeah!

Deloris: That's how you do the Sacred Mass.

Mary Patrick: Now let's exorcise the devil.

Bikers: The devil!

Mary Lazarus: Grind them demons in the ground.

Mary Patrick: Grind ‘em in the ground

Mary Patrick: Next you baptize all the heathens.

Bikers: Baptize the heathens!

Deloris: And then ya do-si-do your partner
And you swing 'em all around, and shout hosanna!

Bikers: Hosanna!

Deloris: Holy Moses!

Bikers: Holy Moses!

Deloris: Then ya strike a buncha Catholic - lookin' poses!

Bikers: Whooo!

Deloris: If ya wanna free your conscience,
First ya gotta free your ass.
Now say amen –

Bikers: Amen!

Deloris: And then.
Come on and do the Sacred Mass!

Lemme see the congregation do some freestyle adoration,
Just like baby Jesus commands!
Praise the Lord, then hallelujah, grab whoever’s closest to ya!
We’ll do confession later, but right now, lay on those hands!

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