Dolly is a rag doll in the Disney/Pixar Toy Story franchise, first appearing in Toy Story 3. She is one of the toys owned by Bonnie. She and the rest of Bonnie's toys help Woody get back to Sunnyside.


Toy Description

From Official Website:

"Dolly is a soft and sweet dress-up rag doll, and is the perfect gift for any young child! Her floppy body and sunny smile will make her an irresistible new member of your family. Dolly has purple hair, googly eyes, and gently blushing cheeks. She comes with a pretty blue dress, but templates are included to create and sew your own outfits! Machine washable on gentle cycle."

Physical Appearance

Dolly is a soft dress-up rag doll with gently blushing cheeks, purple hair and googly eyes. She also comes with her own templates for creating and sewing different outfits. She is about 8.25 inches tall.


Toy Story 3

Dolly first appears when Bonnie plays with Woody in her bedroom. As Bonnie eats a jelly bean, she pulls Woody's pull-string, which says, "Somebody's poisoned the water-hole!" Bonnie spits out her chewed-up jellybean (which lands on Mr. Pricklepants) and asks Woody who would do such a mean thing. Suddenly, she gasps and eyes at Dolly, sitting on a box. Bonnie pretends to be Dolly and laughs maniacally. She hides by behind Woody and tells him it's the scary witch. She grabs the doll and runs towards her bed, saying to look out as the scary witch uses her "witchy powers". As she plops on her bed, she makes Woody say he knows where to hide. Suddenly, Bonnie and the other toys pretend to hide in her toy basket. She whispers to Woody that the witch will never find them in here, but soon asks him what's wrong. In her other hand is Dolly, causing Bonnie to scream and flip over the basket. As she and the toys spill onto the floor, Bonnie says she's found them and soon leaves her room to build a spaceship to escape from the witch. As the toys rise up, Dolly says hello and introduces herself. When Woody says his name, Dolly asks if he's going to "stick with that" since now's the time to change it with the whole new room, while saying "that's coming from a doll named Dolly", much to the confusion of Woody. Suddenly, Bonnie returns with a deck-out cardboard box and puts Woody, Buttercup, Trixie, Mr. Pricklepants, and the Peas-in-a-Pod inside it and she rides around with it.  That night, while Bonnie and the toys are asleep in bed, Woody quietly sneaks away and finds Bonnie's backpack hanging from her door. As he pushes a chair toward it, he jumps up and finds Bonnie's address on the backpack saying 1225 Sycamore. Suddenly, the rest of Bonnie's toys awake curious about what Woody is doing. Woody explains he belongs to somebody and tries to show Andy's name on his boot, but it's upside down. Buttercup and Mr. Pricklepants interpret it as "Ydna" before Dolly obviously points out it says "Andy". Woody further explains that Andy is his kid and needs to get home before he leaves. Woody asks if they have a map, to which Dolly says they're on it, pointing to Trixie, who says she'll fire up the computer.  As the toys circle around Mrs. Anderson's computer, Woody types in Andy's address into a maps app when an email from "Velocistar237" appears, much to Woody's confusion and to the annoyance of Bonnie's toys. After Trixie nervously insists it's just a dinosaur toy down the street and quickly responds to it, Woody finishes typing up the address and Trixie hits enter. The maps reveal that Andy's house literally right around the corner. As Woody pridefully jumps around saying he'll be going to college and will be "big toy on campus", Dolly jokingly calls him "Potsie". As Woody climbs through a dog door, he tells Bonnie's toys that if they ever get to Sunnyside Daycare, tell them Woody made it home. Shocked, Dolly asks Woody if he came from Sunnyside. Trixie asks how did he escape, and Woody asks what does she mean. They usher Mr. Pricklepants, who explains that Sunnyside is a terrible place for toys, ruled by Lotso with an iron fist. When Woody asks how do they know all this, Mr. Pricklepants points to Chuckles the rubber clown toy who sits lonely at the kitchen window. He explains that he, Lotso, and Big Baby were once owned by a little girl named Daisy. One day, however, she accidentally left them at a rest stop. After days of walking back home, Lotso discovered he had been replaced with another Lotso bear. He snapped and lied to Big Baby that Daisy replaced all of them and made Chuckles (who had seen the whole thing) to be quiet. After days of walking aimlessly, the three end up at Sunnyside, where Lotso became the leader and made Big Baby his bodyguard while Chuckles was found by Bonnie. Woody says that his friends are there and he must go back, but Dolly reminds him of his "Andy".  At the end of the film, the toys return to Andy, who eventually decides to donate them to Bonnie (after finding her address, secretly written by Woody). As Andy arrives, Bonnie plays with her toys in her front yard while her parents garden. As Mrs. Anderson welcomes him, Andy starts giving a shy Bonnie all of his toys and warms up to her after he decides to give Woody to her. The two then spend the rest of the morning playing with their toys. As he leaves in his car, Bonnie goes inside with her mother for lunch. The toys then watch happily as Andy's car drives away. Soon, Woody realizes that Buzz hasn't met Bonnie's toys yet and soon introduces Buzz to Dolly.  In the end credits, Dolly shows Woody and Slinky the drawings Bonnie has made of all the toys, saying they've officially "made the wall". As the three walks by Chuckles, they find a picture of him hung along the wall. Woody tells him he looks good, and Dolly agrees, saying she "really got your smile", causing Chuckles to smile for the first time in years. She is later seen dancing along as she and the other toys watch Jessie and Buzz perform a pasodoble to the Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend in Me".

