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Dreamland was a location featured in the 2019 remake of Dumbo. It was an amusement park based in Arkansas where the Medici Bros. Circus traveled to after Dumbo's act was successful at Florida prior to its destruction.



According to director Tim Burton, the idea of creating the Dreamland scene was created with the power of knowledge, innovation, curiosity, and creativity while producer Derek Frey explains that the development of the theme park reminded viewers of Coney Island albeit on a grand scale. The Dreamland set was built at Cardington Studios in Bedfordshire, making it the largest scene ever built to which according to Frey, the studio gives the crew the opportunity to create a set on this scale, which they would not do it on a normal sound stage. Production designer Rick Heinrichs comments that the park had to be spectacular that Max Medici could ever put together to make the park look amazing and astounding.

Circus choreographer Kristian Kristof comments that Tim Burton did an incredible job in hiring real-life circus performers to participate in this film with about 120 performers to which it took about a week for the performers to rehearse before appearing in film to which many circus performers have been added on the set while preparing the right dress for the performers to get ready for filming.

Eva Green (who plays Colette Marchant) explains that she felt satisfied upon the addition of clowns, the jazz band, and the dancers during the parade which reminds Green that she was part of the circus. After filming was completed, a large satisfaction from the crew applauded to the performers for their hard work during filming.[1]

Places of interests

  • Colosseum: The arena where the circus performs at. Outside was a kiosk where guests could buy plush toys of Dumbo, the former star of the circus.
  • Rocket to the Moon: An Outer Space-themed rollercoaster attraction. As its name suggests, the ride features a rollercoaster moving to imagine if guests were on a rocket ship to blast off to the Moon.
  • Wonders of Science: An attraction which welcomes guests to the future to a place of happiness, surprise, and promise, which displays dioramas depicting the future.
  • Nightmare Island: A walkthrough indoor attraction housing one of the world's dangerous creatures.
  • Vandevere Enterprises: A business office run by V.A. Vandevere himself.
  • Jollyopolis: A fun house. The attraction's entrance is through a clown's mouth. Seen only in the background.
  • Mysteriouso: A spinning vortex attraction. Seen only in the background.
  • Control Center: A large tower which houses the control center inside. It is where engineers activate/deactivate the lights and open/close the gates/doors during the day or during the night. According to the volunteer engineer politely asking Vandevere, the misuse of activating/deactivating the lights can result in a power outage.

Role in the film

Following the success of Dumbo's performance and after Max Medici decides to join V.A. Vandevere to help keep the circus growing, the circus moves to Dreamland where a circus parade takes place. Clowns, acrobats, and other circus performers march across as a large crowd cheers across the street. Joe and Milly tell their father Holt to know that if their mother Annie were alive, she would be happy while Dumbo is placed in carriage to which he is taken to a training tent to help Dumbo fly with Colette Marchant at the Colosseum rather being directly taken to the Colosseum. Elsewhere while discussing with Colette about the show's act for tonight to help prepare for her act, Colette gives Dumbo a feather so he can fly to which upon noticing this, Holt tells the workers to give Colette a net so she can land safely with help from Milly and Joe to which after training, Holt explains that he has some work to do.

Meanwhile, Sotheby takes Max Medici to Vandevere's company known as Vandevere Enterprises as a group of colleagues and their owner Vandevere applaud him for a new arrival to the company. Sotheby later takes Max to his receptionist Miss Verna who would help out with Max's schedules and priorities to help keep his circus growing just before discussing with Vandevere.

That evening, Colette discusses with Max that she was a street performer in Paris and after hard work, Vandevere approaches Colette, Holt, and his children Joe and Milly to know how is everything progressing to which Holt explains that he is making progress albeit with Dumbo not ready yet to which Vandevere explains that tickets are now sold out just before taking Joe and Milly help prepare Dumbo for his act.

