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"Don't Leave Home Without It" is the tenth episode in season 1 of The Proud Family. It first aired on November 16, 2001.


Penny is entrusted with her very own credit card, which she plans on using responsibly, but it seems to have a mind of its own. Oscar, meanwhile, nearly spends his family out of house and home in his attempt to catch a mouse.


Penny, Trudy, and Suga Mama return home from shopping, less than interested in Oscar’s intentions to use CeCe as an ATM for her recent golf tricks. He soon finds out that Penny is upset over the new clothes that Trudy picked for her, which are exactly identical to her signature outfit and this extends to Suga Mama, who is just as embarrassed as Penny. A noisy argument ensues just as a little black mouse shows up and scares the family onto the couch.

Taking note of Penny’s shopping dissatisfaction, Trudy and Oscar give Penny their own credit card, which Trudy instructs her to use in an emergency. After Penny charges straight to the mall, Trudy calls the exterminator to get rid of the mouse, but Oscar accuses him of swindling money out of innocent housewives, even though the exterminator is willing to charge $15 dollars (“He’s just being cheap and hard-headed, it’s a deadly combination,” says Suga Mama). With the exterminator driven away, Oscar decides to take matters in his own hands to get rid of the mouse through humane means out of respect for Trudy.

At the mall, Penny, who is trying to spend responsibly, along with Dijonay, LaCienega, and Zoey, are looking for clothes in the bargain bin section of a store. LaCienega, however, would rather be window shopping. After Dijonay and Zoey follow her, Penny discovers that her credit card can talk when it gets some air. Even though she is trying to be responsible, Penny is coaxed by the card to “shop till you drop” and a montage set to “Independent Woman” by Destiny’s Child ensues, showing Penny trying on different outfits and accessories. Back at home, Oscar has successfully caught the mouse in a small house, but he eventually grows jealous of the luxurious lifestyle the mouse is living in, which consists of a big screen TV, jacuzzi, CD player and a toy mouse for a girlfriend. He shakes the mouse out of the small home and tries to kill him with a frying pan but ends up hitting his own face instead. Suga Mama gets a quick laugh out of this.

Back at the mall, Dijonay and LaCienega want to get ice cream, even though they have spent all of their money. Zoey suggests going home, but Penny decides to pay for everyone…unfortunately her credit card is rejected and her friends’ table is repossessed. Back home, Suga Mama and Puff have somehow fallen into one of Oscar’s traps, sticky tape all over the basement, and Trudy frees them. Penny returns home with a tiny bag just as Felix comes over with his own intentions to get rid of the mouse. In her room, after putting the clothes away, the credit card tells Penny that the credit bill will not come until the end of the month and that she has to hide it before her parents can see it.

Oscar’s mouse ridding antics, now having the “makings of a classic Road Runner cartoon” continue on, first, he and Felix, dressed in suits, try to suck the mouse out but he ends up inside Oscar’s helmet. Then Oscar proceeds to inflate the house with gas, later revealed to be helium, which floats the house away with Suga Mama and Puff still inside. Oscar soon sees that the mouse is right next to him and chases him away before Trudy demands him and Felix to get the house back. Although the mouse is gone for good, Penny is upset when her plans to hide the bill are foiled when Oscar takes it. Trudy is also enraged to hear that Oscar charged Felix at half-price for turning their house into a “kite”. As she engages Oscar into a fight, Penny goes upstairs with the intention of taking the clothes back and cutting up the credit card, telling him that she is not ready to be responsible.

One month later, Penny finds out from Trudy that she and Oscar (who has become the victim of his own sticky tape) received a thousand dollar credit from the credit card company. Penny admits that while it probably does not matter that she did the right thing, she praises Trudy for not grounding her. However, until she is responsible, Trudy will be buying all of her clothes and presents a shocked Penny with an exact replica of her signature outfit.

In a pre-credits scene, the credit card comes back together and meets up with Dijonay. Together, they go shopping.

Memorable Quotes

  • Oscar: How can you be afraid of mice? You're veterinarian, you give shots to lions and tigers for crying out loud.
  • Trudy: I can't help it, it's those beady eyes, that little, those big ears, and that boney tail.
  • Suga Mama: Do you realize you just described Oscar to a T?
  • Oscar: At least that mouse is gone.

(the mouse reappears right next to him)

  • Oscar: He's standing right next to me, isn't he?



  • Trudy doesn’t really know the difference between old clothes and new clothes.
  • The scene where Penny is walking down the steps is recycled from "EZ Jackster".
  • The credit card resembles Steve Harvey because of its "mustache".
  • This episode was originally made unavailable on any digital purchasing nor for streaming on Disney+ due to copyright issues with the episode's use of the licensed song "Independent Women". This issue was later resolved by March 2022 for digital purchase,[1] though it is still unavailable for Disney+.

Still showing episode missing from the list on Disney+.


  • When Suga Mama and Puff are in the basement, she pulls off the tape and Puff's hair rips off. But after the house came back down from being filled with helium, he has all of his hair back and that's only about a day later.
  • When Penny is about to return the clothes, the card says "they all smell like rat poison anyway". If clothes smelled like rat poison, a store wouldn't take it back for being "damaged goods".
  • The door knob on the front door is on the wrong side. Looking from inside the house, the doo knob should be on the right instead of on the left.
  • When Penny gets ice cream for her friends, its soft-served in flat-bottomed cones. But, when the ice cream is shown again, it is three scoops of hard ice cream in bowls with three cherries.
  • The credit card said the bill would come at the end of the month. He made it sound like it would be a few weeks but it was actually three days.

Cultural References

  • The episode title "Don't Leave Home Without It" is a direct quote of the well-known tagline that American Express used in advertising for its traveler's cheques and credit cards from 1975 to the late 1990s. (The slogan was later revived in 2005.)


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