Edgar Vulgud is the tertiary antagonist of Atlantis: Milo's Return. He is allied with the Krakken, being somehow able to control the creature.


Atlantis: Milo's Return

At an unspecified point in the past, the town of Krakenstaff had lost its ability to provide for itself due to fishing boats no longer bringing in any catches. Vulgud was forced to quite literally "make a deal with the Devil" by asking the Kraken (also known as the "devilfish") to provide for Krakenstaff by stealing supplies from passing cargo ships. In exchange for this, the Kraken was given the souls of the townsfolk.

As a part of the deal, Vulgud asked for eternal life, wishing to be the Magistrate for eternity. However, he forgot to ask for eternal youth, leaving him to age into a creepy old man.(It would later be speculated that the Kraken was devouring the fish to force this deal to occur.)

In the present day, Team Atlantis arrived to investigate the Kraken sightings, having originally believed that it may be an Atlantian war machine like the Leviathan. Vulgud attempted to send them to Tronhyme, where their ship was being repaired, but they decided to stay and investigate. The investigation led them to an underwater battle with the Kraken, destroying with a full supply of missiles.

Having lost the magic keeping him alive, Vulgud was crumbled into dust.


  • For an unknown reason, his name has been changed in the French translation to "Edgar Volgud."


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