As the circus begins at night, guests pass by a kiosk of getting Dumbo plush toys as a vendor advertises the guests to see the flying elephant at the circus. As the Colosseum is packed with a crowd inside, horses run around the ring while clowns balance themselves while standing on balls and acrobats perform in front of the audience. Meanwhile, Max approaches Vandevere and his fellow assistant J. Griffin Remington to which Vandevere introduces Remington as an investor of the Atlas Ford Bank, hoping Max that the circus would make a lot of money if Dumbo's act was a success. After an orchestral performance, Dumbo is later taken to the circus to help him perform for his act with Colette. Suddenly, the next act seen is where circus employees make large bubbles to form in Pink Elephants to represent the "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence to which during performance, the Pink Elephants march and dance across the arena as the crowd watches the performance. After the Pink Elephants burst, the ringmaster of Dreamland, Baritone Bates, announces Dumbo's act with Colette Marchant as Dumbo becomes ready for his big act. Holt and his children later observe Dumbo during performance. Colette then instructs Dumbo to fly around the ring. Milly notices that there are no nets for Colette to land on in case she falls, to which Holt tells the employees to set up the net but they refuse to due to Vandevere's decision of nets only used for rehearsal as Vandevere explains to Max that the nets for Colette to land on are invisible, much to his cruel plans. Noticing Colette who is about to fall off, Holt rescues her from injury as Dumbo hangs for his life and calls for his mother who is at Nightmare Island.

Inside Nightmare Island is the Werewolf of Central Park howling in its enclosure and the crocodilian creature Reptilla, which snaps its jaws, followed by Mrs. Jumbo who is exhibited at the attraction as Kali the Destroyer. Back at the Colosseum, Dumbo flies across the ring, impressing the audience to which Dumbo suddenly leaves the arena, causing disappointment to the audience and Vandevere who is upset that Dumbo escaped. Dumbo flies across Dreamland to reach Nightmare Island to reunite with his mother. As Dumbo arrives at the attraction, he passes by a roaring bear followed by Reptilla and the Werewolf of Central Park which all snarl at Dumbo. Dumbo sees Mrs. Jumbo in her enclosure where she is exhibited as Kali the Destroyer to which Mrs. Jumbo cannot move due to the chains placed on her. Suddenly, Vandevere and two guards arrive to take Dumbo back to avoid distractions as an announcer tells the visitors that the attraction is now closed to which Milly tells her father that this elephant is no other than Mrs. Jumbo.

Meanwhile outside the Colosseum, the audience angrily leaves for a failed performance at the circus as Remington tells Vandevere that Dumbo is uncontrollable and decides to close the bank for a failure at the circus just before discussing with Colette at the Enterprises. Arriving at Vandevere Enterprises, Vandevere discusses with Colette about the importance of having nets for her to land on during performance to which Vandevere explains to her that nets can only be used for rehearsal, much to his cruel plans of not including them at the show. Holt later discusses with Vandevere about reuniting Dumbo with his mother while Milly explains that all Dumbo wants is to reunite with his mother to which Vandevere denies as he explains that Dumbo will do whatever he wants as Vandevere tells Holt and his children to accept this decision, much to Milly's worry. Holt follows Milly who is on her way to Nightmare Island to which upon arriving, a security guard tells Holt that his attraction is now closed due to the park closed for the rest of the night.

Arriving at Vandevere Enterprises, Holt approaches Colette who explains to him that his children should believe in him. Holt later finds Milly at the Wonders of Science attraction where she stares at a Marie Curie display to which he comforts her to which she tells her father that she grieves over her late mother's passing which reminds her of Dumbo who got separated from his mother. The two later arrive at the Big Bright Future display where an announcer tells guests about the future to which upon observing, Holt comforts his daughter.

The next day, Vandevere later reads an article about the Dumbo incident from last night and later explains to Max about the problems with the other performers as it is revealed that Vandevere has fired all the performers and while losing faith about the future of the Medici Bros. Circus, Sotheby approaches the fired circus performers who fear that Dumbo would be lost, as they begin to lose faith about the Medici Bros. Circus' future. Sotheby explains to them that he resigned his position as he heard Vandevere give the order, to which he explains to Holt and the rest of the troupe that Mrs. Jumbo will be gone without a guarantee of surviving, much to Holt, his children, and the other performers losing faith in themselves. As a result, Holt, his two children, and the performers decide to help free Mrs. Jumbo and reunite her with her son.

At the Colosseum, the show begins to start while the truck driver asks the engineer to open the gate to release Mrs. Jumbo from Nightmare Island to which he agrees while telling a fellow employee to unlock the back gates. As the truck arrives at Nightmare Island to rescue Mrs. Jumbo, Colette meanwhile prepares Holt to rehearse albeit with only one hand left. Meanwhile at Nightmare Island, Miss Atlantis tricks a pair of guards as the performers barge in using their circus act abilities to help rescue Mrs. Jumbo. Rongo the Strongo lifts the bars for the contortionist to pass so that he can pull for lever for the performers to barge in. Ivan the Wonderful uses a cane to activate a switch triggering a fog effect to distract the Werewolf of Central Park to which the Werewolf becomes distracted upon seeing the fog. He later uses it to turn off the main lights, much to the guards' shock (Reptilla also reacts to the lights turned off) as the other performers devise plan to stop the guards from reactivating the lights. As the guards and Neils Skellig search around the attraction, Pramesh Singh summons a cobra to scare off a guard. Meanwhile at the Colosseum, the act with Dumbo flying with Colette begins again.

