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Duke Anoi (voiced by Brandon Baker) is a minor/recurring character in the Disney Channel Original Series The Proud Family.


He is Penny's surfer friend. Duke originally came to the show as a flat character, but later grew into a bigger role as the show progressed. He was a rival to Sticky after Dijonay used him to make Sticky jealous, but later he dumped Dijonay, and he and Sticky became good friends.[2]

Physical Appearance

He has crinkly hair, necklace choker, white no sleeve v-neck shirt, red Hawaiian shorts with sunscreen, and some sandals.

Episode Appearances

Season Two

  • Surf and Turf (first appearance)
  • Camping Trip
  • The Camp, The Counselor, The Mole And The Rock
  • The Legend of Johnny Lovely
  • Tween Town
  • Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny

Season Three

  • Suga Mama's Believers
  • Psycho Duck (final appearance)


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