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Oh, I have no idea, but there is one person in this family who hears everything about everything...
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Dolores Madrigal is a supporting character who appears in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto. The eldest child and only daughter of Pepa and Félix Madrigal, she was gifted with enhanced hearing.


Born into the Madrigal family, Dolores is the eldest daughter of Félix and Pepa, and the older sister of Camilo and Antonio. In addition to being the niece of Julieta, Bruno and Agustín, Dolores is also the cousin of Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel. In the early years of her life, Dolores lived in the nursery with her cousins Isabela, who is only a few weeks older than her, and Luisa who is two years younger than her. When Bruno was still with the family, Dolores received a vision from her uncle who told her that the "man of her dreams" would be out of her reach because he would be engaged to someone else. When Isabela turned five and received her magical gift, she moved into her own room, and Dolores was left in the nursery with Luisa until her own fifth birthday a little while later. On the night of Dolores fifth birthday, she received the gift of enhanced hearing and she moved out of the nursery into her new room.

Dolores has inside information on everyone in the family and "knows everyone's dirt" through her enhanced hearing, but she is always quiet and does not appear to be much of a gossip. She has a hard time keeping the secrets that she hears with her gift and has to cover her ears every time she hears noises that are too loud. Despite the negative view her uncle gave her when she was young, Dolores listened to Mariano Guzmán and learned more and more about him to the point of falling in love with Mariano. During "All of You", Dolores, with Mirabel's help, finally confesses her true feelings for him, which he corresponds, much to Mirabel and Isabela's joy. Dolores also confesses that unlike the rest of her family and the Encanto villagers, she was aware of Bruno still living in the Casita as she heard him every day.

Official Description

Dolores is the daughter of Pepa and Félix, and although she may be quiet, she has inside information on everyone in the family.[1]

Adassa, Dolores' voice actor, describes her character: “I absolutely love the character. I think that Charise Castro Smith, and Byron Howard, and Jared Bush did an amazing job writing this character, because she has all the secrets, she can hear everything. But sometimes, you know, her well-placed heart is a little bit out of order when she kind of speaks up and she can’t help it."[2]


Dolores tells the kids that Mirabel didn't get a gift.

Described as "a little bit quiet", Dolores while not entirely stoic, is the least emotional of the family. She speaks or sings as low as a whisper and unlike her outgoing younger brother Camilo and their energetic parents, Dolores does not enjoy being the center of attention and prefers to stay in the background. Due to the nature of her gift, Dolores has a tendency to expose people's secrets even if she does not want to, such as when she blurted out to the village kids that her cousin, Mirabel, did not have a magical gift. Despite her nature of exposing secrets, she never told anyone that Bruno still lived in the walls due to the fear others had of him and his powers.

Dolores having a rare moment of weakness and screaming out loud.

Although generally calm and stoic, Dolores can have rare moments of stress and weakness. Her gift causes her incredible discomfort and suffering, causing her to cover her ears when they are too loud for her. Her powers also gives her a reputation as a busybody and forces her to keep others' secrets constantly. After discovering Bruno's vision about the fall of Casa Madrigal and the death of magic, she was so scared that during the dinner of proposal she told her brother as soon as she could, causing a chain of gossip that eventually led to everyone knowing what she knew. Her stress reached such a degree that she even shouted during dinner that the family was doomed.

Dolores happy to be with the man of her dreams and not having to hide her feelings.

Dolores also tends to be rather quiet and does not express her thoughts and feelings often. Because Bruno told her that the man of her dreams will be engaged to someone else when she was just a girl, Dolores could never confess her love for Mariano Guzmán believing that he could never be by her side and lost hope. Dolores tried to hide her feelings to the point that during "We Don't Talk About Bruno" she has to constantly tell herself that she is okay with Isabela and Mariano's engagement, even though she was clearly suffering. However, thanks to the fact that the family was able to reunite during the reconstruction of Casa Madrigal, in "All of You" she was able to confess her feelings to Mariano and begin a relationship with him. Dolores was overjoyed, happy she was no longer able to keep her opinions and emotions to herself (much to the joy of her cousins).

