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"Echoes of the Past" is the twenty-second episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on June 26, 2021, and is the third episode in the second season.


King's delusions of grandeur lead Luz, Lilith and Hooty to a dangerous new island.


Luz and Lilith are in the living room, up to their heads in books. They are researching glyph combinations in hopes of covering new spells. Luz has figured out how to cast an invisibility spell. Meanwhile, King is with his stuffed toys and tries to get Luz and Lilith to play along, saying Francois is trying to start a rebellion. However, Luz and Lilith are too busy with their studies. Lilith is not interested in King's games, and as the lead historical scholar of the Emperor's Coven, tells him there was never a King of Demons, and demons were never historically united under a single rule until Emperor Belos. King insists that he was the king of demons and recalls vague memories of his army, feasts worthy of a ruler, and falling from a massive height as an evil hex shrank him to the small critter he is now. Determined to prove Lilith wrong, King takes her and Luz, along with Hooty, on a trip to an uncharted island hidden in a fog. According to King, it was where his castle is, and where Eda found him. Upon arrival, they discover a ruined tower hidden in the jungle.

Inside the tower, they discover strange rock piles scattered everywhere and the walls decorated with carvings of a mighty demon that somewhat resembles King, implying that King's stories could be true. Luz ventures deeper into the temple, and discovers a lot of strange and creepy geo-organic figures settled in the walls. Concerned, Luz suggests they leave immediately, just as one of those creepy figures crawl out of the darkness and attacks. Eda, who followed them shortly after they left, comes to the rescue and fights off the creature, allowing Luz, Lilith, King, and Hooty to escape. Eda gets injured, and makes it out of the tower. The creature is unable to pursue them because it cannot survive outside the tower. They assume the creature is some kind of guard that is protecting the tower, which confuses King. If the tower belongs to King, why would that creature attack him as well? At this point, Eda decides to tell him the truth about how they met.

Eight years ago, Eda was on the run from the Emperor's Coven, and found her way to the island. She went into the tower to shelter from the boiling rain, and that was where she found King. Eda saved King from that creature and took him home, with only a broken horn due to a makeshift arrow fired by the creature meant for Eda. During that time, King fantasized the idea that he was a demon overlord and Eda just played along with it. King at first does not believe it, but after Eda shows him his broken horn piece the memories come back to him. His army and feasts were all just figments of his imagination when he was small. Devastated and unable to accept the truth, King runs away in tears.

King does not go far, and Luz finds him. He is very hurt by the fact that everyone lied to him and was so caught up in his fantasy he did not realize it. He no longer knows what is real or fake. Luz, however, believes there is more. King also had a memory of falling and hearing a roar somewhere at the top of the tower. Luz believes that is a real memory and encourages King to find out. Though reluctant, he agrees. They rejoin the others, and Eda apologizes to King. The two of them quickly make up, and head back to the tower for further investigation.

Lilith and Hooty distract the creature while Luz, Eda and King unblock a hole in the ceiling, leading to the top of the tower. The five of them fly to the top, only to find an empty room. The creature chases after them and has them cornered against the door. King somehow opens the door, and they end up in a chamber where they discover eggshells. All this appears familiar to King, and more memories come flashing back. He remembers a deep roar and then something happened, but he was too small to do anything. So, he went back to sleep. The next time he woke up, he hatched from an egg, and was carried away by that creature. The roar he heard meant "son", meaning he had a father and all those wall carvings were of him. As for the creature, it was actually guarding King, who managed to get it back under his command. Realizing he had a father, King desperately wants to find him and Luz promises they will try.

Upon returning to The Owl House, King has carved a symbol from the tower onto his collar, believing it could be his name. He also got his broken horn glued back on and brought the creature (now dubbed Jean-Luc and currently motionless outside the tower) back with him. Now realizing he was never a king of demons, he wonders if he should still be called King. However, Luz cheers him up, saying he will always be the king of her heart and puts him to bed. She then joins Eda and Lilith in the living room, who are pondering over what they discovered in the tower. For now, it is all a mystery, which they intend to solve.



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  • Luz learns her fifth spell, Invisibility.
  • The broken part of King's horn is found and glued back on.
  • Hooty leaves the Owl House for the first time in this episode, revealing that he has a portable house for traveling.
  • Lilith finally addresses Luz by name.
  • So far, this episode features the shortest cast list.
  • Eda is revealed to have a flying bathtub as a backup in case she cannot use her flying staff.
  • King is revealed to be roughly eight or nine years old.
  • The colors of the "S" Luz painted on Hooty are the same colors of the gems on the Calamity Box from "Amphibia".
  • In a flashback of Eda and Baby King at the Owl House, there is a coded message on the corner of a box which translates to "and".

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