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|games = ''[[Planes: The Video Game]]'' (mentioned only)
|games = ''[[Planes: The Video Game]]'' (mentioned only)
|appearance = Indigo-blue forklift with a brown toolbelt and brown eyes
|appearance = Indigo-blue forklift with a brown toolbelt and brown eyes
|friends = [[Dusty Crophopper]], [[Skipper Riley]], [[Chug]], [[Sparky (Planes)|Sparky]], [[Leadbottom]], [[Ryker]]
|friends = [[Dusty Crophopper]], [[Skipper Riley]], [[Chug]], [[Sparky (Planes)|Sparky]], [[Leadbottom]], [[Ryker]], [[Mayday]]
|enemies = [[Ripslinger]], [[Ned and Zed]], [[Ryker]] (formerly)
|enemies = [[Ripslinger]], [[Ned and Zed]], [[Ryker]] (formerly)
|voice = [[Teri Hatcher]]
|voice = [[Teri Hatcher]]

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Dottie is a supportive character in Planes and in Planes: Fire & Rescue.

Official Bio

Dottie is a forklift who co-owns and operates Chug and Dottie’s Fill ’n Fly service station. As Dusty’s practical and say-it-like-it-is friend—not to mention his ace mechanic—Dottie hopes to keep his high-flying hopes grounded in reality: Dusty isn’t built to race and chasing his dream is downright dangerous. No matter what he decides, however, Dottie will always have his back.[1]

Planes: The Video Game

Although Dottie does not appear in Planes: The Video Game, Skipper Riley mentions that she has adjusted the navigation strobes on Dusty's wings to help him get to his next objective in the training mode.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

According to an interview with Bobs Gannaway and Ferrell Barron on Planes: Fire & Rescue,[2] Dottie is scheduled to appear, although it is unknown if Teri Hatcher will return.



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