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Dr. Gwen Lichtman is the secondary antagonist of the 2006 Disney live-action remake, The Shaggy Dog. She is one of the scientists of the "Grant and Strictland" corporation.

Role in the film

She, Kozak and the whole corporation were being charged because of unauthorized mutations with animal genes. After Kozak kidnapped a bearded collie from Tibet who is believed to be 300 years old, trying to use the dogs genes to develop a potion of immortality.

The dog escapes the lab and Kozak orders his goons to find him. His many attempts to capture "Shaggy" (the dog's name given by the Douglas family) resulted in the "accidental" capture of Dave Douglas, who was bitten by Shaggy and became a dog himself. Kozak's team finds the real dog and takes him back to the lab.

Hidden in the laboratory, Dave witnesses Dr. Kozak injecting company president, Lance Strictland with a drug that will paralyze him for several months, giving Kozak enough time to usurp control of the company. After viewing security cameras, Kozak and his minions realize that somehow Dave became an exact copy of Khyi Yang Po. Kozak orders goons to go to Dave's house to "pay him a visit." Where Gwen paralyzes Dave with the taser stick, before she and Larry captured him and drive off. Carly and Joshua attempt to save Dave, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Dave is taken to the lab to be euthanized, but Kozak has a court summons, and must deal with Dave later. Right before he leaves, Kozak mocks Dave in his dog form, who bites him on the finger in retaliation, where He then begins to exhibit the same issues Dave had at the beginning of his adventure; unaware that Dave had successfully transferred the gene sequence into Kozak.

Dave, with the help of the dog-mutated animals, to tell him to meditate to reverse back into a human, which he succeed and manages to escape through the air vent. Gwen and Larry appears, paralyzes him again and lock back in the cage. Before Gwen and Larry prepares to euthanize Dave, the Chimp and the dog-mutated animals appears, paralyzes them with their taser stick and rescues him, so he able to escape with all the dog-mutated animals.

It it unknown what happened to her and Larry, after Kozak was arrested. They could be presumably arrested and sent to prison.

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