Toy Story 4

Dolly returns with a rather larger role. She is first seen throughout the You've Got a Friend in Me sequence, being played with by Bonnie. Two years after the events of the third film, Dolly now lives along with the rest of Andy's toys, with Bonnie being their new owner. One morning, the toys wait impatiently in Bonnie's closet as Bonnie eats breakfast. The toys are cramped and annoyed at each other until Dolly shushes them. She stands on top of Chairol Burnett and reminds the gang about what she told them: When Mrs. Anderson quickly cleans Bonnie's room, expect to be put into the closet. She notices Andy's toys' nervousness and asks Woody if she needs to be worried. Woody says they're veterans and will hang in there. She tells him to keep them calm until they get the go-ahead from outside, and Woody agrees. Dolly peeks through the shudders of the door and looks at a plush dog hanging from the bedroom door. He looks outside and shakes his head at her. Suddenly, he looks again, and shakes his body, causing the bells inside him to jingle and giving Dolly the go-ahead. She announces to everybody that Bonnie's done with breakfast and will come any minute now. But Woody soon interrupts and tries to warm up the gang by encouraging them to wind up and clean their batteries, much to her annoyance. Dolly awkwardly thanks him and says she can handle it, and Woody quickly apologizes. Suddenly, Bonnie arrives and the toys collapse. As she opens the closet doors, Bonnie decides to play "town", and (ironically) casts Dolly as the mayor. She, along with many of the other toys, is played with more prominently than Woody, who Bonnie neglects. Woody, along with Bonnie's old baby toys, is left to watch from the closet shudders as Bonnie plays with the toys. Bonnie's father soon arrives and tells her to get ready for kindergarten orientation, much to Bonnie's disdain. As Mr. Anderson comforts her that they're going to meet her teacher and classmates, Bonnie asks if she can bring a toy (namely Jessie) with her, but Mr. Anderson says toys don't go to school. As the two leave the room, the toys begin to rise up when Dolly tells everyone to freeze, since Bonnie always forgets something and could be any second. She even prevents Hamm from picking up a coin, much to the pig's dismay. Woody walks out of the closet and goes to talk to Dolly, who is busy dealing with Mr. Pricklepants' complaints about being cast as the baker rather than the hat-shop owner. As Dolly shoos him away by telling him to go back to his bakery, Woody tries to ask Dolly about Bonnie, but she says she's too busy threatening everybody and tells him to back to the closet. Woody says that he's worried about Bonnie and a toy should go with her to kindergarten, but Dolly reminds him of what her father said and says he could get Bonnie in trouble. As they walk back toward the closet, Woody tries to convince her by saying kindergarten can be hard for a kid, and having a buddy with him could help. He tries explaining that he used to school with Andy all the time, but Dolly has to stop him and says while she hates to sound like a broken record, she reminds him that Bonnie's not Andy. Before Woody can say anything else, they arrive at the closet, Dolly shuts the doors on him and tells everyone to get into their positions. As Woody sighs in defeat, he hears Bonnie run in and sees her crying under her bed. Her parents soon find her and coax her out from under there and they soon leave. With the coast clear, Dolly opens the closet and asks Woody what was it he was saying, but finds nothing but the confused baby toys and Woody gone. Sure enough, Woody stowed away into Bonnie's backpack to keep an eye on her. It's at orientation where he secretly helps Bonnie create Forky, a spork who comes alive when Bonnie puts him in her backpack, much to Woody's shock. 

