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"Eclipse Lake" is the twenty-eighth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered in August 7, 2021, and is the ninth episode in the second season.


When Luz gets sick with the Common Mold, it is up to Amity, King and Eda to find an important ingredient for the portal door—but they are not the only ones on its trail.


Emperor Belos has successfully rebuilt the Portal, but is unable to open it without the key. Even fabricating a new one does not work. Hunter has been watching from the shadows, but Belos calls him out. They talk briefly about the human realm and what its like. Belos even tells Hunter that he once went to the human realm, and looks forward to seeing it again. Belos has also been keeping Hunter in the castle since failing his last assignment. He says it is for his own "safety" as the Titan has big plans for him. Hunter thinks its punishment for failing, but Belos avoids the topic when asked.

Meanwhile, Amity, Willow, Gus, King, and Hooty are busy doubling up security around the Owl House. Amity is going around doing checks and making sure everyone is carrying out their specific tasks. Hooty is securing the perimeter, Willow has gathered supplies, Gus and King have gathered a lot of human CDs and and tapes. Eda, who is supposed to be helping Hooty build their defenses, is actually trying to learn how transform into her Harpy form on command, following some thirty year old anime videos that she thinks are human workout videos. The reason they are doubling security around the house is because Luz is sick with the common mold. It is usually a harmless illness among witches, but because Luz is a human there is no telling how it will effect her. She has become delusional, wearing her socks on her hands, thinking her arms are snakes, and almost tries to eat the portal key, thinking she will return to the Human Realm. Amity takes the key away and keeps it on her until Luz gets better. Amity has been hanging around the Owl House on a regular basis, and since Luz is sick she is taking this as an opportunity to prove she is an awesome girlfriend to her. At that moment, the Echo Mouse reveals another entry from Philip Wittebane; the entry is about how he found the rare substance known as Titan's Blood, which can breach realms to another realm. As the Titan's veins run through the land, many believe these wild portals are created when a little of its blood leaks into the water, which explains how he arrived on the Isles. He then set out on a journey back to a location known as Eclipse Lake. Luz hurries and writes everything down, and almost storms out the door to find Eclipse Lake, only to be stopped by her friends, as she is too unwell for an expedition. In her place, Eda and King go to Eclipse Lake for her instead, accompanied by Amity, who volunteers. Willow and Gus stay behind to look after Luz.

Kikimora is already on the search for the Titan's Blood, and has her forces digging through abandoned mine tunnels located on the knee. She is taking this assignment very personal as she considers this her chance to prove herself to the Emperor. But, Kikimora seems to get very paranoid that Hunter will show up and spoil everything. Hunter is indeed lurking about, disguised as a Coven scout, planning to get to the Titan's Blood before her in the hopes his efforts will please Belos and allow him to return to his old duties. Amity, Eda, and King are also in the area searching for the Titan's blood. When Hunter sees them, he hopes they will lead him to the blood, but his palisman exposes him to them. They recognize his voice and restrain him before he can escape.

With Hunter in tow, Eda, King, and Amity find another way into the mine tunnels through a wall of ice. Hunter warns them not to use any magic in the tunnels because the walls are made from the veins of a Titan. Any magic they shoot will will bounce back. After a while trekking through the mine shafts, they make it to the passage leading to Eclipse Lake, only to discover Kikimora and her troops are blocking the way. So, Eda and King go off to form a distraction while Amity and Hunter hide. Hunter notices Amity is doing this for Luz and Amity starts to get worried about what might happen if she fails. The two of them now own two devices that allow them to communicate with each other. However, Amity does not seem to understand human emojis. Hunter notes that he and Amity have a lot in common, both of them have a lot to prove themselves and cannot afford to fail because there is nothing worse than disappointing the people close to them. Instead of waiting for Eda and King's distraction, Amity sets off a series of fireballs, distracting Kikimora and her troops long enough for her and her comrades to enter the mine shaft.

Meanwhile, Luz accidentally activates another diary entry from the echo mouse, which reveals more information about Philip Wittebane's search for Eclipse Lake. He was successful in finding it but it was not without consequences. The tunnels were filled with a substance known as "Fool's Blood", which signifies a decaying vein. Philip made it out alive, but his companions were not so lucky. Realizing Eda, King, and Amity are heading for danger, she tries to get to a crystal ball to warn them. Because of her illness she is unable to see clearly, and ends up breaking the crystal ball. She calls out for Willow, Gus, and Hooty for help, but they are too busy mixing up audio sounds to hear her. So, she calls Amity through the devices they share, unaware that she has dropped hers.

