Dorinda "Do' Re Mi" Rogers is a character from The Cheetah Girls.

She was born to a Japanese mother and African-American father. She is the smartest of the group, and the best dancer. She is also a foster child, and lives with ten other children in the housing projects of Harlem, New York. She eventually locates her biological sister, Tiffany. In the movie, she is the same age as all the other Cheetah Girls. The character appears in the movies as Dorinda Thomas and is portrayed by the Latina American (of Caucasian and Mexican descent) actress Sabrina Bryan.


Dorinda always visit Tokyo, Japan every summer to see her family and best friends.


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Physical Appearance

Do is a white female. She is a born to a mix of Japenese and African-American, Dorinda describes herself as a scrambled egg due to her racial mixing.


  • Although she is only twelve years old, she attends the Ninth grade at Fashion Industries High School.