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"Eda's Requiem" is the twenty-sixth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on July 24, 2021, and is the seventh episode in the second season.


A special witch from Eda's past enlists her in a rebellion against the Emperor.


Eda is in her Room checking a list of things to do for Luz and King. She laughs at herself upon realizing how much she has changed. Before, she only looked out for herself, and now she was a subparent to Luz and King. But, at the same time she is sad by the realization that they will someday day leave her. Luz will return home to the human realm and King hopes to reunite with his father. So, she distracts herself by playing her old lute. As she plays, things begin to magically float around her. But, because of the curse, her magic causes everything around her shrivel and die.

Luz and King are training for the upcoming Gland Prix, where students from Hexside, Glandus, and St. Elpiderm race to win glory, honor and fame. Winners also get an interview with the Boiling Isles News. Luz and King are entering the competition so King can get on camera to send a message to his father. King also has something important to tell Eda, but she keeps avoiding him. She thinks he is planning to leave when he finds his father, and is too afraid to hear it.

While drinking her sorrows away on apple blood at the Grimgrub's Pub, two emperor guards apprehend a wild witch. She tries to stop them, even though she is powerless. Then a small group of rebel witches in bat masks use their bard music to rescue the covenless witch as they protest against the emperor's rule to the public. However, the two emperor guards call in reinforcements and surround them. But, Eda helps them escape. She was impressed by their courage and wants to join them. Their leader declines her request, but later changes their mind after Eda recognizes them. The leader of the rebellion is Raine Whispers, the new Head Witch of the Bard Coven and an old friend of Eda's. She recognised them from their stage fright when they got nervous making their protest speech. Eda and Raine knew each other way back, and it was because of her they started their little rebellion after realizing the Emperor was prioritizing coven recruitments through force and punishing anyone who stood out of line. Refusing to stand for that, they carefully stood up the ranks, becoming the new Head Witch of the Bard Coven, and found people who wanted to change things. Together, they formed the Bards Against the Throne, also known as the BATs.

While Luz and Eda a practicing for the Gland Prix, Eda goes out on a raid with Raine and the BATTs. According to the BATs, Emperor Belos wants wild witches in a Coven before the Day of Unity. He is trying to steal as much magic as possible, but no one knows why. Right now they are focusing on helping those he has captured. With Eda's help and insight, they rescue more wild witches from the emperor's guards and guide them outside Bonesborough. Belos has less reach outside cities. By morning, they return to their hide out, tired, exhausted, but proud to have helped a lot of people. While the others rest, Eda and Raine catch up on each other's lives. Eda is impressed by Raine becoming a Coven Head despite their stage fright. Raine asks if she still does any bard spells, and her excuse is the curse messes with her magic, which is why she stopped performing. However, Raine convinces her to play and so she does. Like before, her performance causes everything around her to shrivel and die, which interests Raine.

The next day is the Gland Prix. The contestants will be flying down the right arm to the Cubital Valley, using speed, cunning and magic to race to the checkpoint and back to the finish line. The first one to reach the finish will be declared the winner, and get their name etched on the Cup of Ephemeral Glory and an on-camera interview seen by everyone watching across the Isles. Eda is also their to cheer on Luz and King. However, she is still avoiding King, as she is still too afraid to hear what wants to tell her. Soon after the race begins, Raine calls for her help. The BATs got a tip about another raid. But, when they reach the spot, they realize too late they have fallen into a trap. Heads Witches Eberwolf and Derius capture Raine's followers and send them to the Conformatorium. However, they know Eda and Raine are still out there and start searching for them. Eda and Raine manage to hide from them using an invisibility spell. Raine realizes Belos' plans are a lot more dangerous than they let on. They tells Eda that he is preparing some big spell for the Day of Unity, but he cannot do it without every Head Witch. So, Raine suggests they take out Eberwolf and Derius using Eda's cursed magic. Together, they perform magical music, and with Eda playing, causes everything and everyone around them to shrivel and die, even themselves. Eda is prepared to make the sacrifice, but after Raine sees a picture of her with Luz and King, realizing she has a family, stops her. Eda tells Raine it does not matter because they have real families to return to. However, Raine convinces her not to abandon them so quickly and that she should confront her fears. Despite what the future may hold, Luz and King still need her more than she realizes. As for stopping Belos, Raine hopes to find another way. Suddenly, they are captured by Darius and Eberwolf, but Eda manages to escape while Raine holds them off. Despite not wanting to leave them, she returns to the Gland Prix in time to see the winners.

During the race, Luz and King were on the verge of winning as they passed all the other witches and made it to first place. Unfortunately, just as they were close to winning, King's motion sickness got the better of him, causing them to crash. So, they lost to fifth place. This means they would not get the on-camera interview. However, Eda gets King to stream his message to his father on Penstegram. Everyone on the Isles hears his message, including a mysterious character somewhat resembles King. Then at the end of the message, he announces that he is legally changing his name to King Clawthorne, which was what he had been wanting to tell Eda the whole time. Eda is so touched by this she bursts into tears, and so does Luz.

As for Raine, they are captured by Darius and Eberwolf. They are prepared to face petrification, but Kikimora has other plans for them. Emperor Belos needs them alive and well. So, until the Day of Unity, Kikimora puts Raine into a deep slumber.


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  • This episode introduces Disney's first non-binary character, Raine Whispers.
  • King adopts the Clawthorne name.
  • The character from "A Lying Witch and a Warden" who likes to write fanfiction of food makes her second appearance in this episode, and her name is revealed to be Katya.
  • Eda's Penstagram username is "BADGIRLCOVEN".
  • Eberwolf's Penstagram username is "RAISEDBYDIREWOLVES", a nod to the series Game of Thrones.
  • A third school, Epidermis High, is introduced. The word "Epidermis" refers to a layer of skin.
  • While trying to convince the rebellion to let her join them, Eda refers herself as "an agent of chaos", a reference to the 2008 Batman film The Dark Knight, in which Heath Ledger's Joker referred himself in the same way.
  • Gus Porter, Willow Park, Amity, Emira and Edric Blight and King's currently unnamed father all make silent cameo appearances.
  • Eda tells King that nobody watches crystal balls anymore and that it is all about streaming. This is of course meant to be a jab at current modes of watching entertainment.
  • The coded message located in the top left of the "Join a Coven Today" poster reads "No".
  • Luz appears to have gotten a growth spurt from the start of the show. When she hugs Eda in "A Lying Witch and a Warden", she had to stand on her tiptoes to hug her around the shoulders; in this episode when she hugs her after the race, she's standing on her full feet with one leg out, and hugs her without any tiptoe standing.
  • Luz wears her grudby uniform from "Wing It Like Witches" during the race.


  • When King shows Eda the Gland Prix brocher his tail is missing.

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