Vice Principal Murney is a minor antagonist in Disney's The Pacifier.

Role in the film

Dwayne Murney is the vice principal and formally the wrestling coach of Zoe, Seth and Lulu Plummer's school. He had an extreme displeasure towards Seth and Zoe, calling them the worst students in the school; they turned up late several times and Seth was on the wrestling team and Zoe was taking Drivers Ed which the two kept skipping. When they were being taken care off by Shane Wolfe, he called the Plummer residence to inform the children to arrive at school on time unless they wanted to face punishment.

Once Shane and the kids got to the school, Murney introduced himself and stated his disdain for Zoe and Seth before being interrupted by the principal Claire Fletcher. He then left to deal with a case of baloney slices that had been continuously appearing on the cafeteria ceiling.

Seth was later picked on by the other members of the wrestling team, but Murney only saw it as to get Seth to toughen up and encouraged it. After Zoe accidentally crashed her car while she was taking Drivers Ed, he had her, Shane and Seth called into the principal's office. When Shane attempted to state that the damage done to the car would already be paid for by the insurance company, Murney stated that he his main focus was on Seth; when he showed up for wrestling practice, he'd dyed his hair blonde. Murney later started doing some recce on Seth and found a Nazi armband in his locker.

Murney later ordered that Seth be strictly punished after finding him dancing under the showers to no music, but Seth ended up gaining encouragement from Shane and quit himself. After Murney accused him of being a quitter, he then laughed at Seth and accused him of not being a man after he revealed himself to be in a production of The Sound of Music. This ended up leading to Murney and Shane having a wrestling match after school later that day, which Shane bested him in.

After the match, Murney ended up in a neck brace. He later himself got involved in the production of The Sound of Music Seth entered himself in, playing one of the nuns. He ended up enjoying it, as Claire said that he'd finally found his true calling, and was even replaced by Shane as the wrestling team's coach.

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