Eddie Asner, commonly known as Edward "Ed" Asner, is an American actor, voice actor, and former president of the Screen Actors Guild who is best known for his role as Lou Grant on the CBS sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and its dramatic spin-off series of the same name both shows of which he won an Emmy award for his performances.

For Disney, he voiced Carl Fredricksen in the 2009 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Up. He also played Hank Cooper in Gus, Horace McNickle in the Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episode, "The Christmas Star", Grumps in Bonkers, Georgie's "evil voice" in Dinosaurs, Hudson, Jack Danforth, and Burbank in Gargoyles, Thaddeus T. Third V in Recess, Mentor in Hercules: The Animated Series, The Fixer in Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandNapoleon in W.I.T.C.H., and Mr. Big in Teamo Supremo. He also made a guest appearance in the 1984 TV special, Donald Duck's 50th Birthday.

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