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We're weapons. But when you're filled with rage, it makes you blind. It could be used, could be manipulated.
Clint to Maya[src]

Echo (real name Maya Lopez) is a Marvel Comics character. For Disney, she first made a cameo appearance in the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man, before making her live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She first appears in the 2021 Disney+ series Hawkeye, and is set to headline her own spin-off series. She is portrayed by Alaqua Cox.

Echo is a deaf Native American who has a talent to imitate any opponent's fighting style.[1] She is also the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia. After her father was murdered by Ronin, Maya demands the capture of Kate Bishop, whom she believes to be the vigilante crossing her paths with Hawkeye.

Echo was created by David Mack and Joe Quesada.


Powers and Abilities

  • Photographic Reflexes: Echo is able to replicate the fighting style of others.[1]
  • Martial Arts: Echo is trained in physical combatant skills, having trained in various fighting skills, including karate and boxing.
  • Multilingualism: Echo can lipread and has the ability to interpret someone's speech through mouth movements, without physically hearing it. She can also communicate to others in ASL.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


In 2007, Maya attends school. While she's unable to hear what her teacher or peers say, she can decipher speech thorugh lip reading. One day in class, Maya's teacher approaches her, to tell her to pay attention, but finds she had already completed the activity book, that was assigned to everyone.

One night, before going to sleep, Maya and her father are performing hand shadows. After they finish, she asks him about the noises she can't hear, and she goes on to question, why she isn't in school with other deaf children, like she initially believed she would be. Her father, George, apologizes, but believes it will be better for her in the long-term, as it will prepare her to assimilate into two different worlds.

Maya attends Brooklyn Karate Academy, where she meets Kazi Kazimierczak. During a karate torunament, Maya analyses the subtle movements of her upcoming opponent, to prepare her, in their fight. Before she begins, George wishes her luck, and reminds her to focus on speed, rather than the size. He bids her farewell, and informs her, her uncle, who is in attendance, will take her home after class. As Maya's match begins, she bases her attack on what she witnessed, from her opponents previous fight, and is able to overturn him.

At some point in time, Maya joins the Tracksuit Mafia, and begins working under her father's friend, her "uncle" Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, a crime lord, in charge of their operations. Her childhood friend Kazi, is also part of the group. At an unknown point in time, Maya loses her right leg, which is replaced with a prosthetic.

In 2018, Thanos gains the Infinity Stones, and wipes out half of all life in the universe. Maya and her father are amongst the survivors.

One night, following a sparring match, Maya returns to an auto repair shop, which serves as a safehouse for the Tracksuit Mafia. Before she can enter, she witnesses members of the gang being massacred by a masked vigilante, who goes by the name Ronin. Following his departure, she finds her father on the ground, fatally wounded. He pleads with her to leave, as he doesn't want her to witness his death, but Maya refuses. He holds her face, in his hand, leaving a bloody mark on her, and she embraces him, as he takes his last breath.

The Blip occurs, in which all the lives originally lost, at the hands of Thanos, are returned. The following year, during the Christmas period, Maya has the Tracksuit Mafia, obstruct a black market auction featuring items recovered from the remains of the Avengers Compound, so they can obtain a watch. There, the group encounter an individual in the Ronin suit, whom they learn to be Kate Bishop. She manages to evade capture, but the group apprehend, Clint Barton, and later Kate, who went to track Barton in a rescue attempt.

In her headquarters, Maya is in a room, feeling the vibrations emitting from a speaker, through her hand, when one of her subordinates, Ivan, enters, to inform her, that they have captured Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Following the news, she signals him to leave.

Hawkeye - 1x03 - Echoes - Photography - Maya Contronts Kate and Clint.jpeg

Maya confronts the two hostages, during an interrogation. She initially believed Kate Bishop, to be Ronin, which Clint denies, but still mantains the belief she holds a connection to him, and that he has returned. Clint claims Ronin was killed by Black Widow, which he was a witness to. Upon seeing Kate, she recalls the memories of her dying father, and Maya begins choking her out of anger. Kate explains she wore the suit to stay incognito at the auction, unaware of what it represented, and Maya is stopped by Kazi. Barton manages to escape his restraints, and goes toe-to-toe with Maya, but escapes her grasp, escaping the building, with Kate. A car chase ensues, between the Tracksuit Mafia, and the two archers. During the chase, three of the four cars, become incapacitated, due to Clint's various trick arrows, leaving Maya and a subordinate, soely responsible, to recapture them. Kate releases a gas into their car, halting them, on a bridge, where all parties cars, are too damaged for further use. Maya and her men shoot at the pair, but stop, at the threat of another trick arrow, possessed by Kate. Upon her revealing it to be nothing more than a regular arrow, she and Clint manage to make a swift escape.

