Edward Lewis is the first protagonist of the Touchstone Pictures film Pretty Woman. He is a successful businessman and CEO and owner of Edward Lewis Enterprises.


Edward first appears at the beginning of the film talking on the phone to his girlfriend, Jessica, at his attorney Phil Stuckey's house telling her that he needs her there because it's an important week for him to which Jessica tells him that he always makes her feel like she's at her beck and call and wonders if she should move out of his apartment in New York City to which he tells her to if she wants and she says yes after he declines to talk to her about it when he gets back to New York and the two break up. On his way out it is revealed that Edward is trying to buy a company called Morris Industries in Beverly Hills and he also runs into one of his ex-girlfriend, Susan, who tells him that she was sorry to hear about the death of his father, Carter Lewis. and that she recently got married and that his secretary was one of her bridesmaids. Because his limo is buried behind other guests' cars Edward borrows Phil's car to return to his hotel in Beverly Hills (much to Phil's dismay as his car is new). On the way Edward gets lost on Hollywood Boulevard and asks a hooker named Vivian Ward for directions paying her $20.00 to which she gets in the car and shows him the way to the Regent Beverly Wilshire to which he even allows her to drive Phil's car for a change. At the hotel when Vivian waits for the bus to come pick her up Edward asks her to accompany him into the hotel to which she does and when she finds out that his name is Edward she tells him it's her favorite name in the whole world!

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