Eega Beeva is a character created by Bill Walsh and Floyd Gottfredson that debuted in the 1947 comic storyline Mickey Mouse and the Man from Tomorrow. A time traveler from several centuries into the future, he was intended to be a highly evolved human, though other stories have called him an alien. Though relatively obscure in American comic stories, he is very popular in the Italian Disney comics, even receiving his own solo adventures.


His comic debut was in the story “The Man of Tomorrow” on September 26, 1947. His first encounter with Mickey took place in a dark cave. After taking him home, Eega grew to understand the 20th century human world as time went on (except for the currency of money). Two scientists examined the creature and were surprised about him representing a human being 500 years from today. He is also shown to be heroic when he saved Goofy from falling off a cliff near the end of the serial on December 27, 1947.

For the next three years, Eega’s antics took the spotlight away from his friend, Mickey Mouse (who is delegated to a side character). His final appearance in the strip was on July 11, 1950 at the beginning of the serialized arc, “Mousepotamia”. With the serialized stories of the Mickey Mouse comic strip dissolved in mid-1955, Romano Scarpa in Italy revived the character for Italian comics overseas. His first appearance in a serialized story since 1950 in America was, “The Blot’s Double Mystery”.

41 years later in 1988, Eega returned in American comic books after his strip debut. He was once again an important cast member of the Mickey Mouse comics. He also appeared in Disney’s Ultraheroes as one of the main characters and the leader of the group. His speech pattern of “P” at the beginning of a few words are shown to be absent in the series.


  • He is (as of 2020) one of the few Disney comic book characters that never made an animated appearance.


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