Donna Murphy is an American film, stage, and television actress and singer. She is well known for several roles, such as Carla Tyrell on NBC's Law and Order. She also played Juliette Simone in the 2000 teen drama film, Center Stage, Ruth Sherwood in the 2003 film, Wonderful Town, and Rosalie Octavius in Spider-Man 2.​

For Disney, Murphy voiced Mother Gothel, in the highly successful 2010 Disney animated feature film, Tangled, and reprised the role in most of the character's appearances, including the video game of the same name, the episodes "What the Hair?!", "Rapunzeltopia", "Rapunzel's Return", and " A Tale of Two Sisters" of the television series, and Kingdom Hearts III.

She also played Angela Forrester in the ABC TV show, Resurrection and Rebecca Sherman in Quantico.

Disney Role



  • During pre-production of Into the Woods, she participated in a script reading held to convince Disney executives to greenlight the project, reading for the Witch, the film's counterpart to Mother Gothel. She had previously auditioned for the role during the casting process of the original Broadway production, but lost the part to Bernadette Peters. Eventually, she would play The Witch on stage during a 2012 revival of the show.
  • Murphy was praised for her abilities to give a sweet and seemingly innocent voice to such a vile and sinister villain, which is seldom found in other actors and actresses. She was also praised for her vocal work in "Mother Knows Best". So far, this is one of Murphy's largest and most critically acclaimed roles.
  • Similar to her character Mother Gothel, the place where she lives is Corona, but in New York City. The namesake is the Kingdom where her character steals baby Rapunzel.
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