That afternoon, Bonnie drops off her backpack in her room and quickly leaves. Woody soon emerges from the backpack but is soon scolded by the rest of the toys for breaking the rules. When Dolly says Woody could've been confiscated, Rex whispers to Hamm what does that mean. Hamm simply explains that it means Woody could've been taken away, Rex yells in horror. But Woody alleviates the situation by saying Bonnie had a great day in class and as a surprise, the Anderson family is going on a road trip, much to the toy's excitement. Woody then says Bonnie made a friend in class and gestures towards Bonnie's backpack. The others assume Bonnie is already being social, with Dolly cooing how Bonnie is already making friends. But Woody corrects them by saying she literally made a new friend. He lifts up the flap of the backpack to reveal a nervous Forky, much the toys' shock. As Woody lifts him outside, the toys slowly back away as Woody introduce Forky. Forky slowly calls the toys "trash" (due to being made from objects out of the trash can) before Woody points to the trash can as trash while he introduces the gang as Forky's friends. The toys say hello to him, but this causes Forky to scream and fall back in fear, causing one of his googly eyes to pop off. As Woody fixes him and blocks the spork from jumping into the trash, he explains that Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now, but Mr. Pricklepants states that he is simply a spork, much to the other toys' agreement. While Woody agrees, he says that this spork is crucial to Bonnie getting through kindergarten. Dolly asks Woody if he's being a little dramatic about all of this, but Woody admits while it's strange, he says they have to see how much Forky means to Bonnie. He soon says that they all have to make sure nothing happens to him, but Jessie soon points behind him and says something already happened to him. Sure enough, Forky jumps into the trash. The toys then circle around the garbage bin as Woody struggles to fish Forky out of it. He says he'll keep an eye on him throughout the road trip. Suddenly, Bonnie runs into her room and the toys fall to the floor. As she grabs her backpack and hops onto her bed, she calls out to Forky and she begins to dig through her bag. Woody then throws Forky onto the bed and Bonnie obliviously pats him on the head as she grabs crayons and paper from her backpack while Forky keeps throwing himself back into the trash, only for Woody to throw him back onto the bed.  

Dolly is then seen sitting silently throughout the I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away sequence as Woody keeps preventing Forky from throwing himself out and escaping Bonnie throughout the first day of the road trip. That night, as the toys fall asleep on the floor, Woody tiredly watches Bonnie fall asleep in her booster seat with an uncomfortable Forky in her hand. After getting distracted with Buzz (who interprets his conscience as his voice-box), Woody loses sight of Forky, who escapes onto a nearby bed and proclaims he is not a toy. As the toys wake up, they watch as Forky jumps out the RV window. After Hamm says the RV park is 5.32 miles, Woody says he can make it to the park with Forky by the morning and he'll meet the gang there. Before they can say anything, Woody jumps out the window. 

The next morning, the toys watch nervously as Bonnie sleeps with a regular metal spoon the toys snuck in her hand as a substitute for Forky. The plan fails, however, as when Bonnie wakes up, she finds Forky gone and begins to cry. As her parents bring her outside to look for him, Dolly feels bad for poor Bonnie as the toys contemplate on what to do since Woody isn't back yet with Forky. Buzz, listening to his voicebox, suddenly leaves to find Woody and Forky, and jumps out the window. As the toys watch in confusion and shock, Dolly asks what it is it with everybody jumping out the window. 

That afternoon, Bonnie sobs as they cannot find Forky anywhere. Her parents sympathetically tell her they'll look outside one more time, but then they have to leave. As they step out, Jessie and Dolly, hearing this, rise up and tell the gang the family is about to leave. Jessie says they have to stop them, but Dolly asks how could they. Buttercup suggests they can frame Mr. Anderson for a crime so he could go to jail, much to her confusion. Suddenly, Jessie leaps out the window and hides under the RV. As she looks around, she runs towards the tires and there's a sudden pop. As Mr. Anderson lets out his anger and Mrs. Anderson quickly takes Bonnie to go the carnival, Dolly and the others look outside to see what the commotion is all about. Suddenly, Jessie returns with a coy look on her face and a nail. Dolly asks Jessie what did she do, and Jessie simply says while holding the nail: "We're not going anywhere if you get my point!", causing the group to cheer in victory. Dolly then says she's sure Buzz and Woody are on their way back right now. 

