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So, the chip in the back of Doc's neck was designed to protect his brain from the A.I. system that's controlling these tentacles. But if you look here... The chip is fried. So rather than him being in control of the tentacles, the tentacles are now in control of him. Which, I guess explains why... he is so miserable all the time.
Peter Parker to Norman Osborn[src]

Doctor Octopus (real name Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius), or simply Doc Ock, is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics. He appears in Spider-Man: No Way Home, portrayed by Alfred Molina, reprising the role from the 2004 film Spider-Man 2.

Dr. Octavius is a brilliant Oscorp scientist that created mechanical, intelligent tentacle-like arms, but suffered a lab accident. He survived his injuries and became a villain equipped with the arms, who is confronted by Spider-Man from his universe.

Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man's most prominent and dangerous enemies. He is one of the main antagonists of Ultimate Spider-Man, alongside the Green Goblin, Venom, Carnage, and Wolf Spider. A younger Doc Ock also appears as an antagonist and anti-hero in the subsequent Spider-Man cartoon.

Doctor Octopus was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


A couple of years later, you, Doc Ock, drowned in the river with your machine.

Doctor Otto Octavius was a talented Oscorp scientist in his world. He created mechanical, intelligent tentacle-like arms to handle radioactive material, designed to help people. However, his invention got corrupted. Upon trying to create a fusion generator in a public demonstration, he was gravely injured in a lab accident and the arms became melted onto his spine. The explosion damaged the lab Peter Parker and Harry Osborn were visiting, killed of Octavius' wife Rosie and injured many other people. Dr. Octavius survived his injuries, though the inhibitor chip blocking the arms from controlling him was fried, turning him evil.

Having lost the support to his project and his wife, Doctor Octopus became rageful and started to commit crimes to continue funding his experiments. He confronted and stopped by Spider-Man. Their fight caused Doc Ock to see the mistakes he made. Doctor Octopus drowned in the river with his machine, after his Spider-Man convinced him to save New York City, so to Otto sacrificed himself to destroy his experiment at the cost of the scientist's life.

Ultimate Spider-Man[]

Dr. Octavius is an Oscorp scientist who was gravely injured in a lab accident. With the help of Norman Osborn, he survived his injuries, equipped with mechanical, tentacle-like arms on an apparatus to function and worked for Oscorp, to capture Spider-Man to use his powers for weapons.

Physical appearance[]

Ultimate Spider-Man[]

Doctor Octopus has a short height and is very pale, and also hunchbacked. Octopus has long black wet hair and wears red goggles. He wears a gray scientist suit, with black gloves and boots, around his stomach he wears a mechanical device, which enables him to breathe, with four octopus arms attached to it.

Before the accident, Octavius claimed to have been handsome once as he saw his former face in the Hall of Mirrors.

When he was captured by Norman Osborn again, he was bald and his tentacles were removed has a new pair of goggles, which are silver in color with thin red lenses. Later on, his hair grew back and has his tentacles again, but still has his current goggles.

During the finale, he resembles his original look before the accident but had brown hair. He also wore red sunglasses and a yellow and green suit, with yellow gloves and boots.

Spider-Man: No Way Home[]

Octavius' wears a black, long coat and glasses with frizzy hair and a turtleneck. Alfred Molina was digitally de-aged for this role so it would tie-in with the timeline of the character's original appearance back in 2002.


Ultimate Spider-Man[]

Doctor Octopus is a mad scientist that experiments with dangerous subjects, as shown when he created the symbiote. Although Doctor Octavius is always in his lab, after the first time chasing and capturing someone, he enjoyed and stated that he should have done it more often and that the thrill excites him. Octavius has shown to have no fear of getting in killed, shown to still chase after Spider-Man while water leaks into his lab. Although being insane, he feels the sadness after his accident, which caused him to change physically. Like a real octopus, Doctor Octopus is always hiding in the shadows, concealed in the cracks of his lab.

