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Dorian Dickens is a character from Guilty Party. The founder of the Dickens Detective Agency, he is considered the greatest detective in the family and is better known by his title, The Commodore.

Official Biography

Dorian "The Commodore" Dickens is an anachronism, a relic from an age long gone. When he first got into the detective business long ago, things were much simpler than they are now. There were no DNA databases or psychological profilers; there were only the observational and deductive faculties of an exceedingly logical mind. Once he opened up his one-man detective agency, he quickly found himself pitted against some of the most devious criminals in the world - and solved their crimes with ease, using nothing more than his powerful reasoning abilities.

Now he runs the Dickens Detective Agency, which is not only the world's most prestigious private detective firm but also a family business employing his children and several other relatives. With the aid of his wife Olivia, he has converted the palatial Dickens Manor into a headquarters for his crime-fighting family. His mind is as keen as ever - but his decades-long battle of wits with his nemesis Mr. Valentine has left him a bit grouchy and easily distracted. He loves his work, but finds himself increasingly tempted by the thought of staying home - perhaps with a nice bowl of pudding.

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