Dr. Finkle is the main antagonist in the 2009 movie Space Buddies. He is one of the vision one mission control leaders.


Dr. Finkle makes his first appearance giving students a tour. Here, students see an automatic outfitter that Sam uses. The dogs, not far behind, come across the machine themselves and use it to equip suits before deciding to view the interior of the Vision 1 outside. At the Vision Enterprises' control center, "Mission Control", Pi (Bill Fagerbakke) confirms the ship is now prepared to launch. The Buddies conveniently place themselves in the seats when they become sealed in. Astro (Ali Hillis), the remote pilot, activates the shuttle, and the Vision 1 propels into the outer atmosphere with the Buddies.

As the ship returns to Earth, Dr. Finkle changes the path to divert the ship into a meteor shower, which prompts the ships built-in dodging system to quickly maneuver its way out of the situation, with a slight error that busts the data antenna to the right by a passing meteor. Budderball is sent outside the Vision 1 to repair the antenna, space walking to recalibrate it. At Mission Control, the adults remain puzzled about the change when Sam accuses Dr. Finkle as the perpetrator. However, much to Dr. Finkle's denial, Mission Control's security footage justifies that the desk had Dr. Finkle's presence at the time of change, causing him to be quickly removed from the premises as Sam says his goodbyes (Though he catches himself about to say "Dr. Finkle" and changes it to "Dr. Stinkle".).

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