By the time night falls, however, Buzz and Woody are still not back with Forky and Mr. Anderson has finally fixed the flat tire. Jessie worriedly asks Dolly where Woody could be as she looks out the window, but Buzz suddenly appears and startles everyone. As Jessie helps him inside, Dolly asks where's Woody, to which Buzz explains that he and Forky need to be extracted from the Antique Store. Soon, the Andersons walk into the RV and the toys collapse. Buzz whispers that Bonnie will soon notice that she left her backpack at the Antique Store and they'll head back there. But Bonnie doesn't notice and the RV begins to drive off. Buzz then uses his voicebox and his "inner voice" once again to think of a plan. Mrs. Anderson believes Buzz to be broke and throws him in a drawer when Buzz quickly yells out to Bonnie (in a way to sound like one of his phrases): "You left your backpack at the Antique Store; let's go!" This works, and Bonnie says she left her backpack at the store and her disgruntled father turns the RV around. 

After getting her backpack with Forky inside, Woody sneaks off to help Gabby Gabby and tells him to get the RV to the carousel as a meet-up spot. While Bonnie is sleeping, Forky explains it to the gang, but they struggle to think of a proper plan to return to the carnival. Buttercup is about to suggest something, but Dolly finishes his sentence and says they're not sending Bonnie's father to jail, to which Buttercup proclaims that she's no fun. Suddenly, Jessie overhears the RV's GPS and comes up with an idea.

Buzz climbs to the roof and tells Mrs. Potato Head where to go using her ear. Meanwhile, Mrs. Potato Head hides under the island between the front seats and repeats the directions to Trixie, who mimics the GPS in order to tell Mr. Anderson where to go. When the plan begins to fail, Jessie shoves Buttercup under the seat, sneaks under the gas pedal, and pulls it forward so the RV can go faster, eventually causing the RV to be chased by the police.

After successfully getting to the RV to the carousel, the Andersons step outside to deal with the police. As the toys look out the window to see the commotion, Buzz opens up the opening to the ceiling and tells everyone to get moving to the top side of the RV. He then assigns Forky to lock out the Andersons of the RV with the lock buttons. The gang then stack each other up to reach the button for the awning, with Dolly struggling to hoist up Mrs. Potato Head. They soon climb up and are led by Buzz, and the older toys are shocked to see their old friend, Bo. Woody, who wants to stay with Bo and help other lost toys, gives Jessie his sheriff badge, causing her to tearfully embrace him. This soon leads to the older toys give a group hug to Woody as Dolly, Buttercup, and Trixie smile from afar. They all watch as Woody and Buzz embrace one final time. Suddenly, Forky appears, and he and Woody hug each other. As the gang watches happily, Buzz suddenly realizes if Forky's here, then who's watching the doors. Sure enough, the RV begins to start, and the toys go in opposite directions. As Mrs. Anderson closes the awning, the toys land on a nearby bed, but Bonnie doesn't notice and simply smiles at them. The group then watch Bo and Woody from on top of the carousel. 

One year later, Bonnie drops off her backpack after her 1st-grade orientation. As Jessie emerges from the bag, Dolly announces Jessie's back and the group barrages her with questions. Jessie interrupts everyone by saying Bonnie had a great day in first grade and even made yet another literal friend in class. She soon brings out Karen Beverly, a plastic knife. The shocked toys back up to reveal a lovestruck Forky, who introduces himself. 

