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Wow, cowboy, You just jump right in don't you? I'm Dolly.

Dolly is a major character in Disney/Pixar's Toy Story franchise, first appearing in Toy Story 3. She is one of the original toys owned by Bonnie, and a rag doll who is the self proclaimed leader of her toys.



Dolly is a sarcastic rag doll who likes to lead Bonnie’s toys. She comes off as wise and likes to use metaphors and smiles in her conversations, while also being easily annoyed. Dolly, in fact, is easily annoyed by the spork Forky, who usually causes her to feel confused and nauseous. However, during a road trip and after seeing Woody give up his leadership of Andy's toy to Jessie so he can be with his girlfriend Bo Peep, Dolly followed his example and gave the leadership of both toy groups to her when she realized that she better at it than she is.

Official description

"Dolly is a soft and sweet dress-up rag doll, and is the perfect gift for any young child! Her floppy body and sunny smile will make her an irresistible new member of your family. Dolly has purple hair, googly eyes, and gently blushing cheeks. She comes with a pretty blue dress, but templates are included to create and sew your own outfits! Machine washable on gentle cycle."

Physical appearance

Dolly is a soft dress-up rag doll with gently blushing cheeks, purple hair and googly eyes. She also comes with her own templates for creating and sewing different outfits. She is about 8.25 inches tall.


Toy Story 3

Dolly first appears on top of a shelf in Bonnie's room, where Bonnie calls her "The Scary Witch" and plays with her.

When Dolly learns Woody's name, she asks if he's gonna "stick with that." She is shown to be sassy and is apparently the brains of Bonnie's toys, as she is the only one smart enough to not misread Andy's name when Woody holds his boot upside down.

Later, when Woody mentions Sunnyside Daycare after finding directions to Andy's home via computer, Dolly and her friends are shocked as they know about Sunnyside and its toxic environment due to Chuckles the Clown and she attempts to persuade Woody not to return.

In the end credits, she shows the toys drawings Bonnie has made for all of her toys, including the ones handed to her from Andy, and tells Chuckles the Clown that Bonnie got his smile right, making Chuckles smile for the first time ever since.

Toy Story Toons

"Hawaiian Vacation"

In the first episode, Dolly is first seen when Woody announces Bonnie has gone on vacation for winter break for the week. She along with the other toys begin their week of relaxation, until Barbie and Ken arrive unexpectedly thinking they have landed in Hawaii. Dolly joins the rest of Bonnie's toys as they recreate Hawaii for the pair. Dolly is seen performing a hula dance with Woody and Mr. Pricklepants for Barbie and Ken, while they are having their "dinner."

So far, this is the only Toy Story Toons episode to have Dolly speaking.

"Small Fry"

Dolly appears again in the second short but doesn't speak. Dolly and her friends are very surprised to see a miniature Buzz Lightyear return home with Rex.

"Partysaurus Rex"

Dolly appears again in the third short, but again doesn't speak. She is seen chanting along with the other toys as Jessie and Mrs. Potato Head blow a large bubble using a mini fan and a bubble.

Toy Story 4

In the fourth film, Dolly shows a more strict personality, taking up the role of leader of all of the toys in Bonnie's room. However, during a road trip, Dolly witnesses Jessie's leadership skills as she begins to question how good she is in her role. After witnessing Woody gives his sheriff badge to Jessie as he decided to be with his girlfriend, Bo Peep, as a lost toy, Dolly realized that she must do the same and gives her leadership status to her as well. Towards the end of the movie, Dolly is happy to see Jessie back from Bonnie's first day of first grade, then was introduce to a new toy, which Forky becomes smitten with.

Forky Asks a Question

"What is a Leader?"

Dolly returns in this episode, where she tries to explain to Forky what is a leader, being her the former leader of Bonnie's toys. As Forky starts to imitate and annoy her, Dolly threatens to expel him from Bonnie's room, and he replies that he "gets it now" before continuing to irritate her.



Dolly and Jessie are rarely seen together until the fourth film, where they work together to lead Bonnie's toys and keeping the Andersons from leaving behind Woody, Buzz, and Forky. Also, while working together, Dolly sees that Jessie is a better leader than she is and wonders how good she is. Upon the end of the film, Dolly is shown to have no qualms about Jessie becoming the leader of Bonnie's toys after she owned Woody's badge.


