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Commander Drex, or simply known as Drex, is the main antagonist in the movie Super Buddies. He is a body possessing alien that wants the power rings of Inspiron for his own purposes to create an empire of his own ideologies.

Role in the film

In the origin comic book read by Bartelby, it was heard that in the earth year of 1985, Drex had been tracking down the rings from Megasus in space. However, the events turned out to be real as Drex was seen landing on earth near the farm. While trying to learn the rings whereabouts, he possessed the body of a pig (thinking it was a human). The next morning, Bartelby's grandfather Martin realizes that one of his pigs turned green (Drex). After driving around, he finds out the Buddies had the rings and eventually took over Sheriff Dan's body (again, with a greenish hue). He had the real Dan locked up in his own jail cell with the pig's body.

At the farm, he gave Bartelby and his friends an ultimatum: either give him the rings or he will kill the dogs. After Bartleby gave him the rings, Drex informed everyone that he already had a meteor ready to hurl toward the earth. During the final battle, Megasis was severely electrocuted by Drex, but he loses the upper hand when the Buddies (and eventually Bartelby's grandpa) demonstrated their powers and abilities against him. As Monk-E decided not to be with Drex anymore, Drex aborted his ship to get out of earth. He tried to use the rings, but they turned out to be the plastic ones from the bags of dog food. Because of this, Drex crashes into a meteor and is killed upon impact.


  • Drex was the fourth villain in the Air Buddies series to die. The first three were Warwick, Halloween Hound, and Ubasti.
  • Drex was the first villain to be entirely animated, not counting Ubasti.

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