Dolores lovingly caring for her frightened Abuela Alma.

She shares a close relationship with her family and can become protective of them. Dolores is mostly seen around her younger siblings. Although she shares a typical sibling relationship with Camilo, she doesn't actually seem too bothered by her brother's antics compared to Isabela. When the house begins to crumble, Dolores instinctively puts her arm around Camilo protectively, although she can't stop him from trying to save the Miracle Candle. Even when Bruno gave her a vision that caused her insecurities since she was a child, she never had a negative opinion of her uncle. When singing about him, she seems genuinely sympathetic about his powers compared to much of the family. Dolores was even willing to lend Mirabel a helping hand in investigating the cause of the magic dying. After the magic had died, causing Mirabel to run away, she was concerned for her cousin and helped look for her.

Physical appearance

Dolores is a 21-year-old[3]Colombian young lady with curly brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a white and yellow shirt with golden-colored trimming on it with red fabric going through the collar and sleeves, a long red skirt with yellow and light-red streaks, a red choker with a golden gem adorned with a ruby on the middle of it, and heart-shaped golden earrings, and red sandals. She also wears a big red bow on her hair, which she wears in a bun. Symbolizing her super hearing, Dolores' clothes have many sound waves on her shirt, skirt (along with flower-like symbols with them), and bow.

Powers and abilities

Dolores has enhanced hearing; her ears are strong enough to hear even the quietest noise, such as the sound of a pin dropping, and even the sound of someone's eye twitching. Her hearing also works over great distances, she is able to receive messages from people all the way in town from Casa Madrigal, as seen when she reported Mariano's family coming for dinner. However, her gift's one drawback is that she apparently doesn't do well in noisy environments, as she was seen holding her hands over her ears as everyone else cheered for Antonio.


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  • Dolores' birthday is on August 31, coinciding with the International Day for People of African Descent and Saint Raymond Nonnatus's Feast Day, who is (among other things) the patron of confidentiality.[4][5]
  • Due to the nature of her gift, Dolores is the only one of the family who was aware that her uncle was living inside the walls of Casa Madrigal and Dolores drops subtle hints about Bruno's location throughout the movie.
    • Despite her reputation of telling secrets, Dolores never shared Bruno's whereabouts to her family; why she chose to withhold this information is unclear, although it is possible she felt sympathy for his case since she describes his gift to be humbling and seemed to understand his predicament during the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno."
      • It could be that she knew it would fall on deaf ears, as they, particularly her mother and grandmother, would not want to mention him. Though that wouldn't explain why she was willing to blast about Bruno's vision about Mirabel, knowing how her cousin would be treated by their grandmother. Though it could just mean Dolores isn't the best of keeping secrets or at least being sensitive.
  • Due to their sensory powers, Bruno and Dolores are the only family members that their doors depict with eyes open.
    • The similarity in their powers, being liable to cause civic disturbances, could explain Dolores' particular sympathy towards Bruno.
  • Originally, Dolores was to have the ability to heal people with food, but this power was instead given to Julieta due to her maternal personality.[6]
  • She was the second of the Madrigals to know about Mirabel finding their uncle Bruno's vision, with the first being Mirabel's father Agustín.
  • Dolores and Isabela are the same age, but Dolores is slightly younger by a few weeks as she is "Isa's shadow".[7]
  • While her room is never seen in the film, Jared Bush stated Dolores's room does contain some soundproofing.[8]
  • During Antonio's gift ceremony, Dolores claps using just her index fingers because the sound of her clapping is likely too loud for her ears, and when everyone cheered, she was covering them.[9]
  • The squeaks she does resembles how Colombians traditionally gossiped.
  • The name Dolores means "lady of sorrows," which is one of the many titles given to the Virgin Mary.
  • Dolores and Mirabel are the only female members of the family whose names don't end with "a".


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