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"Duck Flies Coop" is an episode of Walt Disney Presents. It aired on February 13, 1959.


When Walt Disney learns via telegram that Donald Duck is quitting, he sends the studio publicity department to give the duck a taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile, Donald discovers the hard way that not everything is going according to plan.

Donald turns his back on the glitter and glamour of Hollywood and heads for parts unknown to get away from it all. He returns to the water world that was once his natural habitat, only to find that Chip and Dale have other ideas. In the end, his trailer gets the worst of it. Then Donald heads to one of the nation's great national parks, where he seeks the peace and serenity of the great outdoors, only to instead meet Humphrey.

Donald's troubles are only beginning, however, as Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore fakes a car injury so he can assign ranger duties to Donald. Donald tries to do the housekeeping chores of nature, but once again, his efforts are thwarted by Chip and Dale. Then, settling the bears for their winter hibernation proves no easier, especially after Humphrey moves in on him. On top of that, during the winter, Donald also has Chip and Dale to contend with.

Eventually, Donald gets pushed too far. He chases the chipmunks into the bears' cave, where he crashes into a cave wall and knocks himself out. The bears and the chipmunks take refuge in Donald's cabin for the rest of the winter. Donald comes to in the springtime and really goes on the rampage against both bears and chipmunks when he takes a gun and changes a "no hunting" sign so that hunting season is now open. He then opens fire on the bears and chipmunks. The bears, sans Humphrey, retreat to their cave, while Humphrey again hides in Donald's cabin, pretending to be a bearskin rug. In the end, a phone in the cabin rings and Donald answers it; it's Walt Disney. When he hears this, Donald is only too happy to return to the Disney Studio, to the relief of Humphrey.


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