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"Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!" is the forty-ninth episode of DuckTales. It premiered on April 11, 2020 and is the third episode of the third season.


While playing "Double-O-Duck", Dewey and Launchpad must confront the F.O.W.L. agent, Steelbeak, who threatens to destroy Duckburg. Launchpad gains an intelligence and he is the only one who stop the mad Steelbeak!


Dewey, Webby, Launchpad, and Scrooge are at Funso's Funzone. While Dewey and Launchpad take part in a V.R. game called Double-O-Duck, Webby introduces Scrooge to Skee-Ball where he becomes addicted to collecting tickets as if they were actually money. Launchpad messes up in the game, but Dewey comforts him and tells him that they will just have to go through the level again. Launchpad then calms down as he goes to the line with Dewey. Underneath the Funzone, F.O.W.L. is keeping a close eye on the Duck family with Black Heron and Steelbeak plotting to take them out. Black Heron plans to use an intelligence ray on Scrooge so that he can be dumber, having tested the opposite effect on a couple of chipmunks and two mice to make them smarter.

Steelbeak sneaks into the Funzone and, posing as a character in the V.R. game, confronts Dewey and Launchpad. They end up fighting throughout the facility, unaware that they are causing actual damage, until Steelbeak drops the two of them through the ball pit and imprisons them in glass cells. Still thinking that they are in the game, Launchpad tries to escape by firing a rubber band at the release button, but cannot accomplish the task. Unknowingly, the rodents from earlier arrive, having built a small flying vehicle for themselves, and help the two escape as they do so too.

Steelbeak tells Black Heron about what he has done, and she berates him as this would most likely mean that Scrooge will come looking for them as that is what he is known for doing. After calling him a moron, Steelbeak takes the intelligence ray and fires it at Black Heron, making her dumb. He finds Dewey and Launchpad, and he and the Egghead henchmen fight them. Having accidentally switched the setting back to smart, Steelbeak fires at Dewey, but Launchpad jumps in the way and sacrifices himself for Dewey and gets hit. As Steelbeak takes Dewey hostage, Dewey furiously berates Steelbeak, before calling him stupid. This infuriates Steelbeak and tells to himself that no one's going to call him stupid again and leaves. Launchpad awakens, having grown in intelligence and now speaks with a more refined and gentleman accent. Realizing that they are not in a game and that F.O.W.L. is at work, he sets off to rescue Dewey.

Launchpad chases the two all the way to Steelbeak's lighthouse. He now plans to use a bigger intelligence ray by firing it on Duckburg and making the entire population dumb. With the help of the rodents, who Launchpad thanks for the "rescue", they defeat Steelbeak, but the laser is still going to fire. Launchpad frees Dewey, who's excited that they're going to beat the game together. Launchpad decides to sacrifice his intelligence to save the world as he cradles towards the laser, confusing Dewey at some point, that causes duckling to after his friend.

Launchpad is reluctant to lose his intelligence. Dewey asks why is he overthinking this, Launchpad explains the reason he is doing this because he wanted to be good enough for Dewey. The boy comforts the pilot, admits that he is good enough for him, before saying he is his best friend, Launchpad smiles in appreciation and cradling towards the laser and says:"For Dewey...and Duckburg". Launchpad sacrifices his intelligence by standing in the way of the ray. The ray hits Launchpad, he loses his intelligence as he falls to his death. Horrified, Dewey tries to go after to save him as a graduate for saving him from Steelbeak, but it was too late. Dewey hugs Launchpad as in a bit of close-up at Launchpad's eye, there we can see Launchpad's intelligent side tells him to never forget him as both friends disappear into the sea, possibly killing them as we fade to black.

In the real world, Launchpad and Dewey are unconscious and awaken back at the Funzone and a defeated Scrooge reveals that he spent all his tickets on a mustache comb. Dewey asks how much money he spent to get the tickets. Scrooge drops to his knees and cries in defeat as Webby comforts him, decides to never bring him here ever again. Scrooge, pathetically, but hopefully thanks her. Scrooge then grabs the mustache comb and puts it in his hair, Dewey tries to hold his laughter. Dramatic agent music plays as an Intelligent Launchpad (inside of Launchpad) tells Launchpad to tell Scrooge about what he knows, F.O.W.L. is plotting against the family, but Launchpad completely forgets. As they leave back home, shocked and horrified, Intelligent Launchpad yells out at Launchpad: No! Warn them, you old fool! Warn them!, but he didn't listen to him, much to his annoyance.

Meanwhile, Bradford Buzzard brings Steelbeak and a returned to normal Black Heron back to his base. He angrily berates the two for doing the mess he had to clean up and for their failure. We learned that the defeat of Steelbeak, the "death" of Dewey and Launchpad was real and Bradford had to bring them back to the Funzone and restoring Black Heron's intelligence. Bradford tells them that he wants no more rays. Steelbeak gloats at Black Heron, but Bradford literally shuts his steel beak and tells them that they will have to attack Scrooge with more cunning than usual.



  • "Good Enough For You"


  • Huey Duck, Louie Duck, Mrs. Beakley, Donald Duck, and Della Duck are absent and did not go to Funso's.
  • The title is a reference to the James Bond series (Double-O-Seven) as well as the 1967 film You Only Live Twice.
  • The episode bears several similarities to the classic DuckTales episode "Double-O-Duck" including the title and plot revolving around Launchpad facing off against F.O.W.L. agents. Series producer Matt Youngberg had cited the original episode being used as inspiration for a future episode.[1]
  • When Launchpad sacrifices his intelligence, the melody from SkyFall by Adele is heard (originally used in the James Bond movie of the same name).
  • This episode serves as a nod to the earliest concept of Darkwing Duck, which was originally titled Double-O-Duck and was to have Launchpad as the main character.
  • The characters from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers appear, and are crucial in helping Launchpad. Originally, the characters were not allowed to be featured in the show at all due to the live-action film that was already in development. Early drafts of the script included a brief cameo with Gadget Hackwrench as the only character appearing, but the creators were eventually allowed to expand the role and include all of the Rescue Rangers.
  • An instrumental score of the "Rescue Rangers Theme" is played twice; once when the rodents assemble their Ranger Plane in Launchpad's cell, and again when Launchpad tells Steelbeak about the arrival of the Rescue Rangers who then release electric wires to shock Steelbeak on the bill.
  • Unlike the original Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers series, the Rescue Rangers characters lived in a world with humans while in this episode they live in a world with anthropomorphic animals and the characters themselves do not have any dialogue in this episode since they made high-pitched noises which is what real rodents sound like.
  • This is the fourth episode to feature an alternate song during the end credits rather than an instrumental version of the theme song. The other episodes to do so are "Who is Gizmoduck?!", "Last Christmas!", and "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!".
  • The intelligent ray that was built by Black Heron, the piece of that machine was an artifact from Isabella Finch's Journal of Lost Mysteries (The Third Eye Diamond)
  • The Boat chase scene is actually a reference to Tintin: The Crab with the golden Claws, as it contains similar scenes and similar boats.

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