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*'''Goofy: '''These ducks quack me up!
*'''Goofy: '''These ducks quack me up!
*Claycia:What Are You Doing?

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Donald's Ducks is an episode from the second season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which originally aired on Playhouse Disney on September 12, 2009.


Donald helps a group of ducks get to a warm beach for their winter retreat.

Characters Present


  • A bullhorn
  • A giant marshmallow
  • A siren
  • A compass


  • This is the final of only 5 episodes when Donald wears nothing but a blue pair of swimming shorts for when he enters the water.
  • This episode was released on Mickey's Big Splash on May 5, 2009.
  • This is the 1st of 4 episodes on the DVD, Mickey's Big Splash.

End Credits

  • Mickey and Donald singing in the Toon Plane with Professor Von Drake.


  • Goofy: These ducks quack me up!
  • Claycia:What Are You Doing?


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