Maya and her men returns to the repair shop, having made the decision to relocate, following its compromise. Kazi informs her, they should be cleared out, within a few minutes, and decides to share his views on the events that transpired. He tries to warn Maya of the dangers they face from trying to go after Ronin, as they're required to keep a low profile, from Maya's uncle, who wouldn't be happy, regarding their activities. Maya responds that her father's authority wouldn't be questioned, and reminds him, she is in charge. She then instructs him to look into Clint Barton, before leaving.

Following the events that transpired, Maya keeps some form of monitoring on Clint's family, taking note of their day-to-day activity. When Kate Bishop breaks into the premises, to retrieve the watch that the Tracksuit Mafia stole, a silent alarm is triggered, informing her, of the intruders' presence. Maya attacks her, but Kate makes her way onto a nearby rooftop, to escape. Maya follows the latter, to continue their brawl, but a masked assailant knocks her back with an electric tag, keeping her grounded. Maya is able to remove the tags from her body, and heads to Clint Barton next. She holds him back, when the assailant punches her, and Kate fires a trick arrow, in her direction, which releases a sonic boom, throwing Maya and the other parties back. Kate aims an additional arrow, into Maya's shoulder, which she yanks out, before fleeing the scene.

Hawkeye - 1x05 - Ronin - Photography - Maya.jpeg

Kazi tends to Maya's injuries, and encourages her to be honest about her feelings around him. Maya expresses her pain, in a sarcastic manner, and informs him of the mystery assailant, who was present, during her encounter with Clint Barton. He pleads with her to stop, but Maya is more determined than ever, to kill Ronin, so he requests that they be done, after she kills him. The following morning, Maya receives a message from Ronin, for a confrontation at the location in which they met, passed on by Ivan and Tomas. That evening, Maya has her men stationed outside, for her meeting. One-by-one, they are taken out, and Maya is left by herself. Ronin steps out of the shadows, revealing himself, and fight ensues between the pair. Ronin manages to best her, and holds her at sword-point, before unmasking himself, exposing his identity as Clint Barton. He spares her, but warns her off, should she go after him, or his family again, and compares himself with her, based on the rage they share. He reveals that he was tipped off by an informant, who worked for her boss, who wanted her father dead. Enraged and in disbelief at the revelation, Maya quickly disarms Barton, and holds the sword above him, ready to strike, when she is disarmed by an arrow from Kate Bishop. Maya turns to her, before turning back, and finds that Clint has disappeared. She meets up with Kazi at a safe point, and he apologizes for being unavailable, due to Ronin's attack. He questions whether she killed him, but Maya reveals he escaped, and questions why he was absent, during the meeting, the night her father, and the other members of the gang were killed. He explains he simply didn't get a call, but Maya remains unconvinced of his answer, and leaves.

Hawkeye - 1x06 - So This Is Christmas? - Photography - Maya.jpeg

Maya comes to realize that Clint was telling the truth, meaning Kingpin and Kazi had a part in her fathers death. The morning following her and Barton's confrontation, she arrives to meet with Fisk, who questions her antics, based on the high profile she's kept, over the past few days. Maya remains covert, on what she learnt, and apologizes, dismissing her behavior on finding answers for her father, but states she is now solely focused on their mission, as finding answers won't bring her father back. Maya then ask permission, for a short leave of absence, which Fisk grants. Before she exits, Fisk tells her, he loves her, and Maya returns the sentiment. At home, Maya begins packing her belongings, when she finds a picture of her father, and a following picture of the two of them, in between Kazi. Reminded of his deception, Maya takes off, in order to confront him. She drives over to his location, and he expresses how she should've left. A fight ensues between the pair, with Maya gaining the upper hand. She confesses she doesn't want to kill him, but simply leave the crime business behind, alongside him. Kazi declines her offer, as he's already devoted his life, to Fisk's cause, and he won't allow him to go. He proceeds to attack her, with one of Barton's arrows, but Maya is able to turn the weapon back on Kazi, fatally wounding him. As she lays his dying body onto the ground, he warns her to leave, as Fisk will be after her. Maya drives off, to find an injured Fisk, who is stumbling away from the police. Maya exits the vehicle, and before he can express his relief, and she pulls out a gun on him. Fisk implores on Maya, as his family, but she raises the firearm towards his head, and shoots him.


Alaqua Cox will star as the titular character, in a spin-off.[1]

Marvel Animation

Ultimate Spider-Man

Echo appears in the episodes "Agent Venom" and "The Next Iron Spider".



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