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"Drowsy" is the thirty-ninth episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series and the finale of the show's first season. It aired on February 28, 2004.


Lilo is in a hurry and all over the place. She is running late for Hula class after finding twelve new experiment pods for Jumba to catalog. However, he himself is too busy with other things, so he leave the pods with Pleakley to catalog. After showing up late for hula class for the third time, Nani has a serious talk with Lilo. She has not only been late for Hula class several times, but she also forgot to help Mrs. Hasagawa at her fruit stand. Her experiment hunting has been interfering with her other responsibilities. She does not get enough sleep, she is always stressed out, and always running late. Unless Lilo can find a way to balance her experiment hunting with her other responsibilities, Nani will have to ban her from chasing experiments.

Stitch worries about Lilo, especially when she stays up late to check on their experiment catalog. He tries to get her to go to sleep, but fails as Lilo tiredly remains focused on finishing their catalog. She sends Stitch to see if Pleakley has finished cataloging the new experiment pods. Among the twelve pods is Experiment 360: designed to cause populations to fall into a near-permanent sleep. After Pleakley goes to bed, Stitch takes 360's pod and activates it. Then he brings him to Lilo, who instantly puts her to sleep by simply bleating. Meanwhile, the container alerts Gantu and 625 of 360's activation, but Gantu decides to sleep on it. Suddenly, Hämsterviel calls in, demanding him to go after the experiment. He also happens to have other plans. He has been monitoring Earth's television transmissions for over a month, and believes he has identified the most powerful human on the planet. All he knows is, this person is always on the TV and believes he uses mind control to memorize humanity. In two days time, he will be in Hawaii and needs Gantu to kidnap him by using 360.

Next morning, when Stitch wakes up, he tries to wake Lilo up, but she is completely out cold, even when he shakes her and plays a loud trumpet. Lilo is supposed to be helping Mrs. Hasagawa at her fruit stand, so Stitch takes charge of her appointments while carrying Lilo around like a puppet, wearing sunglasses. Meanwhile, 360 escapes and goes around putting everyone to sleep with his bleating. Jumba and Pleakley go after him, and so does Gantu. At Lilo's Hula recital, Stitch puppeteers Lilo across the stage with rope tied to her wrists and waist. Despite the awkward performance, the audience greatly applauds. Mr. Jameson is so impressed that he invites Lilo to be his Aloha greeter who for a very important guest. Stitch is unable to turn down the offer as Mr. Jameson will not take "no" for an answer and leaves before he can say anything.

Stitch, incredibly exhausted, returns home with Lilo, who is still asleep. Jumba and Pleakley have also returned home after failing to capture 360. It is only then, Jumba reveals that spraying water in the face wakes Lilo from her deep sleep. Lilo at first worries because of what Nani said, but Stitch assures her that he took care of all her appointments except one. The next day, Lilo and Stitch are at the airport as Aloha greeters for this very important guest. After the plane arrives, they find that the VIP is Regis Philbin, who has come to Hawaii for a well earned vacation.

Mr. Philbin also happens to be the supreme earthling Hämsterviel wants to kidnap. After being up all night, Gantu was able to capture Experiment 360. Now he and 625 are waiting for Mr. Philbin at the Birds of Paradise Hotel, disguised as valets. When Lilo and Stitch arrive at the hotel with Mr. Philbin and notice Gantu, they suspect trouble. So, they take him round the back and escort him to his hotel. While Lilo keeps Mr. Philbin distracted, Stitch fights off Gantu and 625 who try to pull off all sorts of tricks to kidnap Mr. Philbin. Eventually, Mr. Philbin begins to notice their odd behavior, but suspects they have been protecting him from autograph hunters, which he is thankful of. Lilo invites him to stay at her house instead of the hotel, which he accepts. At the end of the day everyone, including Lilo and Mr. Philbin, fall peacefully to sleep.


  • Stopgo is Experiment 102. However, in his debut, his pod is labeled 239, most likely due to Jumba's untidy database.


  • Moral: Don't let activities get in the way of sleep or responsibilities.
  • Special guest appearance by Regis Philbin, voicing himself.
  • Drowsy's sleep-inducing bleat and sheep-like appearance are most likely derived from the mental exercise of counting sheep in an attempt to fall asleep.
  • Stitch using a sleeping Lilo to pretend she is awake by putting sunglasses on her and manipulating her body like a puppet is very similar to a scene in Ratatouille, where Remy does the same exact thing to a sleeping Linguini after he had passed out from getting drunk.
  • A recurring irony has occurred with Drowsy. Stitch originally used him to get Lilo to fall asleep, and in his second appearance, Lilo used him to put Stitch to sleep.

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