Woody and Dolly first met in the third film after Bonnie brings him home from Sunnyside Daycare. When first meeting each other, Dolly asks Woody if he's going to stick with his name since now it's his chance to change due to being in a new room and to take advice coming from a doll named Dolly. She is eager to help Woody get back to his owner along with the other toys. When getting donated to Bonnie, Woody is eager to introduce Buzz to Bonnie's toys and introduces him to Dolly. Soon after, she, Woody, and Slinky admire Bonnie's drawings. In the fourth film, however, Woody begins to have trouble adjusting to not being the leader of Bonnie's toys because of Dolly holding that spot. While there is no power difference, Dolly does have to remind Woody consistently that Bonnie is not Andy. But that does not stop Woody from going to orientation with Bonnie despite toys are banned in school and helps her create Forky. In the end, Dolly appears to be happy for Woody and sees along with the rest of the toys as he becomes a lost toy with Bo Peep. Also, Dolly followed Woody's example as she let go of her leadership and gives it to Jessie.


Dolly is first introduced to Buzz by Woody at the end of the third film. As shown in behind the scenes of Toy Story 3, an unused line features Bonnie Hunt saying the line, "Buzz! Oh, that's interesting . . . is that Icelandic?" In the fourth film, she questions Buzz and Woody's frequency to jump out windows.


Dolly and Hamm seem to be on friendly terms. In Hawaiian Vacation, she plays cards along with him and Buttercup. In the fourth film, she prevents anybody from moving, believing Bonnie could return any second since she always forgets something. She even prevents Hamm from picking up a coin, much to his disdain.


Slinky is shown walking along with Woody and Dolly as they observe Bonnie's drawings in the third film. In the fourth film, she prevents anybody from moving, believing Bonnie could be back any second since she always forgets something. Slinky takes this to a literal degree and freezes midway through walking, much to his discomfort.


Dolly and Buttercup are on friendly terms; however, Dolly can get tired of his innocence. In the third film, when Woody holds his boot upside down to show he has an owner, Buttercup (along with Mr. Pricklepants) interprets Andy upside down as "Ydna", only for Dolly to obviously correct it as "Andy". She is seen playing cards along with him and Hamm during Hawaiian Vacation. In the fourth film, she gets annoyed with Buttercup constantly suggesting that they could frame Mr. Anderson for a crime so he can go to jail.


Trixie and Dolly are on friendly terms. In the third film, when Woody asks if they have a map, Dolly assigns Trixie to start up the computer, which she agrees to. She does, however, roll her eyes when an email from "Velocistar237" pops up when Woody searches for Andy's address.

Mr. Pricklepants

Like Buttercup, Dolly is on friendly terms with Mr. Pricklepants but can easily get tired of his antics. In the third film, when Woody holds his boot upside down to show he has an owner, Mr. Pricklepants (along with Buttercup) interpret Andy upside down as "Ydna", only for Dolly to obviously correct it as "Andy". They're seen performing a Hawaiian dance along with Woody in Hawaiian Vacation. In the fourth film, she gets impatient with Mr. Pricklepants as he complains that he'd rather be the hat shop owner than the baker when playing "town", but Dolly leaves him to go back to his bakery.


Chuckles appears to be on good terms with Dolly. They are not seen as truly cooperating until the end of the third film. As Woody, Slinky, and Dolly observe Bonnie's drawings, Chuckles happens to be standing by when Woody comments on how good his picture Bonnie made of him looks. Dolly agrees, saying she really "got his smile", causing him to smile for the first time in years. Due to his disappearance in the fourth film, it's unknown how she feels about him.


Like the other toys, Dolly was shocked and confused by Forky's existence and his love of trash, though she is shown to try and be friendly with him. She's also seen happily viewing Forky and Woody embrace one another one last time. Their relationship was not discovered properly until the series Forky Asks a Question, where Dolly says to Forky what a leader is by using the phrase, "That's the just the way the cookie crumbles". Forky finds the phrase funny and begins to repeat it over and over, causing Dolly to get upset and annoyed.



  • In a scene of Toy Story 3, Dolly is portrayed as an evil witch in Bonnie's imagination. This is similar to how Andy portrays Hamm as a super-genius dictator, Evil Dr. Porkchop and Mr. Potato Head as a thief, One-Eyed Bart.
  • Dolly is the fifth major rag doll to appear in the series, the first four being Woody, Bullseye, Jessie, and Stinky Pete.
    • Dolly is also the first major rag doll not to be included in Woody's Roundup.
  • With Woody departing at the end of Toy Story 4, both Jessie and Dolly become the leaders of Bonnie’s toys and take on authority.
  • Bonnie Hunt, who voices Dolly, also previously voiced another Pixar character, Sally from the Cars franchise.
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