As twisted as he is, Doctor Octopus states that he has a form of honor, and always returns to repay favors to others who have helped him in the past. Understandably, however, he does not hold this code for those who double-cross him.

Spider-Man: No Way Home[]

When Doc Ock arrives in the new universe, he is cold hearted towards Spider-Man since he believes he needs his machine and this Peter has destroyed it, confusing him for the Spider-Man from his world. Doc Ock's personality is purely because his tentacles are in charge and making him angry all the time. Once 616 Peter is able to fix the device on Doc's neck, it allows him to feel free and not be so angry. His personality changes positively and he becomes a hot happier and greatful for Parker's help. Doc Ock spends the film willing to help Parker cure the other villains as he is happier and not so depressed. He even has a tearful, happy reunion from his Spider-Man and they ask each other how they've been. Otto even becomes emotional upon seeing his Peter having grown into a man and they bond.

Powers and abilities[]

Ultimate Spider-Man[]

  • Genius-Level Intellect: As a former scientist, Otto is very intelligent, capable of creating new and deadly creations like Venom.
  • Radiation Specialist: Doctor Octopus is one of the world's leading authorities on nuclear radiation and its effect on animal physiology.
  • Engineering: Doctor Octopus is a brilliant engineer and inventor, due to his own ability and more recently due to having Peter's memories.
  • Leadership: Doctor Octopus is a superb strategist and a charismatic leader.
  • Nanotechnosis: As of season 4, he has complete control mental over an army of nano-machines, which he has utilized for mind control via infecting his nanites onto other's High-Tech Armors, technological manipulation, quick repairing, upgrading, and assimilation.
  • Tentacles: Doctor Octopus has four mechanical tentacles protruding from his back. These tentacles are strong enough to lift him above ground for mobility and can scale surfaces with them. Each tentacle is also equipped with electrocuting tasers and saw blades.


Ultimate Spider-Man[]

After the accident, Doctor Octopus had a trouble with breathing and had a piece of technology equipped to him that enables him to breathe. If the holes are blocked Doctor Octopus can fall unconscious from the lack of air in his lungs. He is also unable to use his hands and legs, being very dependent of his bionic tentacles.

Spider-Man: No Way Home[]

When Doc Ock is introduced, he is unable to properly control his tentacles since the chip at the back of his head is fried, meaning that the tentacles now control him rather than the other way around.


Marvel Cinematic Universe[]

Spider-Man: No Way Home[]

Spider-Man No Way Home - Doctor Octopus (1)

Doc Ock in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand.
―Doc Ock[src]

Dr. Octavius is an Oscorp scientist who, in the universe of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, created mechanical, intelligent tentacle-like arms to handle radioactive material. However, upon trying to create a fusion generator in a public demonstration, he was gravely injured in a lab accident and the arms became melted onto his spine. He survived his injuries, though the inhibitor chip blocking the arms from controlling him was fried, turning him evil. Having lost the support to his project, Doctor Octopus started to commit crimes to continue funding his experiments, but was stopped by Spider-Man, who was able to convince him to sacrifice himself to destroy his experiment to save New York.

Due to 616 Spider-Man asking Doctor Strange to cast a spell to make people forget Peter Parker was Spider-Man after his secret identity was exposed by Mysterio, it caused Doc Ock and other villains to arrive at this universe since they knew who Peter Parker was in their world. Doc Ock first encounters this universe's Spider-Man on the Charles Hamilton bridge, where Doc Ock asks Peter where his machine is, which confuses Parker since Doc Ock is mistaking him for an alterate version, from his universe. The two fight on the bridge, which angers Parker after Doc Ock mentions he should have killed his "little girlfriend when he had the chance". Believing the villain is speaking about his girlfriend, Peter battles him further until Doc Ock (seeing Parker's face behind his mask) realises this isn't the same Peter Parker he knows. Taking control of Doc Ock's tentacles, Parker brings him back to the New York Sanctum after noticing the Green Goblin on his way to attack them.