Back at Nightmare Island, the guards notice the silhouettes of Reptilla, the Werewolf of Central Park, and the bear approaching them as the performers continue planning to rescue Mrs. Jumbo as it is revealed that it was Puck who tricked the guards with some of the performers disguised as the bear, Reptilla, and the Werewolf of Central Park, much to the guards being tricked by the performers as the truck leaves off with Mrs. Jumbo.

Back at the Colosseum, Colette begins her act again with Dumbo as Neils Skellig confronts Max Medici about what happened to Mrs. Jumbo as Vandevere tells Max to come with him, much to his worry. Later, Holt climbs on top of the tent so that he can cut part of it in a plan to help Colette and Dumbo escape to which when the act begins, Holt is having trouble climbing up, due to only having one arm. Colette then tells Dumbo to fly to impress her mother to which upon flying, the audience applauds for their performance again as Holt grabs a knife to cut open a hole for the two to escape just before Vandevere approaches. After Holt cuts open a hole, Dumbo escapes with Holt, much to Vandevere's rage and having let Dumbo escape, Joe and Milly follow the two as the engineers witness Dumbo fly by at the control center to which upon entering, Dumbo opens the door for the performers to enter. Meanwhile, Neils confronts Holt's children to know where Mrs. Jumbo is at to which as Vandevere approaches the engine room, he enters and confronts Dumbo and Colette for messing up the power. As Vandevere plans to turn on the lights, a volunteer engineer warns him that the mains have to be reset or there would be a power outage, to which he refuses to listen, much to his abusive actions with the power configuration at the control center, to which Vandevere's abusive powers set Dreamland on fire, causing the displays at the Wonders of Science to malfunction, causing the park to be destroyed. Holt later rides on a horse to help rescue his children from the disaster Vandevere has caused.

As Milly and Joe are approaching the Colosseum in a plan to find Dumbo, they enter the spot only to find out that Dumbo is not inside while being chased by Neils who demands the two to know where Mrs. Jumbo is at to which the two plan to escape only for their path to be blocked by flaming debris. As Neils corners the children, Holt catches him with his rope and ties him up on the horse to which the horse Holt was riding on escapes, leaving Neils defeated as the circus is set on fire. Holt and his children attempt to escape the burning circus but they are unable to, due to the fire blocking their path. As Colette asks the performers to know where the Farrier family is at, Ivan tells her that they are stuck inside the Colosseum which is on fire. As the Farriers are still stuck inside, Dumbo dodges falling flaming debris to which noticing the fire blocking the exit, he sprays water for the three to escape. Dumbo attempts to get the feather for him to fly, but the feather catches on fire as Vandevere angrily sends the guards to capture him.

Meanwhile as the people are evacuating the burning park, the fire department arrives and plans to extinguish the fire caused by Vandevere's abusive actions with the power configuration at the control center. After Milly tells him that he doesn't need the feather to fly, Holt, his children, and Dumbo plan to arrive at the seaport where the performers are at to which as Dumbo flies to the seaport, followed by Holt and his children following him and at the seaport, Colette and the performers get Mrs. Jumbo ready to be released to which Dumbo is successfully released back into the wild alongside his mother as they bid their final farewell to Dumbo and his mother. When Vandevere tells the guards to arrest Holt for theft, Max Medici then approaches Vandevere who becomes upset for his betrayal, telling him to take a look at the disaster he did. As Vandevere looks at the burning park, J. Griffin Remington decides to buy a hotdog for Max to cheer him up.

Sometime later, the circus returns to its original spot where it introduces a new policy of not keeping wild animals in captivity. As a result, the Medici Bros. Circus is now renamed to the Medici Family Circus.


  • Dreamland was created exclusively for the 2019 remake of the film and does not appear in the original film.
  • The plush toys of Dumbo seen at a kiosk outside the Colosseum are based on Dumbo's original animated appearance from the original 1941 film.


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