Toy Story Toons

Hawaiian Vacation

In the first episode, Dolly is first seen when Woody announces Bonnie has gone on vacation for winter break for the week. As the Peas yell from near the door that Bonnie is coming, Dolly collapses onto Bonnie's bed along with Jessie and Buzz. Bonnie drops her backpack, grabs her luggage, and leaves (before quickly saying goodbye to her toys). After Bonnie leaves, Dolly, along with the other toys, begin their week of relaxation when Barbie and Ken arise from Bonnie's backpack, believing they're in Hawaii. After finding the toys, Ken asks how did they all get here, before Woody explains he and Barbie are in Bonnie's bedroom. Ken begins to panic when they hear the car horn. Dolly says there she goes as Ken runs towards the window and calls out to Bonnie. Ken runs back into Bonnie's backpack and sobs uncontrollably. Barbie picks up a Hawaiian pamphlet and explains that he's been planning this trip for months. As the toys observe each picture of the pamphlet has a number written in glittery gel pen, Dolly points out the numbering and jokingly asks Barbie if Ken did it all by himself. Barbie explains that Ken doesn't realize she knows, but he was planning to have the trip be their first kiss. The gang then decides to help them out by making Bonnie's bedroom a Hawaiian getaway for the couple. One of the activities involves surfing (which is actually Barbie and Ken balancing on a roller skate and skateboard as Buzz and Rex push them back and forth in front of a jigsaw puzzle box that has ocean waves on them). As Ken tries to hang ten, he gets on the edge of the skateboard and causes Rex to fall and accidentally catapult him backward. Meanwhile, Dolly, Buttercup, and Hamm play Rummy when Ken flies above them and rips through a picture of a sunset and crashes into something offscreen. Dolly, not skipping a beat, says Gin, while Ken weakly says offscreen that he is okay. Later, as Chuckles and the Aliens perform a drum solo using the Barrel of Monkey containers, Woody, Dolly, and Mr. Pricklepants perform a hula dance while Barbie and Ken have "dinner". Later, Slinky tells everyone to look out the window as Barbie and Ken walk through the snow on the porch. The toys then watch as they share their first kiss. Woody says it looks like Barbie does have it covered, as Dolly pretends to take a picture of it using Ken's fake camera and saying, "Ka-click." (something Ken has been doing throughout the short). The romantic moment is cut off when Barbie and Ken accidentally fall off the deck and sink into the snow. The toys sit in shock and silence before Hamm offers to get the shovel.

Small Fry

Dolly appears again in the second short but doesn't speak. When Bonnie returns home from Poultry Palace, she drops off her backpack and leaves. As Rex announces that they're home, Woody and the others begin to greet them until Woody gags and asks what smells like chicken fingers. Suddenly, a miniature Buzz Lightyear jumps onto Rex's head and proclaims to be Buzz Lightyear. As the others gather around, Jessie annoyingly asks what happened to their Buzz. Rex, convinced that the Fun Meal Buzz is the Buzz he knows, says that the plastic in the ball pit made Buzz shrink (when in reality, the Fun Meal Buzz dragged Buzz under the ball pit and took his place). Later, Rex tries to convince Woody and the others that it is the real Buzz, but Woody obviously points out that he is three inches tall. Hamm agrees, but he defends that the Fun Meal Buzz is a pretty good ice dancer. As he twirls in the air and lands perfectly, the other toys applaud him. But after stealing Woody's hat and hitting Hamm on the behind, Hamm asks if somebody can tackle him, to which Woody does. The next morning, the toys discuss how to get into Poultry Palace to rescue Buzz, but Buzz returns, much to their relief. 

Partysaurus Rex

Dolly appears again in the third short but again doesn't speak. She is seen chanting along with the other toys as Jessie and Mrs. Potato Head blow a large bubble using a mini fan and a bubble. Rex runs in and tells him to stop before they get soap all over the floor, but in the process, he accidentally pops the bubble. Mrs. Potato Head, annoyed, tells off Rex, who backs away and accidentally knocks over the other half of the toys, including Dolly. Rex tries to apologize, but Mr. Potato Head begins to tease him by calling him "Party-Pooper Rex" and getting the other toys to chant along with him, much to Rex's sadness. Suddenly, the toys overhear Bonnie's mother tell Bonnie it's time for her bath, and Bonnie asks if she can bring a toy. The toys flee and leave Rex in the open where Bonnie takes him to the bathroom. 

Forky Asks a Question

What is a Leader?