While trapped in the undercroft, Doc Ock introduces himself as Doctor Otto Octavius, much to the amusement of Parker, MJ and Ned Leeds. When Parker mentions a "flying green elf", he concludes that Otto knew that man, to which Octavius mentions that this "elf's" name is Norman Osborn who died in 2002, after being impaled by his own glider which he flew around on. Octavius is shocked to see Osborn alive and here, who asks him what happened to him due to his tentacles. Otto, taken back with Osborn's question, informs his former friend that he died years ago. Osborn says that Otto is insane, but Sandman confirms this as they both died fighting their Spider-Man and it was all over the news. After reflecting on having his universe's Parker "by the throat" before being transported to Earth-616, Octavius learns more about it when Strange arrives, telling Parker that the displaced villains were extracted from their universes moments before their deaths.

After Peter locates every villain who knew Peter Parker is Spider-Man, he takes them, including Otto, to Happy Hogan's condo where he and his Aunt May are staying. Parker starts to make cures for the villains so that they can return to their own universes and not die fighting their Spider-Men. Doc Ock is the first one who is cured by Parker and is very grateful for him removing the voices in his head. As a thank you, Otto offers his help with curing the other visitors and upgrades Parker's Spider-Man suit. Octavius speaks with Osborn briefly about being cured before his Green Goblin persona takes over his mind. Otto is horrified to see the drastic personality change, to which the Goblin says that "Norman is unfanatical". As soon as the Goblin starts to attack Parker, Doc Ock flees out of the apartment complex, along with Sandman, Lizard and Electro, where J. Jonah Jameson spots him descending the building.

No Way Home - Peter-Two & Dr

Otto reunites with the Peter Parker from his world.

A few days later, Doc Ock travels to the Statue of Liberty with the other villains after Spider-Man and his alternate couterparts decide to cure them where it is safe for civilians. Seeing Electro attack, Otto is able to restrain him from hurting anyone, after tricking them into believing the cure hasn't worked. Shortly afterward, Otto meets Spider-Man from his world and becomes emotional upon being reunited with the Peter he knew and seeing that he is now a grown man. Otto asks Parker how he is to which the superhero mentions he is trying to do better, referencing their conversation over 20 years earlier. Once Doctor Strange arrives, after being trapped at the Grand Canyon for 12 hours, Otto saves him from Green Goblin's razer bats. Doc Ock tries to stop the Goblin from escaping by fighting him and notices the scaffolding around the Statue of Liberty staring to fall. Octavius brings Dillon to safety with his remaining tentacles - which one had been destroyed by the Green Goblin earlier - and Doc Ock watches - along with The Amazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, Doctor Strange, Electro and Sandman - Peter Parker brutally fight the Green Goblin, to near death in severe rage, until the oldest Parker stops his youngest self make the fatal mistake he would later regret. Doctor Strange casts a spell which sends everybody back to their rightful universes, and make the people in this world forget who Peter Parker is. Otto returns to his rightful universe with Sandman, that universe's Spider-Man, and the newly cured Norman Osborn, with their fates changed, without the chance of their demises. Otto also keeps the Arc Reactor which was in Dillon's possession.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man[]

An alternate reality version of Otto Octavius is set to appear in this series, which shows Peter Parker's first few months as Spider-Man.

Marvel Animation[]

Ultimate Spider-Man[]

With great power, comes great fear and with great fear, comes great respect
―Doctor Octopus during his last fight against Spider-Man.

Doctor Octopus is ordered by Norman Osborn to capture Spider-Man, and to create equipment to sell, so Octopus hires the Frightful Four to do the job. After the Frightful Four were defeated, he is scolded by Osborn and decided to not fail again.

Doctor Octopus sent an Octobot after Spider-Man to get a blood sample. Spider-Man crushed the Octobot, but not before it got a blood sample which the tiny Octobot brought to him. From the sample, Doctor Octopus created a symbiote, which unfortunately escaped to return to Spider-Man. After the symbiote seemingly was destroyed, Norman orders Octopus to create a stronger version of the symbiote.

