The Earl of Huntingdon is a character from Disney's The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. He is Maid Marian's father, Robin Fitzooth's possible future father-in-law, Hugh Fitzooth and Tyb's boss, and the ruler of Huntingdon Manor.

Role in the film

At Huntingdon Manor, the Earl of Huntingdon is first seen preparing himself to leave for Nottingham Castle at Nottingham to join King Richard on the Crusade until he hears his servant, Tyb calling for his daughter, Maid Marian. When the Earl asks Tyb if his daughter is ready, Tyb assures her master that she'll have her ready, making her a sight for Queen Eleanor to accept to take care of in his absence while he is fighting side by side with King Richard on the Crusade. So, the Earl asks her to find his daughter quickly before they leave for Nottingham.

Once the Earl and his daughter arrive at Nottingham Castle, he greets King Richard, his younger brother, Prince John, and their mother, Queen Eleanor. Before leaving, the Earl asks the Queen to look after his daughter in his absence, which the Queen gladly accepts. Later, King Richard asks a blessing from the Archbishop of Canterbury for his Crusade. Once King Richard and the Earl of Huntingdon are gone, Prince John appoints a new man to be his own new Sheriff of Nottingham and reveals his true nature and intentions, which is to raise taxes and collect money from the poor in his brother's absence and as long as his mother and the Archbishop of Canterbury remain oblivious to the plot. Luckily, Robin Hood and his Merrie Men are willing to restore order in the kingdom in the King's absence.

Two years have passed, King Richard's Crusade has ended in failure, and the King finds himself imprisoned in Austria to be held for a ransom of 100,000 marks; much to the Queen and Archbishop's dismay and Prince John's joy. Nevertheless, Robin and his men do everything they can to ensure their benevolent king's safe return with contributions and foiling Prince John's plans concerning the ransom.

A few days later, after Prince John's defeat and the Sheriff's death, the Earl of Huntingdon is last heard by King Richard, who has safely returned to England after his ransom's been paid, awaiting his daughter at Huntingdon Manor where the Queen vows to marry her to Robin Hood, now knighted the Earl of Locksley.


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