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The Druun is one of the main antagonists of Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Raya and the Last Dragon. It is a mindless plague born from human conflict and discord. The Druun have the ability to turn living creatures into stone, namely humans and dragons, and multiply every time they do so.


The Druun are said to be a mindless plague that spreads like a relentless wildfire, consuming everything in their path until there is nothing left but ash and stone. They wander Kumandra and target any living creature they encounter, turning everything into statues. However, the Druun are repelled by both the Dragon Gem and water. The Druun are born from human malice; they bear no discernible goal beside consuming everything in their path.

When the Druun emerged, the land was completely ravaged as many living beings fell victim to them with no way of fighting back. To save humanity, a group of dragons combined their magic to form an orb that could keep away the Druun. It worked, yet all dragons remained as statues, except for Sisu. The orb, known as the Dragon Gem, survived and came under the protection of Heart.

Role in the film

After the banishment of the Druun, Kumandra was divided into five distinct tribes. The tribes constantly fight for ownership over the Dragon Gem, believing that it has magical properties that can make their own land flourish. However, when the orb breaks during a scuffle, the Druun are awakened once again. In a desperate bid to save her father and eliminate the Druun for good, Raya makes it her mission to find Sisu to help restore the Dragon Gem pieces..

The Druun make its last assault on Fang, nearly wiping out all of the remaining population. It is only thanks to the efforts of Raya and her friends, the Dragon Gem is restored to its original form, releasing a massive shockwave of pure dragon magic that banished the Druun from Kumandra for good, ending their reign of terror. All of the victims, including the family members of Raya, Boun, Tong, and Noi, that were turned to stone by the Druun were revived.

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