Doctor Octopus soon learns that Harry Osborn became Venom with the symbiote and keeps it a secret from Norman. Despite the dangerous effects the symbiote had on Harry, Osborn is still impressed with the symbiote and demands Octavius to make more symbiotes like it. Octavius agrees but tells Osborn he would need more time. Osborn objects, explaining that time was something he did not have.

Later, Octavius is scolded by Norman for his failures, so Octavius states that he would capture Spider-Man himself. After Norman mockingly sends him off on this mission, Octavius destroys his screens in rage and goes after Spider-Man. He confronts Spider-Man at an amusement park and starts a fight against the spider. After they bring their battle into the hall of mirrors, Octavius sees a mirror reminding of his past self, but is interrupted by Spider-Man's remark, allowing him to grab Spider-Man and electrocutes him into unconsciousness. Octavius brings him into his underwater lab to dissect him. He reports to Norman that he caught Spider-Man. However, Norman still mocks him for his efforts, so Octavius decides that he would take are of Spider-Man on his own and cuts the communications off. Before Octavius can dissect Spider-Man, the latter wakes up and fights against Octavius. Norman witnesses Otto's failed attempts to hold Spider-Man down and fires him. In the process, the lab blows up causing water to leak in and reach up to Octavius and Spider-Man. Octavius drowns but is saved by Spider-Man at the last minute when he throws him out of the lab to float up to the surface.

Iron Octopus

The Iron Octopus.

Soon, Doctor Octopus returns in an armor similar to that of Iron Man's, with the addition of the mechanical arms. After a two-versus-one brawl, Octopus is defeated. Unbeknownst to the heroes, Octopus is captured by Norman once again and is rehired, now restrained and refined to a recuperation tank.

Soon, Doctor Octopus is placed in a green, spherical, and movable version of the recuperating tank and is given new goggles, with his tentacles removed and his head shaved. Doctor Octopus begins his work by sending the Frightful Four at Spider-Man again. However, this was a distraction to capture Spider-Nab with his Octobots and take him to his new lair. After revealing that Venom came from Spider-Man's DNA, Octavius becomes engulfed in his own monologue, providing Spider-Man with enough time to escape. They battle once again, but Norman Osborn then takes Spider-Man. Octopus then retreats to a new battle suit of squid-like design, and injects Norman with an experimental green serum turning him into the Green Goblin. As Spider-Man's team arrives, Osborn is forced to confront them. He sets fire to his own lab during the scuffle and attaches a control collar on the Goblin so that he could control the Goblin; however, the Goblin is able to tear it off and in the process incapacitate Octopus's battle suit. Octopus is then thrown around by the Goblin with his battle suit continually being smashed by the Goblin's fists. It was here that the Goblin notices that the team had retreated, and goes after them, leaving Octopus for dead.

In "The Lizard", Octopus later resurfaces alive and well, as he tries to re-obtain his serums in one of his labs. Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Curt Conners follow him and foil his plans, but Conners injects himself with one of the serums and transforms into the Lizard. The Lizard then hunts down Doctor Octopus to obtain more lizard DNA serum but Doctor Octopus refuses, noting that Lizard is losing his intelligence and becoming feral in the process. Lizard attacks him, forcing Spider-Man to briefly team up with Doctor Octopus to fight back. However, Doctor Octopus abandons Spider-Man in the middle of the fight.


Spider-Man taking off Doctor Octopus` tentacles.

