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Eduardo is a Marvel Comics character that appears in the Disney Channel series, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. He is an excitable boy, who is one of Lunella Lafayette's friends and classmates.

Eduardo was created by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare, and Natacha Bustos.



Eduardo is a loud and excitable teenager who does not possesses near any of Lunella's intelligence, but makes up for it with his determination and spirit. He can be easily distracted and is shown to sometimes force himself into the middle of conversations when he is not needed. While Eduardo can be obnoxious and, even slightly bullying at times, he is an all around nice and decent person. He even openly considers Lunella the smartest person he knows and believes that she is the only one who can truly understand him. In "Skip This Ad...olescence", a future scenario depicts Eduardo going to prom with Lunella, implying that not only does he admire her, but he also harbors a crush on her as well. This was later confirmed in "Dancing With Myself".

Physical appearance[]

Eduardo is a teenage boy of average height and is of Latino descent with light brown skin and combed back brown hair. He is usually seen wearing a blue hoodie, black pants and blue sneakers.


  • In the comics, Eduardo is a student at Public School 20 Anna Silver. He is one of Lunella Lafayette's friends and classmates, who was popular because he claimed to have seen pop star Taylor Swift on Yancy Street. He is also easily recognized by his sharp, spiky, Lisa Simpson-esque hair.
  • Just like Lunella, Eduardo is aged up from his appearances in the comics, going from a 9-year-old to a 13-year-old in the series.
  • It's possible that Eduardo possesses some unknown musical ability, possibly related to synesthesia or perfect pitch. In "The Beyonder", Lunella noted that there was, in fact, some scientific merit to his music machine.

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