Dolly returns in the episode, What is a Leader? As Forky watches a tiny robot lead a conga line full of Little People, Forky asks the question of what is a leader. Dolly quickly runs over and asks if she heard someone ask about a leader. Forky zips around and yells her name, startling her but still saying hello to Forky. The spork waddles over to her and asks what is a leader. Dolly slightly boasts how she sees why Forky would ask her that question since she is formerly the leader of Bonnie's toys but insists that she's not bragging. Forky once again asks what a leader, to which Dolly says she's getting to it. She explains that a leader, herself, takes control and makes decisions for everybody, impressing Forky. She further explains a leader decides what the best thing is to do. She says sometimes she'll make the right decision, but sometimes not, which Forky agrees. But Dolly uses the phrase "That's just how the cookie crumbles". Forky laughs and asks what that means, to which Dolly kindly explains that "Sometimes you can't predict whether or not . . .", but Forky finishes her sentence by saying, "The cookie is gonna crumble!" Dolly is about to congratulate him, but the robot returns with his conga line and dances to the upbeat music, much to her confusion. Forky says the phrase once again and says it's so fun to say. He then proclaims he will say nothing else but that for the rest of the day. Dolly tries to convince Forky to get back to what they were talking about, but Forky says, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles." Dolly calls him cute and tries to get back on topic, but Forky once again says, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles.", causing Dolly to sigh in annoyance. The robot is about to return once again, but Dolly whips her head around and glares at him, causing the music to stop and the robot to slowly back away. Dolly once again tries to get back on topic, but Forky interrupts each word she says with, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles." Dolly, agitated, attempts to tell him off, but Forky only copies the way she says her sentences with his phrase:

Dolly: "Oh, you think you're REAL funny, don't you?" 

Forky: "Oh, that's just the WAY the cookie crumbles!" 

Dolly: "Stop-it-right-now-I-mean-it!" 

Forky: "That's-just-the-way-the-cookie-crumbles!" 

Dolly, now infuriated, tells Forky he is about to get banished from Bonnie's room. He opens his mouth wide, but Dolly gets close to his face and dares him to say it one more time. Forky close his mouth and sits silently, and Dolly thanks him as she walks away. The spork quickly begins to shake and cannot contain himself until he whispers, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles!" Dolly whips around in anger and begins to charge at him, telling him to say hello to Dolly. Before she can put her hands on him, Forky tells her to wait. As she freezes, Forky says he "gets it now." After a short period of silence, Dolly is confused. Forky then waddles away saying, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles!", causing Dolly to run after him and say she's going to "crumble his cookie". 



Dolly and Jessie are rarely seen together until the fourth film, where they work together to lead Bonnie's toys and keeping the Andersons from leaving behind Woody, Buzz, and Forky. Upon the end of the film, Dolly is shown to have no qualms about Jessie becoming the leader of Bonnie's toys after she acquired Woody's badge. 


Woody and Dolly first met in the third film after Bonnie brings him home from Sunnyside. When first meeting each other, Dolly asks Woody if he's going to stick with his name since now it's his chance to change due to being in a new room and to take advice coming from a doll named Dolly. She is eager to help Woody get back to his owner along with the other toys. When getting donated to Bonnie, Woody is eager to introduce Buzz to Bonnie's toys and introduces him to Dolly. Soon after, she, Woody, and Slinky admire Bonnie's drawings. In the fourth film, however, Woody begins to have trouble adjusting to not being the leader of Bonnie's toys due to Dolly holding that spot. While there isn't a power difference, Dolly does have to remind Woody consistently that Bonnie is not Andy. But that doesn't stop Woody from going to orientation with Bonnie despite toys not allowed in school and helps her create Forky. In the end, Dolly appears to be happy for Woody and watches along with the rest of the toys as he becomes a lost toy with Bo Peep


Dolly is first introduced to Buzz by Woody at the end of the third film. An unused line, as shown in behind the scenes of Toy Story 3, features Bonnie Hunt saying the line, "Buzz! Oh, that's interesting . . . is that Icelantic?" In the fourth film, she questions Buzz and Woody's frequency to jump out windows. 


Dolly and Hamm seem to be on friendly terms. In Hawaiian Vacation, she plays cards along with him and Buttercup. In the fourth film, she prevents anybody from moving, believing Bonnie could be back any second since she always forgets something. She even prevents Hamm from picking up a coin, much to his disdain. 


Slinky is shown walking along with Woody and Dolly as they observe Bonnie's drawings in the third film. In the fourth film, she prevents anybody from moving, believing Bonnie could be back any second since she always forgets something. Slinky takes this to a literal degree and freezes midway through walking, much to his discomfort. 


