Dwayne Robertson
Dwayne Robertson
is a ranch hand from Austin, Texas. Dwayne is a hockey player and plays at the forward position. His jersey number is 7. Dwayne was part of the Team USA in the Goodwill Games in the film D2: The Mighty Ducks. He is the team's best puckhandler. He later attended Eden Hall Academy, as seen in D3: The Mighty Ducks. While at school, he rides a horse to lasso and hogtie the members of the varsity hockey team. Dwayne provides much of the team's comic relief with his southern demeanor and tendency to show off. Some of the Ducks either laugh or groan when he fails to understand their inside jokes or slang. He is portrayed by Ty O'Neal.

Playing Style

Dwayne is the best puck handler on the Duck's roster, which allows him to maneuver around defenders without losing sight of the puck. However, Dwayne often gets too caught up in his own moves and will begin to show off rather than pass or attempt to score.


(Facing off in practice)

  • Dwayne: "Great day for hockey, ain't it?"
  • Jesse: "Sure is, cowboy."

(Seeing Dwayne for the first time)

  • Dwayne: "Yee-haw! How's everybody? Y'all ready to play some puck?"
  • Goldberg: "Hey, look, it's Hop-Along Gretzky!"

(Going after the Iceland player)

  • "I'm coming, Connie! Yee-haw!"
  • "Where I come from, we treat ladies with respect!"
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