In "The Sinister Six", Doc Ock recruits the Rhino, Electro, Kraven, and the Beetle to form the Sinister Six. He also abducts Connors and forcefully turns him into the Lizard, controlling with a device planted on the back of his neck to become a member of the Sinister Six. Spider-Man comes to Octopus' lab on Ryker's Island and is forced to fight the Sinister Six. The S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees soon arrive along with Iron Patriot and help defeat the Sinister Six, but Doctor Octopus uses this as the opportunity to inject Iron Patriot with Goblin serum and turns him back into Green Goblin. However, Goblin also lashes out on Doctor Octopus and departs with Spider-Man's captured teammates. Octopus also loses his control over the Lizard and his tentacles are incapacitated by Spider-Man. He is then locked away in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new headquarters along with the remaining Sinister Six members.

Months later, Octopus escapes from prison again with the Sinister Six now counting Scorpion in place of Beetle and they steal armored armor from Oscorp to increase their dangerousness. As they wreak havoc on Ryker's Island, the team of Spider-Man and Iron Patriot stand against them. Finding himself face to face with his former boss/torturer, Octopus calls him a fool trying to play the hero. After the Sinister Six immobilize Iron Patriot, Octavius removes his helmet and with pleasure combined with his old resentment against Osborn, injects serum into his neck, transforming him back into the Green Goblin. This ultimately backfires on Octopus when Green Goblin takes on the Sinister Six before going after his former minion and taunting him that he will always be his master.

When Hydra attacks New York, Octopus is freed by Arnim Zola with whom he has just teamed up and uses nanotechnology to give himself a new appearance in the image of Hydra. Around this same time, Otto gained a new enemy by the name of Scarlet Spider whom he had apparently tortured years before. He later tries to transform a Norman Osborn once again into a cured Green Goblin but it was without counting that Osborn had injected himself with a remedy to never become Green Goblin again. Afterwards, Octopus formed a new team of Super-Villains, including a Green Goblin from another dimension, Kraven, Electro, Hydro-Man, and a Rhino, who only agreed to join the team because Octopus promised to make him human again. The mad scientist also creates a new symbiote named Anti-Venom, as well as a new variant of the Carnage symbiote that briefly invades all of New York.

Following the breakdown of his alliance with Hydra, Octopus and his team attack the Triskelions, leading to yet another conflict between them and Spider-Man's expanded team. During this confrontation, Scarlet Spider turns on Spider-Man and is revealed to have been a mole working for Octopus all along, with the mad scientist also being the one who gave him his powers. Scarlet Spider thus learns from Octopus that Spider-Man is Peter Parker and this prompts him to capture his Aunt May, an act which eventually causes Scarlet to turn on Octopus and destroy his Octopus Island, seemingly at the cost of Scarlet's life.

Later, Octopus returns to one of his old bases to complete his old synthezoid program. Her experiment catches the attention of Spider-Man, Mary-Jane Watson (now Spider-Woman thanks to the Carnage symbiote she controls), and Scarlet Spider (who turns out to still be alive). It is during this fight that it is revealed that Scarlet is actually a synthezoid created by Octopus with Spider-Man's DNA. After unleashing the Spider-Slayers against his enemies, Octopus takes the opportunity to use nanotechnology from his old lab to gain a new, definitive human appearance healthier than the previous one and free of his paralysis before escaping once again.

As the S.H.I.E.L.D graduation is about to take place, Octopus breaks into Peter's house and gives him the choice to give up the Spider-Man mask or the consequences would be dire for his aunt. Later, Octopus attacks the Triskelion with the now Superior Sinister Six, encases the heroes in a force field, and finally defeats Spider-Man by stripping him of his powers. His victory seemingly assured, Octopus notices that Osborn is not present, so he immediately goes without taking it to Oscorp. With the help of Osborn, Peter regains his powers and faces one last time Octopus who injects himself with a serum to transform himself into a mutant octopus but his mutation ends up making him lose his mind. Spider-Man is able to return him to his human form and Otto ends up regretting his actions after Spider-Man realizes he has become evil because no one will ever respect him.

