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The Dobermans are one of the major characters from The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue. They both wear red spiked collars, although it is unknown if they are both related.

Role in the film

They are first mentioned by Toaster, who states that they had invited the Dobermans to party at Rob's lab before the "Remember That Day" song plays. The Dobermans make their actual appearance during the climax of the movie. They are seen sleeping together peacefully in their kennel, when they suddenly get shocked by an electrical jolt from Wittgenstein and wake up yelping. An anthropomorphic security camera then tells them to get a move on, as there are animals in danger of being shipped to Tartarus Laboratories. The security camera then opens the kennel for the two Dobermans, and they run off barking. They eventually find Mack and pin him to the ground while growling. Rob (the Master) then arrives and gives the two Dobermans a gentle tap to get them off Mack, who is then scolded for attempting to do such a cruel thing to the animals that Rob was caring for. The Dobermans are last seen being walked by their owner during the "Hang in There, Kid" sequence and smile at Ratso, Toaster, Lampy, Kirby, Blanky, and Radio, who all wave to them. The Dobermans then look back at their owner wistfully.


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