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Antonio Jiménez Ricardo Estebán Octavio Rosario Santestefanía Mitch Héctor Shakira García, also known as Don Rio, is the father of Dina Garcia and husband of Mrs. Garcia. He owns the Atrium Mall, has two associates and a pet pig named Pinkie. He first appeared in the "Glitz It Up" episode of Shake It Up and is portrayed by John D'Aquino.


Don Rio Garcia loves his daughter very much, and apart from her, loves his pig, Pinkie. He claimed himself to be a very magnificent, brave, young soldier when he was Deuce's age. He speaks in a Spanish accent.


Dina Garcia

  • Dina is Don Rio's only daughter.

Mrs. Garcia

  • Mrs. Garcia is Don Rio's wife.


  • Pinkie is his pet pig.

Deuce Martinez

  • Deuce is Dina's, Don Rio's daughter, boyfriend.


  • Dina's aunt and Don Rio's sister.


  • He has a brother named Juan Carlos Ernesto Pedro Palco Pancho Emilia Zsapata Jay-Z Garcia. He considers his brother funny.
  • He has a sister named Debby.
  • He and his brother have names of a famous singer in their full name (Shakira, Jay-Z).
  • His associates' names in Spanish mean "left" (Isquierda) and "right" (Derecha).
  • He owns a mall.


  • Deuce: "Wow. I'm afraid to ask you what your sister's name is."
  • Don Rio Garcia: "Debby."
  • "Come let me smell you, ah now you smell like a man angel!"
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