Marvel's Spider-Man[]

Doctor Octopus appears in the subsequent 2017 cartoon Spider-Man, voiced by Scott Menville. In this, he is far younger, being a student-teacher at Horizon High, not that much older than Peter Parker, who he butts heads with. Growing up, Octavius had a hard life between being picked on by a jock named Steve and having problems with his own father Torbert. In Season 1, during a science fair hosted by Tony Stark, Octavius showcases his own innovative invention: a mechanical harness with robotic arms which would help complete more complex experiments. However, thanks to an attack by Crimson Dynamo attempting to rob them, the resulting disaster and Otto's failed attempt to stop her causes his harness to be fused to his body.

Peter convinces Otto to make the best out of his situation and suggests he work together with Spider-Man, attempting to help him be a superhero. However, thanks to manipulation by Norman Osborn, Octavius becomes vengeful and villainous, turning the Osborn Commandos into the Sinister Six and christening himself as the supervillain Doctor Octopus. yet his plans are foiled by Spider-Man and Hobgoblin. In Season 2, Octavius' body falls into a coma and his consciousness ends up in cyberspace to remain alive before relocating himself into Spider-Man's body, adopting the Superior Spider-Man alias. Despite his original agenda, Octavius restores himself and Peter to their former selves after seeing the errors of his ways. Octavius dies by fading away into light particles after stopping the Goblin King using the Neuro Cortex leaving his tentacles behind. He is honored as a hero by the rest of the Spider Team, who attend his funeral along with Anna Maria Marconi and Max.


  • Alfred Molina, who plays Doc Ock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, originally played the character in the Spider-Man trilogy staring Tobey Maguire. It was also confirmed that he is actually the same version, appearing in the MCU immediately after his last scene in Spider-Man 2.
    • Molina was also digitally de-aged to match his appearance in Spider-Man 2.
  • Tom Holland was terrified of the character in the original film.[2]
  • While Doc Ock’s tentacles were created using practical effects in Spider-Man 2, they are entirely digital in No Way Home.
  • Doctor Octopus says "The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand" in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the same line he says in Spider-Man 2.
  • Doctor Octopus also appeared in the 2018 computer-animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This version, however, is a female variation of Otto Octavius named Dr. Olivia "Liv" Octavius, who was voiced by Kathryn Hahn. However, this is unassociated with Disney in any way, purely a Sony Pictures Animation project.
  • In Penguins of Madagascar, one character was named Dr. Octavius who was an actual octopus.


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Season One: "Great Power" • "Great Responsibility" • "Doomed"

Season Three: "The Next Iron Spider" • "Halloween Night at the Museum"
Season Four: "Hydra Attacks" • "Iron Vulture" • "Lizards" • "Double Agent Venom" • "Beached" • "Return to the Spider-Verse" • "Spider Slayers" • "The Moon Knight Before Christmas" • "Graduation Day"

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Other characters: Flash ThompsonAunt MayBen ParkerMax ModellAnna Maria MarconiMary Jane WatsonBetty Brant

Season One: "Horizon High" • "Osborn Academy" • "A Day in the Life" • "Party Animals" • "Sandman" • "Symbiotic Relationship" • "Stark Expo" • "Ultimate Spider-Man" • "Kraven's Amazing Hunt" • "Halloween Moon" • "Spider-Man on Ice" • "Venom" • "Screwball Live" • "The Rise of Doc Ock" • "Spider-Island" • "The Hobgoblin"

Season Two: "How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation" • "Take Two" • "Between an Ock and a Hard Place" • "Rise Above It All" • "School of Hard Knocks" • "Dead Man's Party" • "Venom Returns" • "Bring on the Bad Guys" • "Brain Drain" • "The Living Brain" • "The Day Without Spider-Man" • "My Own Worst Enemy" • "Critical Update" • "A Troubled Mind" • "Cloak and Dagger" • "Superior" • "Brand New Day" • "The Cellar" • "The Road to Goblin War" • "Goblin War"
Season Three: "Web of Venom" • "Amazing Friends" • "Vengeance of Venom" • "Spider-Man Unmasked" • "Generations" • "Maximum Venom"

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