Back in the mine tunnels, Eda, King, Amity, and Hunter make it to were the Fool's Blood is located. Eda and King think it is the Titan's Blood. Hunter warns them not to touch it, but they ignore him. Touching the fool's blood causes the ground beneath their feet to collapse, and Eda and King fall down a bottomless pit. Worst of all, Kikimora is coming. Not wanting to get caught, Hunter pleas for Amity to free him, which she does reluctantly. The moment he is free, Hunter knocks Amity down and heads for Eclipse Lake just as Kikimora and her troops arrive and captures Amity. Kikimora goes after Hunter while her troops push Amity down the pit. However, she is saved by Eda and King, who have jammed Owlbert between the walls to keep them from falling. However, Owlbert is knocked out and cannot fly them out. Their only option is for Eda to transform into her harpy form, which she is still unable to do on command. She has tried everything from yelling to scaring it out. Things become desperate when Owlbert is unable to hold them and is on the brink of breaking. King suggests talking to the Owl Beast. Eda is uncertain if it will work but she gives it a try. After consulting a deal with the Owl Beast within her, she finally transforms into her harpy form and flies Amity and King out the pit. They go after Kikimora and her troops, and discover they have hurt themselves and riding through the mines in Abomiton minecars. They find the tunnel leading to Eclips Lake, but they are suddenly attacked by Kikimora's troops. Eda holds them off while Amity and King head for Eclipse Lake.

Upon arrival, however, Amity and King discover the Eclipse Lake has been drained, and there is not a single of Titan's Blood anywhere. They find Hunter desperately digging through the soil, hoping to find some drops of titan's blood, but his efforts are futile. Amity also learns from Hunter that the key for the portal contains Titan's Blood. Hunter is unable to accept the fact he has failed and cannot go back empty handed. Amity now feels like she has failed Luz as well. She tells King that she is unable to understand the symbols Luz has been sending her, thinking that they mean Luz will break up with her if she fails. However, with King's help, she realizes the symbols Luz has been sending spell words, and are actually words of encouragement and warnings. Amity is relieved that Luz still loves her and will not be disappointed if she fails. Amity walks up to Hunter, who is lying face down in the dirt. She tells him that he was right about them having so much in common. She grew up thinking everything was an opportunity to justify her existence. But now she has seen there are people out there who will not make you feel worthless, and all he has to do is let himself meet them. Amity stretches her hand out to Hunter, but when he sees the key around her neck he jumps at it. The two of them soon exchange in a relentless witch's duel for the key. They reach a standstill, and Hunter threatens to harm Luz if Amity does not surrender the key. She reluctantly cooperates by handing him the key, but not before gripping it tightly her in hand, making it crack. Before leaving, Hunter shows a degree of remorse for this.

Upon returning to the Owl House, Luz has recovered from her illness, and is happy to see her girlfriend safe. Eda is worried about telling Luz they had failed, but Amity thinks otherwise. When she crushed the key, it leak some Titan's Blood onto her hand and stained her glove, meaning they succeeded. Meanwhile, Hunter looks at the key and shows degree of remorse. His palisman tries to cheer him up, and Hunter starts to understand it.


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  • Amity gets her own Palisman, which is revealed to be a white cat named Ghost.
    • Ghost's name and appearance are based on the real-life cat of Dana Terrace.
    • Amity's palisman being a cat is also a reference to the classic/traditional association between witches and cats.
  • Amity and Hunter meet for the first time.
  • Emperor Belos' face is revealed for the first time.
    • It is also revealed that he once visited the human realm.
  • It is revealed that Hunter has an obsession of being useful to Emperor Belos as he believes all existence have a purpose and his own existence have to be useful. When Hunter feels he failed again, he went crazy for a moment which has affected his mental health.
    • Amity tells him that he does not have to think everything is an opportunity to justify existing when there are people out there who will not make you feel worthless, and all he has to do is let himself meet them. Despite Hunter not listening to her, he might be thinking about what she told him.
  • The Dragonclaw Z video is a reference to the anime television series, Dragon Ball Z. Eda also mimics the power boosting technique used by the characters in the series.
    • The character on the video cover resembles Vegeta, a major character in the Dragon Ball series.
  • King recalls the events of "I Was a Teenage Abomination", when Amity almost got Luz dissected by Principal Bump. According to Gus, a few months have passed since that day.
  • Hunter is starting to understand Palisman speech.
  • Amity is still learning not to fear abandonment by her loved ones for failure; a psychological scar left by her mother. The fact Luz was more concerned about her safety over getting titan's blood made Amity happy.
  • The messages Luz tries to send Amity are "U R pretty", "U R rad", "Fool's blood bad", "U okay?", and "Come home."
  • The devices Luz and Amity use to communicate with each other resemble the Japanese digital pet, Tamagotchi.
  • In exchange for using her harpy form, Eda must hunt and eat the food the Owl Beast likes.
  • The hidden message, located on a rock at the end of the episode, translates to "Dreams".
  • The technique Amity uses of bottling her abomination goop is similar to Katara's method of keeping a satchel of water in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Hunter's lapse in judgement also bears a similarity to that of Zuko's in the series' Book 2 season finale "The Crossroads of Destiny". It should be noted that Amity and Katara are both voiced by the same voice actress: Mae Whitman.


  • When Eda and Amity leave Luz's room and meet Gus, Willow, and King, the back part of Eda's dress is missing.
  • On the close up of Eda's face after she stabbed the Fool's blood, she is not wearing her gloves, where before and after she is.

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