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Doubtfinder, also known as Doubt, is the main antagonist of the Disney Kingdoms series Figment 2. It is the nightmarish manifestation of the Dreamfinder's doubts and fears.

Role in Figment 2

When Dreamfinder could not cope in modern-day Earth, the Doubt that would create the Doubtfinder entity began to assemble within the Dreamfinder's mind. It did not make its full presence known until the series' second issue when, in an act of stress, Dreamfinder uses the Mesmonic Converter to try creating something from his thoughts to impress the Chairman of Scientifica-Lucidus. Instead of creating something from nothing, the act instead summons the Doubt from Dreamfinder as a nightmare, which then proceeds to possess Dreamfinder. Dreamfinder tells Figment to go get help while he tries suppressing Doubt, but this only allows it to fully possess him, transforming him into the Doubtfinder. The dark being then transforms the school into Academy Fearifica-Greedus, zombifying the students and faculty to spread its doubt.

In the third issue, Figment, with the aid of Dreamfinder's great-great-great grandniece Capri, returns to take back the Mesmonic Converter. The Doubtfinder taunts them and tries to reclaim the helmet, but Capri defies the Doubtfinder's negativity and brings her own imaginary friend to life, a flying cat named Spark. The three open a gateway into Doubt's shadows and jump inside to free the Dreamfinder.

Inside Dreamfinder's memories, Capri, Figment, and Spark encounter Doubt as it tries to prevent them from rescuing Dreamfinder. While it tries to dissuade the group and embrace fear, Capri eventually finds Dreamfinder and encourages him to not give up. With renewed hope, Dreamfinder purges Doubt from himself and returns the group back to the real world. However, Doubt reveals that while the others were trying to free Dreamfinder, it had gathered enough fear fog to take on its own monstrous form separate from the Dreamfinder and plans to spread its fear around the globe.

As the Doubt commands the brainwashed students to seize the Mesmonic Converter, Dreamfinder and his allies try to keep the helmet away from it, but the Doubt succeeds in capturing Capri, Spark, and Figment. While Doubt continues to mock Dreamfinder's efforts, Dreamfinder instead chooses to break the Mesmonic Converter and unleash the Dream power for all of the students. This removes the Doubt's control over the school and creates a plethora of imaginary beings, which then proceed to confront Doubt. Doubt then panics over the turn of events and persists that fear will still exist, only for Dreamfinder to counter that as long as there is imagination then doubt cannot win. Figment along with the other creatures of imagination then use their power to finally stop Doubt, destroying it for good.


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