Dolly and Buttercup are on friendly terms, however, Dolly can get tired of his naivety. In the third film, when Woody holds his boot upside down to show he has an owner, Buttercup (along with Mr. Pricklepants) interprets Andy upside down as "Ydna", only for Dolly to obviously correct it as "Andy". She is seen playing cards along with him and Hamm during Hawaiian Vacation. In the fourth film, she gets annoyed with Buttercup constantly suggesting that they could frame Mr. Anderson for a crime so he can go to jail. 


Trixie and Dolly are on friendly terms. In the third film, when Woody asks if they have a map, Dolly assigns Trixie to start up the computer, which she agrees to. She does, however, roll her eyes when an email from "Velocistar237" pops up when Woody searches for Andy's address.

Mr. Pricklepants

Like Buttercup, Dolly is on friendly terms with Mr. Pricklepants but can get tired of his antics easily. In the third film, when Woody holds his boot upside down to show he has an owner, Mr. Pricklepants (along with Buttercup) interpret Andy upside down as "Ydna", only for Dolly to obviously correct it as "Andy". They're seen performing a Hawaiian dance along with Woody in Hawaiian Vacation. In the fourth film, she gets impatient with Mr. Pricklepants as he complains that he'd rather be the hat shop owner than the baker when playing "town", but Dolly shoos him away to go back to his bakery.


Chuckles appears to be on good terms with Dolly. They are not seen as truly interacting until the end of the third film. As Woody, Slinky, and Dolly observe Bonnie's drawings, Chuckles happens to be standing by when Woody comments on how good his picture Bonnie made of him looks. Dolly agrees, saying she really "got his smile", causing him to smile for the first time in years. Due to his disappearance in the fourth film, it's unknown how she feels about him. 


Like the other toys, Dolly was shocked and confused by both Forky's existence and his love of trash, though she is shown to try and be friendly with him. She's also seen happily viewing Forky and Woody embrace one another one final time. Their relationship wasn't explored properly until the series Forky Asks a Question, where Dolly explains to Forky what a leader is by using the phrase, "That's the just the way the cookie crumbles". Forky finds the phrase funny and begins to repeat it over and over, causing Dolly to get upset and annoyed.


  • In a scene of Toy Story 3, Dolly is portrayed as an evil witch in Bonnie's imagination. This is similar to how Andy portrays Hamm as a super-genius dictator, Evil Dr. Porkchop and Mr. Potato Head as a thief, One-Eyed Bart.

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Entertainment: "A Whole New World" A Magical Disney Songbook 2Disney's Showtime SpectacularFantasmic!Horseshoe RoundupMickey presents: “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris”Mickey's Magical Music WorldOnce Upon a MousePixar Playtime PalsThe Golden MickeysToy Story: The Musical
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Fireworks: Celebrate the MagicCelebrate! Tokyo DisneylandHappily Ever AfterThe Magic, the Memories and YouTogether Forever: A Pixar Nighttime SpectacularWorld of Color
Spring: Disney's Easter WonderlandDisney's Spring Promenade
Summer: Mickey's WaterWorksPixar Water Play Street Party!Stitch and Friends Summer Surprise
Halloween: The Nightmare Experiment
Christmas: A Totally Tomorrowland ChristmasDisney Christmas StoriesDisney Dreams! of ChristmasDisney Gifts of ChristmasDisney's White Holiday ParadeLa Parade de Noël DisneyMickey's Most Merriest Celebration

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Humans: Andy DavisMolly DavisMrs. DavisSid PhillipsHannah PhillipsAl McWhigginGeriEmilyBonnie AndersonMr. AndersonMrs. AndersonDaisyRonald TompkinsMasonHarmonyMargaretCarolMiss WendyAxel the CarnieRosieRejean
Animals: ScudBusterMr. JonesDragon the Cat
Deleted characters: ShakesSeñorita Cactus

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A113Pixar BallPizza Planet TruckEggman Movers VanThe Claw
Films: You've Got a Friend in MeStrange ThingsI Will Go Sailing No MoreWoody's RoundupWhen She Loved MeWe Belong TogetherDream WeaverLe FreakThe Ballad of the Lonesome CowboyI Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away
Deleted: The FoolPlastic Spaceman
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